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Vientiane - Luang Prabang
18:00, 18:30
Vientiane - Luang Prabang
08:00, 09:00, 14:00, 15:00
Vientiane - Pakse

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チープ、ファースト、グッド - 通常2つしか選べません!
チープ&ファースト グッドなし(例:カオサンロード発/着のバス、ローカルバス、3等列車)
チープ&グッド ファーストなし(例:タイでのVIP列車)
ファースト&グッド チープなし(例:プライベートリムジンサービス、またはVIP24バス vs エクスプレスバス)


van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Good ride, decent bus and driver. Made it in a little less than 4 hours.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Everything was handled well and organized. There was a car accident that made the travel time 2 hrs longer. But it was comfortable. The AC didn’t work that well so it was really hot. Beautiful drive.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Driver did not seem that confident on the roads and at times felt dangerous. On the plus side, the bus left 15 mins early and did not take 6 hours, more like 4.5 - with a 30 min food stop and a shorter 10 min toilet break.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
We weren’t happy that once we boarded the mini bus in Vang Vieng, we had to drive around for ages back and forth to the same places to pick up other travellers who were not ready on time. There was not enough space in the mini van for every plus our bags, it was so cramped for a 4 hour plus journey.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Reckless driver appeared tired unwell....noticed similar hazardous drivers in larger buses. Overtaking in face of oncoming traffic and on blind corners...felt very unsafe.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Two hour wait for bus,could not get on first bus,second two small,then put on 3rd bus which was old and dirty,but driver wad nice and drove very well.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Good trip. Roads a little rough as expected. Driver safe and steady.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
The mini-van was in pretty good condition and the driver drove reasonably safely. The roads aren’t in great condition but the beautiful scenery en route compensates. Overall, I’d recommend this service, especially at busy times of the year where it’s worth paying the 12go. premium to secure a seat in advance.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Good bus and good ride. Howewer this company should not be allowed to state a 3h duration online (totally unrealistic for this journey) as it takes 4.5h (which is absolutely fine), especially as they advertise it differently in their shop... 12.go should also monitor unrealistic timings advertised on its portal...
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Terrible roads. It took 5 hours, not the 3 hours 'advertised'. Bus was full (some paying passengers were turned away). Seats are hard but the bus is not old and the driver was good (not too fast etc).
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Amazing costumer service and excellent driver. Our ride to Luang Prabang from Vang Vieng was smooth sailing. Highly recommend!
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
The trip should have last 3 hours - in total we needed 6 hours and nobody told us anything.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Driver was very friendly, has good experience driving a bus in slippery conditions. Bravo !
bus Express Sleeper, Soutchai Travel
The actual bus was absolutely fine - actually slightly better than expected. There was a complete mess up with my pick-up - it wasn't available from my hotel so I had to go to another hotel for pick-up which is fair enough, but it didn't arrive and the phone number I had didn't work. I was fortunate that the hotel I was being picked up from, although I wasn't their guest, were really helpful, found an alternative contact number, and sorted things out. The pick-up driver then got me to the bus station (still in good time) got my ticket sorted and got me to the right bus, which is why I have still given 3 stars as it was all sorted out in the end despite some stress.
bus VIP Sleeper 41, Soutchai Travel
It was cheap overnight bus travel and ok for the price, I guess. There wasn't much room for getting some good sleep though because the seats were not wide enough to turn on the side. But probably that's what comes at this price, I don't have much experience with overnight traveling in buses yet, so can't say anything for sure. One area where I probably would like some improvement though is providing more accurate departure times. In this case, the departure listed in the voucher was 6pm (so we all reached the ticket office before 6pm) but after we were dropped at the bus station we were told that the bus will depart at 8:30pm. That's over 2.5 hours of time that we could've used for sightseeing etc instead of spending it at the bus station. But then again, this was my first experience with overnight buses, so I don't know how it all realistically works.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
1h late at the departure but ok
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Great driver, great travel
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Perfect. The bus was clean and confortable.
van Regional, Soutchai Travel
Comfortable van

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