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Nong Khai - Vientiane
Vientiane - Luang Prabang
06:30, 17:30
Vientiane - Nong Khai
Vientiane - Pakse
Vientiane - Udonthani
09:30, 13:30

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チープ、ファースト、グッド - 通常2つしか選べません!
チープ&ファースト グッドなし(例:カオサンロード発/着のバス、ローカルバス、3等列車)
チープ&グッド ファーストなし(例:タイでのVIP列車)
ファースト&グッド チープなし(例:プライベートリムジンサービス、またはVIP24バス vs エクスプレスバス)


van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The drive reached before the train's arrival and took us safely and fast to Vientiane city centre. Nice trip. Please prepare some Thailand Baht small amount bills, and you will use them when just in the city. It's not easy to find a money changer for exchanging Laos kip even in Bangkok
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
We bought a combo ticket that included the trainride from Nong Khai to Vientanne treinstation. And from there we had a small minivan from PTS that would transport is to the big bus on the outside of vientanne where more people would hop on. First of all the train was 1,5 hour late, so the people at the trainstation where very helpfull and made some phone calls. They told us to take a taxi to the border get a signout stamp from thai border control and buy bustickets to transport you over the bridge into Laos. Once there get your visa, take a taxi to the trainstation to be on time for your bus. We did all this and when we came in the trainstation, there is no PTS counter, the people who work at the station are very kind and strated making phone calls to the number provided on the voucher, but no answer. Finnaly a man came Walking to us that was the driver of PTS and he told is we had to wait for the train as there was 1 more person that would come with us. After we waited for 1,5 hour the train arrived and we waited 30 minutes more for everyone the get a visa. Then the minivan driver drives us to the big bus, where we waited more 45 minutes because other people were late also. In the end of has nothing to do with 12go. But the fact they did not answer the phone worried us all. In the end it is better for your money to buy a big bus ticket in Nong Khai or Udon Thani. This is about 180 bath cheaper. The bus ticket from Udon to Vang Vieng will cost 320 bath. We paid 500 bath in 12go from Nong Khai. And in Vang Vieng a big bus ticket can be bought for 350 bath to Nong Khai, and we paid 12go 450 bath. The minivan was terrible ride , very old. No airco and the dust and sand comes right trough the holes and cracks of the van. Not good for your health , so bring face breathing dust masks
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Overall we managed to reach the destination safely and on time. However, we booked a sleeper van but we got a sleeper bus where the aircon broke down.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Smooth and simple
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The driver who picked me up was very helpful and kind. The bus left 45 minutes late, and we got to Luang Prabang 3 hours late. The bus smelled very moldy and made me cough. The bathroom was closed, which was very inconvenient for me because I was sick. Thankfully the driver stopped many times so we could use the bathroom. The bus service was kind about letting me have my own bed since I am bigger than most Asian people.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The 12go staff were super friendly and absolutely lovely when we went to pick up our tickets, and we are bery pleased with the service. The train itself was fine however I recobooking in either first class or lower berths as the lights stay on all nigh and the upper berth beds are thus very difficult to actually sleep in.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Van was to old. The guy was on time
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Super, worked flawlessly and 12go has a nice cafe in Bangkok. Also had a nice talk with the german manager. Greetings to you and thanks for all the advise.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
It was not easy to find your counter immediately after immegration.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
We got the train sleeper, and it’s great! More than expected. Once we get to the Dongphosy station we are asked to pay 50baht at the immigration in Laos, and transfer is not hard to find just look for 12go small green table.Though we missed the ticket from nong khai to thanaleng we crossed immigration right away exiting Thailand and missed the ticket booth but all in all a great trip! Would recommend! Keep it up!
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Good communication and easy process.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The minibus pick up was great. But beware that the train to Nong Khai doesn’t leave until 17:30 and there is no earlier train, so you don’t actually arrive until 17:45. The company needs to update the tour information.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Long and hard on the butt. All okay. Thanks!
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Verry old minivan to pick us up. Cheaper to take a tuktuk to busstation and buy your own ticket.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Excellent friendly, helpful service. Booked on line from UK, picked tickets up in Bangkok and everything smooth without any hitch! Thanks.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
I have pleasure say it's good experience
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
All extremely efficient and entirely straightforward. It’s important to read through the documents and thoroughly prepare for your journey. Reading some other comments it’s clear that not everyone does so! Everything was easy, straightforward and ran on time. Would recommend booking the rail/minivan transfer from Nong Khai - Thanaleng and into Vientiane, which dropped us straight at our hotel. This can also be done through 12GoAsia and made the entire journey stress free
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Smooth and well handled. Would definitely recommend
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The transfer van to the hotel was too small for the number of people with their luggage. No information was locally provided so the process was very unclear and slow.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
We were picked up from our hotel and dropped off at the public bus station where we were handed tickets for the bus by the minibus driver. They said 22,000kip on them so we basically paid $10 for a 5 minute taxi from our hotel. If I was you I would check at the station and buy the tickets yourself for a fifth of the price. Bus was comfy though.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Smooth and pretty easy
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
They didn’t speak English in the station Nong Khai. It was a bit confused to understand that we need to change for a small train. And the train arrived very late to Nong Khai, one hour after
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
No trouble getting to hotel
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The good: Someone picks you up from your hotel. GREAT scenery. Trip included lunch. The bad: Bus was fairly dirty, needed dusting and a good wipe down and vacuum. Driver played music for most of the trip, which seemed kind of weird. When it gets dark no lights are turned on, so you’re just sitting in the dark. This could have been a good opportunity for sleep, but the music was still playing. Near the end of the trip he made a lot of stops. Trip took about 13 hours
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
the travel is smooth. but we were group by etnicity and favored last to leave. we arrived nong khai 9am and left past 10am already. we belong to the "asian" van btw. lol
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The driver had excellent English and was quick and helpful with everything!
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Nowhere did 12go mention how the transit train from NONG KHAI to THANALENG is covered, just says get on it. However, on arrival at Nong Khai, I was directed by station staff to the ticket counter to buy a 20BAHT ticket for the trip. Afterwards, I met travellers who had also been sent to the ticket office but had got their tickets for free on presentation of the PTS voucher!
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Super friendly van driver collected us on time from our hotel. We were on time, actually way before we had to wait 1.5h for the train. But it’s better to be early than late.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
No toilet on bus, but have one 15 min stop during the route. Roads very bad in Laos so be prepared for a shaky ride
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Excellent, efficient and friendly staff, whole transaction was extremely smooth and easy would definitely recommend.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Driver - super friendly. Many thanks for services
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Was a bit rushed and confusing at border. Would have been nice if the conductor could have spoken some English.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
What a train! Wow!
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
They bought the tickets for me which is quite convenient. The trip was nice until the last leg of the trip, someone is supposed to pick me up from the Thanaleng Station to drop-off me at my hotel in Vientiane but NO ONE showed up. The private car drivers outside the Thanaleng station called them but no one came. Good thing one of the drivers drove me all the way to the central bus station in the downtown Vientiane and I just walked from there to my hotel. I was pleased at the start of the trip but ended up in a horrible mood. By the way, I called the number in the voucher but no one answered! That's why I'm giving this 3 stars.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Everything exactly as described in document. Happily in our hotel.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The train ride was really pleasant as we were in the female only carriage which made us 2 girls feel a lot more relaxed. The train conductor made our beds and put new sheets on etc which was super helpful and the food sold on board weren’t bad quality. I actually had a very deep uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. The only tip I would suggest is taking an eye mask and some ear plugs with you as the train can be a bit loud. But overall, I was really impressed with the train ride! Would definitely do it again!
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Pickup was on time, enough space in the minivan. However, once we arived at the train station we had to wait for over an hour on the train to cross the lao-thai border. Arrival time on the thai side was 17.45 not 16.40 as advertized. While immigration was slow it still gave me enough time to catch my onward train to bangkok at 19.10.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
Grate service fro 12GO, the only problem was the lights during the night at the train...
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
It was easy. One tip for the voucher: note that travellers have to get dollars for the visa before arriving in Tanaleng. You need 36 dollars per visa.
van Regional, PTS Transit Service
The train arrived 40 minutes later than originally scheduled. No reason was provided. AC was too excessive and created noise too. Light at the corridor wae bright and I couldn't switch off nor adjust AC. I booked the first class but got second class due to it's full. First class will be way better.

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