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07:00, 12:00
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Phi Phi Cruiser 会社レビュー

フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/03/30
El Ferry fenomenal. Lo malo es que en el PDF Voucher de la compra no está clara la hora de recogida en el Hotel para ir al puerto ni la hora a la que sale el ferry. No sabiamos a que hora vendrían a recogernos y nos levantamos muy pronto, despues de estar esperando y llamar a los teléfonos de información sin respuesta nos fuimos por nuestra cuenta al puerto porque nuestro hotel estaba muy cerca. Cuando llegamos al puerto y preguntamos nos dijeron que nos habrían recogido en una hora (a las 8 de la mañana) el ferry salía a las 9. El resto del trayecto todo fenomenal y muy puntual. Al llegar a las phi phi tienes que buscar al señor con el cartel de tu hotel (están practicamente todos los hoteles de isla) y te llevan las maletas en un carrito.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/03/12
Very good service, on time comfortable. The admin staff were amazing and came back to me straight away when I needed to change pick up address.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/02/28
Everything went fine!
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/02/28
Véhicule à l'heure Voyage très confortable L arrivée sur le quai et l'embarquement très bien organisé
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/02/24
Everything went smooth and on time. Transfer to hotel was quick and efficient too with Minibus.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/02/23
Bon voyage, facile. Par contre l'arrivée prévue a koh Phiphi était a 15h et nous sommes arrivés a 16h15.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/02/22
Super cool experience, great day
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/02/21
À l'heure et transfert sans problème
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/01/08
The driver came to our hotel on time. But he was unpleasant. He was shouting things and throw hard passanger's backpacks at the rear of the vehicle. The boat was very crowded and also it got in a hour late to Koh Phi Phi pier.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/01/06
The shuttle service didn’t come and I took a táxi from downtown to the port. O tried to call the office, but they didn’t answered me. The boat service works properly
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/01/04
Good trip - arrived on time! could do with some more info on when the taxi arrives to pick you up from the hotel however! And we didn’t get any free snacks as advertised..
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2020/01/04
Everything was fine
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/30
As previous comments stated, we too had a shabby van, it even broke along the way to the Pier. We made it though and the driver was polite and relaxed (seems it happens more often than it should). The ferry gets kinda crowded, you might end up traveling on the floor, and it arrived almost one hour late to Phi Phi.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/29
Could be interesting to have a way to check approximate time of arrival for the cab! But job was done to drop is to the ferry. Ferry trip was ok
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/27
Too expensive to book online. You can easily book it for half the price at any of the respective travel agents in Phuket. The service was quite good as compared to some other competitors I traveled with. They have some coffee (free) and snacks (paid) available on board. Ferry was nice and clean too.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/22
Was perfect!
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/21
Alles hat bestens funktioniert. Abholung 15 Minuten vor eigentlichem Abholtermin (wir sind darauf hingewiesen worden).
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/20
we arrived at Phi Phi more than 1 hour late
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/18
Everything was perfect.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/12/17
Pick up hour was not clear
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/11/24
I called to the assistant 3 times to arrange the time to pick before fixed day, she told me exactly the time to arrive de Bus to pick me up. The trip in the Ferry was magical too. Thank you very much!!
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/11/13
Great service
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/11/10
Time correct exelent
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/09/24
Good journey. Nothing to add. Some indicators for mini van would be great.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/09/19
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/09/09
Nous avons du payer une sorte de navette publique puis un taxi sui a pris la suite jusqu'au port ! J'avais payé le passage taxi plus bateau Je ne comprends pas !
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/09/06
O transporte de taxi/mini bus nao tinha ar condicionado O horário marcado nao foi respeitado como inicialmente na reserva...esperamos 1h30m O preço do ferry foi excessivamente caro
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/08/16
Was chaos but was prepared. Stayed at top reading and sunning and enjoying the trip. Lots of tourists got sick they went down below. Couldn’t handle the top. Nice 2 hour ride. Once we got close I was prepared for the boat switch which I notice on reviews a lot of other blokes never are. Pshh. I use blokes as a joke. I’m Canadian I don’t use that word. Anyways. Went down and jostled for a spot that was able to grab our bags. Bunch of blokes try pushing you hold your ground. Anyways. We dock. My wife and I grab our stuff and make it easily to the next boat. We stay at the top which has nice cushioned seating. Able to put our legs up. Relax. Nap. Man it was the good life. This ferry trip was the Crack. Is that why Irish say. Anyways I’m not Irish. Cheers mates
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/06/16
Some bloke waived at us when we were about to have breakfast. When we were done he turned out to be our driver! So good start of the trip. The ferry was interesting, lots of people vomiting etc. But what made our trip 3 Star instead of 4 is that we didn’t know in advance that we had to transfer to another boat at Phi Phi. So when this woman started to shout “hurry hurry you need to get to the other boat quick quick” we still had to walk against the stream of people to the bottom floor of the boat to collect our luggage. You should try this with hundreds of people who want to get out en masse. After breathing the fumes off about an equal amount of 5 gallons of oil (they use one 10-gallon drum per return trip) we were super happy to arrive at our wonderful hotel. But.. we made it :-) Three Stars
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/05/30
Overall good experience, they came on time and instructions were clear. Trip was a bit longer than expected.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/05/20
Good and easy !
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/05/08
Der Fahrer holte uns um 11:55 Uhr ab. Zwischen 12 und 12:15 Uhr war der Plan. Also Super pünktlich. Der Fahrstil war tadellos. Er brachte noch einen Teil unseres Gepäck bis in den Fährhafen. Alls perfekt. Morgen buchen wir wieder von Phi Phi nun nach Ko Lanta.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/04/30
Great service, on time, friendly, thanks
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/04/21
Perfect, we had no problems during the cruise. The true is, that we had to change the boat at Phi Phi, and that wasn't clearly said on the travel ticket. But we always ask the people from the boat about the way. Also it could be useful to have information about time of arrival to final destination.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/04/20
Very good ! Comfy seats and very well organized staff was on point
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/04/11
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/04/10
Nickel Arrivé à notre hôtel avec la navette depuis l'embarcadère de Phuket
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/04/03
I am so happy that we booked this service through 12go. The boat was comfortable and the van for the hotel transfer as well. The service personnel that we dealt with were hospitable and experienced.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/03/31
The car arrived at 12:30, 15 minutes late. It was a shabby van but it did the job and got us to the pier on time where everything was organized as the cruise line already knew to expect us. The ferry is in great shape and a pleasant way to travel between Phi Phi and Phuket. I would book this service over again. I am rating it 4 stars only because the quality of the van could be improved. But it is a great value for money.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/03/19
Такси опоздало на 35 минут. Думали уже не уедем. Но паром не уехал, пока все не собрались, поэтому отплыли на 30 мин позже. Посадочных мест на всех не хватило.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/03/14
Alles zuverlässig was will man mehr. Dauert zwar länger als geplant, aber was macht das schon...
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/03/10
Alles funktionierte wie solte. Kein Problem
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/03/07
La prestation est conforme à l'attendu.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/03/01
Pas assez de sièges et franchement nul
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/01/29
Well organised and always plenty of staff to show you were to go
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/01/11
Parfait Très bien organisé
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/01/05
Pas top, déjà dans le bus de l’hôtel jusqu’à port il y avait une personne de plus donc fallait se serrer, au port un bon retard de 1h. En plus les plus sont bcp plus abordable achetant les billets sur place, 300 baht à l’hôtel contre plus de 600baht dans le site.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2019/01/04
No one speaks English and understand your questions. The whole trip is confusing from taking the speed boat and with the taxis too. They really good at making people frustrated. ( I wasn’t the only one)
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2018/12/26
Der Hotel Pick-Up Service war viel zu spät, sodass wir bis zur Ankunft bei der Fähre im Unklaren waren, ob wir diese überhaupt bekommen. Letztendlich waren wir etwa 25-30 Minuten nach der eigentlichen Abfahrt bei der Fähre, welche allerdings noch auf uns und andere Gäste gewartet hatte.
フェリー フェリー、Phi Phi Cruiser、2018/11/29
The ferry was great. There was a surprise stop at Phi Phi island where you had to pay 20 baht then, wait 4 hours (off the boat, can enjoy the beach and restaraunts) until the ferry for Krabi arrived. This wasn't mentioned in the itinerary, but I suppose if you have to have a surprise stopover it might as well be on Phi Phi Island.
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