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スコータイ - チェンマイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンマイ - スコータイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンマイ - スワンナプーム空港
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンマイ - チェンライ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンマイ - ドンムアン空港
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンマイ - パイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンマイ - パヤオ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンマイ - ラムパーン
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
チェンライ - チェンマイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
ドンムアン空港 - チェンマイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
パイ - チェンマイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
メーホンソーン - チェンマイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人
ラムパーン - チェンマイ
タクシー Economy 3,
タクシー SUV 4pax 4,
タクシー バン 9人

Jed Yord 会社レビュー

タクシー バン 9人、Jed Yord、2020/03/03
Driver looking for is with a sign. Nice car. All perfect.
タクシー バン 9人、Jed Yord、2020/02/16
Kein Fahrer zur abgemachten Zeit am Hotel. Es musste angerufen werden, dann klappte es aber
タクシー SUV 4人、Jed Yord、2020/02/11
Très bon chauffeur, prudent et ponctuel. Vraiment sympathique. Je recommande
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2020/01/19
Très bon voyage avec un excellent chauffeur.
タクシー SUV 4人、Jed Yord、2020/01/15
Chauffeur arrivé 20mns en avance, comme nous étions près, sous sommes parti 15mns plutôt. Le trajet a duré 3h50, avec 2 pauses de 10mns. Le S.U.V. était propre, pour 4 ça passe sans problème, la route est bien, pas trop accidentée, 50/60% de voie express, donc ça va. Le chauffeur parlait à peine anglais mais ça nous allait parfaitement, pas entendu et de toute façon sur la route y'a rien à commenter. Trajet nickel.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2020/01/09
A estrada esta em reforma e por isso, a viagem foi mais lenta mas o servico foi muito preciso o carro era otimo e o motorista muito simpatico !!! recomendo o servico como a forma mais confortavel de deslocamento entre as duas cidades!!!
タクシー SUV 4人、Jed Yord、2020/01/06
Great driver, booked wrong date but he accommodated and provided top notch service with a smile!
タクシー SUV 4人、Jed Yord、2020/01/03
Driver was on time and very nice. The car was very comfortable.
タクシー SUV 4人、Jed Yord、2020/01/02
Our driver Nobby was wonderful! He answered all of our questions about Thailand and Thai culture and even offered to take us out of his way to stop at a temple we wanted to see.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/12/30
My driver was friendly and very reliable. When I left the airport he was already there waiting for me. He offered to carry my bag.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/12/20
Top chauffeur’ top véhicule top voyage
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/12/12
Ponctualité et efficacité
タクシー バン 9人、Jed Yord、2019/12/09
Driver on time, professional, clean car, and good driving.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/12/04
Te car was lovely and big, we got a lady driver and was the most polite sweet person ever, got to our destination in 3 hours even though we stopped 2 - supper smooth, save and confortable. Totally worth it!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/11/14
Very good driver and great service all round
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/10/25
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/10/17
Very smooth comfortable drive, driver was very nice and helpful. Offered to make scenic stops if we liked.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/09/10
Good driver, he arrived in time and was very kind. Congratulations
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/08/06
The road was in bad conditions, but the diver was so good and kind
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/07/28
A very competent driver.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/07/11
Excellent driver. Smooth driving on a very windy road
タクシー SUV 5pax、Jed Yord、2019/07/01
Our driver was friendly and fantastic!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/05/20
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/04/21
Excellent, safe and quick journey!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/04/15
On time and pleasant. All good, thanks!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/03/10
Very good driver. Smooth trip Chiang Mai Pai
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/02/21
The driver was very good.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/02/04
Trajet en taxi parfait. De l'eau à disposition et chauffeur très sympathique et agréable. Temps respectés. Bravo.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/01/27
Had a great experience with Jed Yord! Driver showed up 15 mins early to pick us up from the Chiang Mai train station and take us to our hotel. He was polite and made the transition painless.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/01/22
Our taxi driver was absolutely wonderful! He Showed up 15 minutes early and got us safely to from Pai to Chiang Mai airport! We left at 4am and it was great to know we could count on a pickup to make our flight on time since the buses were not running at that hour of the morning! Highly recommend!!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/01/08
C'était parfait. Bonne conductrice, polie, ponctuelle et bonne automobile. A conseiller.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/01/06
Our driver was 25 minutes late and we had to have the hotel call her before she came to pick us up. She did apologize and we make it to the airport in time. I would not book a taxi to the airport next time because it would be faster and cheaper to call for a taxi at the time you need it and not in advance.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/01/04
We had an extremely positive experience with Jed Yord. The driver was sharply on time (5 am), was very polite and careful on the road, and spoke some English. The only thing which could be improved is communication before the trip. It was a bit confusing to read that the voucher needs to be exchange for the boarding pass when it wasn’t necessary and it wasn’t also clear whether the booking was confirmed or we still had to wait for the confirmation. But the 12go crew was quite quick to answer those questions by email. Before tried to call the hotline, but nobody picked up
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2019/01/02
Viaggio impeccabile l'autista di nome golf è stato simpaticissimo mi ha offerto il pranzo ed è venuto con me a vedere alcuni templi.. Il miglior taxista di sempre!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/12/30
Taxis très ponctuel. Notre chauffeur était très courtois et très prudent. Il a même accepté de faire un petit détour pour nous faire plaisir !
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/12/30
Our driver was outstanding! He arrived early, made sure we were able to stop when needed, and drove very safely during the 5+ hour drive from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. The drive took a long time due to bad weather, construction and much traffic. An excellent service.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/12/29
Lucke was our driver and he was fantastic. On time (an hour early but politely waited), drove perfectly well and was a really nice guy. Fully recommend.
タクシー SUV 5pax、Jed Yord、2018/12/25
The driver was very friendly and professional, and we were on our way to our hotel within 20 minutes of landing.
タクシー SUV 5pax、Jed Yord、2018/12/25
Lovely driver! He was on time, drove safely, and allowed us to get lunch and stop for toilet etc
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/12/09
Great driver! Thank you!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/12/07
Nice car. God, safe driver.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/28
Very good service. The driver arrived on time. Friendly and professional driver. He drove carefully.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/24
It was a great trip with a very nice driver, they were able to accommodate us with little notice even though we were going from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. Price was quite affordable as well. Highly recommend!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/24
Really good
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/23
Very nice driver. The trip was perfect.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/20
Great service again. Met by driver as exiting airport arrivals Terminal. Driver was friendly and polite. Got us to our destination promptly.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/14
Very helpful!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/08
Excellent. The driver was very kind and professional. We needed to go from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai airport and bus tickets were over. We decided this second option and we arrived on time and very comfortable. I would repeat.
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/11/06
Arrived early, great driver stopped off half way at some interesting hot springs and to grab something to eat! 5 star!
タクシー エコノミー、Jed Yord、2018/10/20
Very good! Clean car, polite and responsible driver. A 20 minute break somewhere 2/3 into the 4h drive and delivered at ourdestination on time. Faster than flying from sukhothai (via BKK) to CNX.
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