Da Nangà Hô Chi Minh-Ville 21 oct. 2019

Départs lundi 21 octobre 2019 13:45 de DNA Danang, Da Nang

Arrival: mardi 22 octobre 2019 05:45 à SGO Ho Chi Minh-Ville

Durée 16h

Classe : Couchettes VIP 4 pax

Facilities and services: Air conditionné Food Steward WC

Confirmation : Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Annulation : Cancelation possible (check rules)

At the train station 202 Hải Phòng, Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng
South Bound: SE1 Train, Coach No 11a or SE3 Train, Coach No 9
North Bound: SE2 Train Coach No 11a or SE4 Train Coach No 9
IMPORTANT : VIOLETTE N’A PAS DE BUREAUX, VEUILLEZ MONTRER VOTRE COUPON AU MOMENT DE L’EMBARQUEMENT. Violette exploite des wagons privés de luxe dans lesquels il est possible de faire le trajet dans des conditions plus calmes, plus propres et plus confortables que les wagons classiques. Violette et Livitrans ont toutes deux des réputations se valant au niveau des services proposés et des prix pratiqués: nous vous basculerons donc chez Livitrans dans le cas où votre couchette ne serait pas disponible chez Violette.
Veuillez vous rendre à la gare une heure avant le départ et vous diriger directement vers le wagon de Violette afin de leur montrer votre coupon et procéder à l’embarquement.

Cancelation policy: *2019*DN - HCM #SE1

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  1. Remboursement de 50% (hors frais)

    Si vous souhaitez annuler votre réservation après que le billet ait été acheté.

    Cliquez sur le bouton de remboursement entre 2019-10-14 13:45 PM et 2019-10-17 13:45 PM, heure de Bangkok (1 day left).

    Montant à rembourser USD 34.36

train #SE1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Violette Express Train, 31 mai 2019
train #SE1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Violette Express Train, 21 mai 2019
We travelled from Danang to Saigon on VIP TICKETS. The voucher that we had printed stated the carriage number but had no cabin number. It stated that on this trip, you showed the voucher as you boarded. Don’t do this! Ensure you know your cabin number before. We tried to get on our stated coach number (11a)for train SE 1 but were pointed in the direction of another coach. Now slightly panicked with lots of luggage in 38 degree heat, we rushed to coach 9 and boarded. We still didn’t know cabin number! Luckily the guard phoned through our booking number and found out. Unfortunately, we had been put in first class cabin, not VIP. We had the free drinks etc but had to share with a stranger. We payed £200 for three people and therefore expected to have the cabin to ourselves. The VIP cabins had all been taken by a tour company. The rest of the trip was as expected - beds a bit hard, bumpy , noisy ride, not much sleep, air con stopped for a while so everyone sweating (sorted quickly once we complained). The other difference between our coach and the VIP coach was the toilets. They had loo paper and western toilets, we had squat toilets. However, at least we could wander into the VIP cabin and use theirs!
train #SE1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Violette Express Train, 6 mai 2019
A good way to travel longer distances. With our family we had a 4 person sleeping room. That was great. The train was clean, only the toilets not. But it as about you could expect in a full train. The continuering annoncements on every stations could better be skipped. Food was good and for a good price. Booking in avance was easy. We also tried to book from Da Nang to Hue, but all beds we occupied. So make your reservation as soon as possible.
train #SE1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Violette Express Train, 19 mars 2019
I wanted to give this journey so much more but I really don't appreciate sharing a first class sleeper with a rodent.
train #SE1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Violette Express Train, 2 oct. 2019
Punctual departure, clean sleeper accommodation.
train #SE1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Violette Express Train, 17 août 2019
Not comfortable at all