Hanoïà Lào Cai 23 août 2019

Départs vendredi 23 août 2019 21:35 de HNO Hanoï

Arrival: samedi 24 août 2019 05:30 à LCA Sapa Lao Cai

Durée 7h 55m

Classe : Couchettes VIP 4 pax

Facilities and services: Air conditionné, Nourriture, Steward, WC

Confirmation : Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Annulation : Cancelation possible (check rules)

Please go to Orient’s Office beside the Gate No 06- Ha Noi Railway Station, Tran Quy Cap Entrance (01 Tran Quy Cap Street, Dong Da Street, Ha Noi).
Train SP1. Coach number 3
Orient Express opère des wagons privés de luxe sur les itinéraires Ha Noï - Lao Cai: ils offrent au passager la possibilité de profiter d'un voyage plus propre, plus calme et plus confortable. Les billets pour ces couchettes VIP s'achètent soit par un compartiment entier (pour deux personnes), soit individuellement dans les cabines VIP de quatre personnes. Orient et King Express ont tous deux des réputations se valant au niveau des services proposés et des prix qu’ils pratiquent sont identiques: nous vous basculerons donc chez Orient sans aucun frais supplémentaire dans le cas où votre couchette ne serait pas disponible chez Livitrans. Veuillez arriver à la gare une heure avant le départ et suivre les directions indiquées ci-dessus.

Cancelation policy: Ha Noi to Lao Cai

Les options de remboursement suivantes sont disponibles:

  1. Remboursement de 50% (hors frais)

    Si vous souhaitez annuler votre réservation après que le billet ait été acheté.

    Cliquez sur le bouton de remboursement entre 2019-08-16 21:35 PM et 2019-08-19 21:35 PM, heure de Bangkok (1 day left).

    Montant à rembourser USD 12.11

train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 21 mars 2019
Chambre de 4 lits très correctes ! Seul problème : un vacarme tout le long du trajet, peut être dû à la mécanique du train ? Attention boissons proposées à bord payantes !
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 3 avr. 2019
The train was on time. We weren't able to sleep because the air was really bad, the train was super loud and totally shaky. We felt a little a seasick from time to time. If you're taller than 1,60m you'll be struggeling with the size of the bed. They are short, tightly and not really comfortable. It was a funny adventure but not relaxing or something.
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 10 mars 2019
The train car was pretty old. The toilet was dirty and covered in either urine or water. The cabin itself was ok, but we killed at least a dozen cockroaches and a couple other insects during our 8 hour ride. We slept maybe an hour of the entire trip because of the insect problem. Overall not a great experience.
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 24 févr. 2019
Easy to travel on train but beds are very very hard.
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 22 févr. 2019
Bad beds and no aircondition. Nasty toilet. But cheapest one thats why it was "good"
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 29 janv. 2019
Orient Express Vietnam style. Beds were OK we slept great. Clean sheets that no one else had slept in, duvet with clean cover and pillow case. Water, biscuits and banana given for free. The train had suspension. The top bunk was for lying down only no head space to sit up. clean toilet with tissue! Clean cabins.
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 14 déc. 2018
For the majority of the journey, there were alarming sounds coming from the outside of the carriage - a series of explosive bangs, clangs & dragging noises which reverberated through the carriage, making it sound like the carriage was about to fall apart! It was difficult to sleep because it was so loud. The driver made a few sudden stops throughout the night as well, which jolted you awake. The staff were grumpy if you didn't want a coffee (for 120,000 VND!!) The berths were fairly comfortable though & the free snacks/water were appreciated. Also, the process of buying & collecting tickets was made easy through 12go Asia.
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 9 nov. 2018
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 14 oct. 2018
Really hard matrass and aircondition did not work properly. It was burning hot until 1 A.M. when it popped back on. I slept only two hours because of it. Nevertheless a great experience :) the staff looked really busy and a bit stressed. Probably they had a lot of work
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 27 sept. 2018
The onward journey from Hanoi to Lao cai Sapa was awesome !!! But the return journey was terrible, why this partiality ? For the same ticket same company same price.
train #SP1 VIP Sleeper 4x, Orient Express, 31 juil. 2019
Awful dirty toilets. Beds and cabins are okay