Chiang Maià Chiang Rai 29 août 2019

Départs jeudi 29 août 2019 15:00 de Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3

Arrival: jeudi 29 août 2019 18:35 à Chiang Rai Bus Terminal 1

Durée 3h 35m

Classe : Express

Facilities and services: Air conditionné

Confirmation : Instant confirmation

Annulation : Aucun remboursement, aucun anullation

  • IMPORTANT: this operator requires a printed voucher. You cannot show it on your smartphone or other device. Please print the voucher before you go to the boarding point.
  • Please come 60 minutes before the departure time.
  • The operator will not accept baggage that is flammable, pets, illegal weapons, strong smelling food, objects that contain liquids, fragile packages and packages that are too big or too heavy to be transported.
  • The voucher allows you to travel only by the date and time written on it.
  • If in case of traveling date change or cancellation, please contact 12GO support: +66966581927

This operator uses intensive air conditioning to avoid water condensation in the mountains caused by high humidity in the air. It can be very cold in the bus!

Cancelation policy: Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3 - Chiang Rai Bus Terminal 1

Aucun remboursement.


bus Express, GreenBus, 23 juil. 2019
Tres bien mais pensez a baisser la climatisation et éteindre les lumières la nuit.
bus Express, GreenBus, 16 juil. 2019
Hormis des employés pas très agréables au terminal quand on leur demande si on est bien au bon endroit (pas très bien indiqué), le trajet s’est très bien passé, le bus est confortable, et nous sommes arrivés presque à l’heure prévue.
bus Express, GreenBus, 9 janv. 2019
Confortable, petite bouteille d'eau, toilettes au fond, bonne conduite
bus Express, GreenBus, 23 août 2019
bus Express, GreenBus, 24 juil. 2019
I chose a place on the site on the bus, but when I got on the bus, it turned out that my place was sold at the box office too. then the meaning of the choice of places on the site
bus Express, GreenBus, 3 juin 2019
Never never expect there was a bus attendant to greet everybody when the bus reach the destination.. we hv free drink & cake too. Bus driver wears such smart..Enjoy our trip really with the Green Bus..Thank You.
bus Express, GreenBus, 10 mars 2019
Bus was newish an comfortable enough. Not much of a delay to speak of. Road between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai is very bumpy and windy. In part due to building works. At least at the moment. 03/2019. Many Mosquitoes on the bus so we had to put on some mosquito repellent for the journey. We managed to swat about 20 during the ride. Positives: the bus had a toilet, which we did not use and can't report on. Once the bus leaves the station you get a free bottle of water. The AC was not too cold either. The temperature inside the bus was fine. No complaints. The staff on the bus was also very helpful. All in all an alright experience. Have had much worse in Thailand.
bus Express, GreenBus, 22 févr. 2019
Quick and on time but my seat was broken my back has suffered !
bus Express, GreenBus, 14 févr. 2019
The bus was comfortable and left on time. I noticed one or two people putting jackets on as it was cool with the ac on. There is currently a huge road upgrade going on over a large section of the mountain road. It slows things down quite a bit. We took about three and a half hours in total, including a rest break. All in all good trip well handled by the Green Bus company. One note, there were not many taxis around where we arrived in Chiang Rai. They hang out just round the corner by some food stalls. May be a short wait.
bus Express, GreenBus, 22 janv. 2019
bus Express, GreenBus, 4 janv. 2019
bus Express, GreenBus, 13 févr. 2019
Bon accueil bus confortable et à l'heure.
bus Express, GreenBus, 8 mai 2019
seat need to be more maintain good trip
bus Express, GreenBus, 8 avr. 2019
no ac back of bus