Hô Chi Minh-Villeà Nha Trang 24 août 2019

Départs samedi 24 août 2019 10:30 de Mien Dong, Hô Chi Minh-Ville

Arrival: samedi 24 août 2019 22:30 à Nha Trang Sud Bus

Durée 12h

Classe : Semi Sleeper

Facilities and services:

Confirmation : Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Annulation : Aucun remboursement, aucun anullation

  • Please arrive at the boarding point at least 60 minutes before departure for check-in procedure.
  • Please make sure you provide correct passenger's information. You may be denied to board or need to buy new ticket if it is incorrect.
  • The operator will confirm bookings within 30 days before departure only.
  • Between Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat, Thanh Buoi and Phuong Trang have equal reputations for their service and identical prices so if your ticket on Thanh Buoi is unavailable we will switch you at no charge to Phuong Trang.

Cancelation policy: HCM (Mien Dong) - Nha Trang (Phia Nam)

Aucun remboursement.


bus Semi Sleeper, Phuong Trang, 17 févr. 2019
Toujours très flippant la conduite, même sur la nationale. On s'est retrouvé plusieurs fois à 3 sur une route de 2; mais c'est la conduite locale et nous sommes ' still alive ' ce matin. Donc ça va.
bus Semi Sleeper, Phuong Trang, 13 mai 2019
Bus was clean and comfortable. The driver was friendly explaining the announcements in English to me.
bus Semi Sleeper, Phuong Trang, 13 janv. 2019
Bus is clean and modern. However, we booked for 9:30, but we’re told we were on 10:30pm. Bus driver played music at 6:00am. Dropped us off at the wrong stop 15 mins from the town centre and he was very rude. Would not recommend
bus Semi Sleeper, Phuong Trang, 8 déc. 2018
Bit dirty, too much use of the horn couldnt sleep, lights turning on every two hours, very dangerous driver putting people's lives at risk
bus Semi Sleeper, Phuong Trang, 5 nov. 2018
bus Semi Sleeper, Phuong Trang, 8 oct. 2018