Bangkok à Bang Saphan

Bangkok à Bang Saphan

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horaire de Bangkok à Bang Saphan

horaire de Bangkok à Bang Saphan
Nom du transportTemps de routePrix
Thailand Limo by Datum Comfort À tout moment฿ 5,720
Thai Railway 2nd Class AC seats only 07:50 - 15:03฿ 538
Thai Railway 2nd Class Fan seats only 12:30 - 20:59฿ 209
Thai Railway 2nd Class Fan seats only 15:10 - 23:33฿ 290
Thai Railway 2nd Class Fan seats only 17:00 - 01:18฿ 249
Thai Railway 2nd Class Fan seats only 18:30 - 03:17฿ 209
Thai Railway 2nd Class AC seats only 22:05 - 05:41฿ 538

Transport de Bangkok à Bang Saphan

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  • Ferrys ne sont pas disponibles
  • Vols ne sont pas disponibles
  • Taxis ne sont pas disponibles

Avis sur les trajets Bangkok de Bang Saphan

Taxi Confort, Hua Hin Cars (หัวหิน คาร์), 12 déc. 2019
Très bon voyage. Chauffeur très ponctuel et très courtois. Arrivée avant l'heure prévue.
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 20 août 2019
Je confirme tous les avis négatifs précédents. Le voyage est 5h avec une pause et surtout vous êtes déposés à 2-3km du centre ville de Prachuap. Et rien ne vous l’indique ! Sympa lorsque vous avez des enfants. Un « taxi » attend les clients et vous fait payer une fortune les 5-10minutes de transport. Mis à part ça, le car est parti avec 30minutes de retard. Personnel agréable, ne parlant pas un mot d’anglais et bus un peu vieillot
train #171 Couchette 2e classe, Thai Railways (การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย), 19 juil. 2019
Train de Hua lampon (Bangkok) à Prachuap Khiri Khan. 6h30 de voyage au lieu de 5h30 : retard raisonnable. Train assez confortable en compartiment couchette (qu'ils installent à la demande mais nous ne les avons pas testées puisque c'était en journée) avec climatisation. Je recommande ce voyage.
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 16 févr. 2020
Very nice staff, we got water and a refreshing towel, the bus was clean and comfortable. Safe drivers :) Thank you!
train #171 Couchette 2e classe, Thai Railways (การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย), 13 janv. 2020
We have used the services of 12Go Asia before and highly recommend it. They save a lot of time and make it much easier to arrange your travel. I love the train journey. It is always slow and the train is always late but you can plan for that. The staff are helpful, the seating comfortable and the views wonderful.
train #171 Couchette 2e classe, Thai Railways (การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย), 8 janv. 2020
More than one hour delayed
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 30 déc. 2019
Good service but a bit hot
Taxi Classe économique, Hua Hin Cars (หัวหิน คาร์), 29 déc. 2019
Very pleased with the service. Driver arrived 10 minutes before the time agreed upon and was very helpful with luggage and locating our next hotel. Will definitely consider using service again.
Minibus Minibus de 14 places, Nor Neane Transport (ณ.เณรการเดินรถ ), 20 sept. 2019
The trip with the van to Pran Buri took longer than expected and was a bit tiring, but the driver dropped me at the hotel with hardly any extra charge, nice. But very positive was the online support i received from 12go staff called Katy, who was exceptionally supportive and good, going out of her way to make sure that the initial confusion with the trip was resolved, calling the counter and driver at Ekkamai, and even after office hours checking if everything was alright. The trip itself maybe was a 2 or 3 star rating, but Katy certainly deserved a 5 star rating! A reason for me to use 12go.Asia again! Thanks Katy!
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 4 août 2019
Air conditioned coach, staff provided everyone with water and later a cooled wet wipe. standard journey
train #171 Couchette 2e classe, Thai Railways (การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย), 1 août 2019
Train was 1 hour late arriving.
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 22 juil. 2019
The trip lasted one hour more
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 13 juil. 2019
Nice bus. It stops at t'he highway and no taxi available
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 6 juil. 2019
Booking easy, check in easy, smooth trip, bus staff remembered drop off location
Bus Express, Bang Saphan (บางสะพานทัวร์), 15 juin 2019
It's too bad the pick up is all the way out at the Sourthern Terminal. It's tough to get to - there is nothing else around there. The timing is very wrong - I took the bus at night with no traffic and no stops - and it still took 3.5 hours to Prachuap (not Bangsapan which is further)- in the daytime with traffic and stops it takes way longer. This is not really a trip for a foreigner, the bus doesnt really stop in Prachuap, but at a "bus stop"? just outside Prachuap. There are no taxi's there, or anyone really at all, so if you don't know someone already you will pretty much be stranded. You could walk to a gas station - that is fairly close...if you dont have luggage. The staff that run the bus are fantastic, they do their best to be very helpful - they make sure you know which stop to get off and they are well organized. The bus itself is clean, and very air conditioned.
train #171 Couchette 2e classe, Thai Railways (การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย), 10 juin 2019
Train staff were pleasant. One staff member notified me when we arrived at my station. The window was stuck in closed position so it was hot. Other than that the trip was pleasant.
train #171 Couchette 2e classe, Thai Railways (การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย), 23 mai 2019
First up we give 12Go Asia 5 stars for their part in the journey as they were great to deal with. Good communication and easy to book the tickets online in advance before we came to Thailand. The 3 stars for the rest of this review is about the train journey itself which was exhausting as it took an extra 1.5hrs (7 hours total) so being 2nd class fan cooled sleeper and starting off in the middle of the day it was roasting hot - at least 35deg probably more. Food vendors do go through the train constantly so there are plenty of opportunities to get iced teas, snacks, cool soft drinks, water etc. We had fun trying lots of different things. It was only after we arrived to Hua Lamphong station that we found out there are of course air-con seats. However unfortunately 12Go don't appear to ever have these for sale online through their website. Our recommendation if you do want to have a reasonably comfortable trip in air-con is to book directly with Thailand State Rail by telephone (ring international if necessary) or at the station. There appears to be no options for booking aircon seats online. The big plus is that If you can cope with fan cooled then it is fascinating to watch the passing scenery out of the open windows (the extra breeze is a blessing too) and you are travelling the way many people in the country travel so that is also an interesting part of your trip to Thailand. All the people on board were friendly and relaxed and good company! Hope this helps with your planning :)
Minibus Minibus de 14 places, Nor Neane Transport (ณ.เณรการเดินรถ ), 11 mai 2019
Man at the counter didn’t seem to know what to do... like he never had someone going from Bangkok to Pranburi. Other than that trip was ok
Minibus Minibus de 14 places, Nor Neane Transport (ณ.เณรการเดินรถ ), 8 mai 2019
We were late 2h - bus departed 40 min late and broke down for over 1h on the way
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