Bus de Hanoï à Sapa

Bus de Hanoï à Sapa

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Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP 20 places
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP 20 places
Sapa SSB

De Hanoi SSB à Sapa par Bus

Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP 20 places
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
6h de bus en VIP 27
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
6h 30m de bus en Semi wagon-lit
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
6h 30m de bus en Semi wagon-lit
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP 20 places
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
6h 30m de bus en Semi wagon-lit
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP
Sapa SSB
Hanoi SSB
5h 30m de bus en VIP
Sapa SSB

Transport de Hanoï à Sapa

Avis sur les trajets Hanoï de Sapa

train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 13 mars 2020
Le train est confortable et des boissons, fruits et viennoiserie sont offertes. La nuit s'est bien passée. Tres content de mon voyage avec ce train.
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 11 févr. 2020
Super ????
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 11 févr. 2020
Vraiment agréable le train, j’avais des appréhensions mais j’ai dormi, pas toute la nuit mais suffisamment. Ça brasse mais pas trop et eau et petit goûter apprécié. Lit confortable avec sac de couchage pour la chaleur. J’y retournerais au besoin.
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 29 janv. 2020
Personnel très accueillant, les couchettes sont propres et les WC aussi.
train VIP, Laman Express, 21 janv. 2020
Before boarding the train, we were welcomed at the Mango hotel and had a drink, before the staff would lead us to the train. We had a Laman Express VIP cabin only for 2 people. Very clean and nicely decorated! Even the toilets were clean. I would recommend!
Bus VIP 20 places, Sapa Express, 18 déc. 2019
Voyage nickel
Bus Classe VIP, Sapa Express, 29 nov. 2019
Confortable but it’s impossible to lie down as you scribes on your flyers because the seat presses the legs of the passenger from behind
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 26 nov. 2019
Nous avons effectué un excellent trajet de nuit avec la. Compagnie Laman express. Personnel adorable, couchette confortable, lavabos pour faire sa toilette. Parfait !
train #SP1 Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Fanxipan, 23 nov. 2019
2 remarks : toilets cleanleness and absolutely not enough room for luggage.
Bus VIP 20 places, Sapa Express, 13 nov. 2019
Très bien. Bus moderne et confortable. Personnel gentil et à l’écoute. La wifi est un vrai +
train #SP7 VIP, Vietnam Railways, 10 nov. 2019
We were 2 in a cabin for 4, the beds are hard, but that is something we don't minde, we slept great. It is an adventure, which we loved a lot.
Bus Classe VIP, Sapa Express, 7 nov. 2019
Voyage en minibus dans de bonnes conditions de confort
Bus VIP 20 places, Sapa Express, 6 nov. 2019
Très bien
Minibus VIP, Grouptour, 3 nov. 2019
On ne nous pas récupérés à notre hôtel à Hanoï et à l’arrivée à Sapa on nous a laissés au centre ville sans nous déposer à notre hôtel. Il a fallu que l’on se débrouille tout seul ????
train #SP3 VIP, Sapaly Express, 13 oct. 2020
Train is beautiful and good experience. Easy to sleep and not tried in 7hr riding time. I feel ticket counter is little difficult to find, but it's not serious.
train #SP1 VIP, Pumpkin Express, 3 sept. 2020
The price for what is provided is pretty high, so the value for this train trip is very low. The ticket guy for Pumpkin Express was easy to find and even at the station earlier than expected. He was also very helpful in getting me the drinks and snacks for my cabin and providing clear guidance on when and where to wait and board. Overall, it was an okay experience, but I couldn't sleep at all on the train despite having the entire VIP cabin to myself and there were only a few snacks and a couple drinks provided. I was impressed with the fact that I could actually charge my phone and they had a few different working lights in the room. The trains are very old, but they were cleaner than I expected. However, I also traveled only one month after the pandemic lockdown was lifted in Vietnam, so there were very few tourists traveling in general; that's probably why things were in decent condition (even the bathroom was pretty clean for a train). I was disappointed that there was no onboard wifi; luckily I had my own SIM with mobile data plan which worked on some parts of the trip. I took a private, 8-pax bus back from Sapa to Hanoi instead of the train, for which I paid only $25. It was much more comfortable, scenic, and quicker than the train. I likely would not take the train ever again unless the conditions were MUCH better (i.e., they need a complete overhaul).
train #SP3 Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 23 mars 2020
It was nice. I was actually warn on the first level. People downstairs were a bit cold. But quite comfortable. Nicely organised and clean. Just don't follow people straight out of the train... They didn't leave us a chance, and we didn't do what we wanted to. Also prices were as usual.... Pricier. Don't get the coffee outside as well, its 3 times the price.
train #SP3 Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 21 mars 2020
too much cold with the air conditioning too much noise! impossible to sleep on this train!
Bus VIP 20 places, Sapa Express, 19 mars 2020
I can’t tell anything because we didn’t go because everything was closed in Sapa because of Corona . We payed for a trip and had nothing.
Bus VIP 27, Sapa Dragon Express, 14 mars 2020
Well, the driver was on eine in the morning. He offers a small snack after collecting all 5 passengers. On the ride we had 2 short tests for bathroom, etc.
train #SP1 Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Pumpkin Express, 13 mars 2020
Very dirty, cockroaches in cabin. Bathroom filthy. Staff not very friendly. Beds hard and air conditioning doesn't work properly. Room was very hot, no air. Left half an hour late.
Bus Semi wagon-lit, Grouptour, 12 mars 2020
Arrived two hours later, traveled with multiple buses, unclear communication.
train VIP, Laman Express, 12 mars 2020
Wonderful check-in with welcome drink and very friendly staff, spacious room for a train with fairly comfortable beds that looked and smelled clean. Nice amenities (2 beers, 2 water, 2 sodas, 2 bananas and 2 danish). Really nothing to complain about!
train #SP1 Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Orient Express, 12 mars 2020
Train was easy to access and on time. Snacks and water were left for us in our 4 person cabin. There were no interruptions we were able to get in and go to sleep. Woke up in Sapa!
train #SP1 Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Orient Express, 10 mars 2020
Our train was cancelled and we were moved to a later train but this was not communicated to us in advance. Otherwise the cabin itself was clean, the beds firm but completely fine to sleep for 6-7 hours on the way to Sapa.
Bus VIP 20 places, Grouptour, 29 févr. 2020
Best bus ever. Great driver too!
Bus VIP 27, Sapa Dragon Express, 28 févr. 2020
Fast, reliable and friendly staff
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 25 févr. 2020
Mostly good. Our cabin had some garbage in when we arrived. Slamming doors next to our room woke us up a couple times.
Bus Wagon-lit, Sapa Dragon Express, 24 févr. 2020
The bus journey was good and reliable, seemed to be quicker than I thought it would be. Is wasnt as uncomfortable as others made out, just cold, but they do give you a blanket. I managed to sleep in patches along the way. The only reason I reduced the stars is that I arranged for pick up at the hostel, which I thought meant the bus would actually pick us up, but it meant some guy comes to collect you and walks you to a different meeting point, where you get on a bus for a short ride out to the main bus. There is a toilet on the bus, but when we got on it was full, so nobody could use it.
Bus Semi wagon-lit, Grouptour, 18 févr. 2020
First off, we had no problem with the booking platform. This worked smoothly. Secondly, this is the cheapest way to travel in Vietnam is by the long haul sleeper buses. We booked through Grouptour on the platform but it was a Sao Viet office/bus we brought to when arriving at Grouptour; which was a bit confusing for us at first. We wished the booking platform noted this information as it is misleading. About the trip: While this trip was not great, it was what we needed to get to one place to another. We were transferred in 4 different buses which was a bit frustrating. The bus makes A LOT of stops along the way and picks up people on the route. The time length of trip noted is not accurate, therefore I would not recommend using this bus service if you have restricted time or made plans. The bus did not have a bathroom on it and the bus driver/assistant didn't really speak English which wasn't a huge issue, but still some language barrier when asking about the next stops. We didn't have an issue with overcrowding as others have noted. If you want an inexpensive way to travel, this is it but know what you are getting into.
train #SP1 Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Orient Express, 16 févr. 2020
"Luxury" is another thing but we sleeped well.
train VIP, Vietnam Railways, 15 févr. 2020
Bus Semi wagon-lit, Grouptour, 12 févr. 2020
Super zážitek i jizda
Bus VIP 20 places, Sapa Express, 11 févr. 2020
Excellent trip. The staff member on our bus was very regimented and the bus itself is very comfortable with reclining seats and plenty of leg room. Wish all long haul busses were like this!
Bus Wagon-lit, Sapa Dragon Express, 11 févr. 2020
It has ok
Bus Classe VIP, Sapa Express, 5 févr. 2020
Very comfortable seats and smooth driving. The bus arrived earlier than expected in Sapa while making 2 stops on the road.
Bus VIP 27, Sapa Dragon Express, 3 févr. 2020
Comfortable and quick trip to Sapa, two stops along the way too.
Bus VIP 20 places, Sapa Express, 3 févr. 2020
Comfy bus for a 5 1/2 hour bus ride. We took the 7:00 am so we could see the countryside along the way, nice scenery. The bus host, Aurora was helpful and very friendly. Take your TP and hand sanitizer, the first bathroom stop didn't provide toilet paper, or soap to wash hands, even though they charge you to use the facilities....
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 1 févr. 2020
Maybe a bit cold but pretty comfortable. One important thing though, if you need to charge, there are sockets next to the lower beds. In my way to sapa I slept in upper bed and didn’t notice.
Bus Wagon-lit, Sapa Dragon Express, 21 janv. 2020
Disfrute del viaje
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 20 janv. 2020
Good support all trip in train thank you
Bus VIP 27, Sapa Dragon Express, 16 janv. 2020
Only drops at the outskirts of town, a taxi ride or hike to the centre and most of the hotels.
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 15 janv. 2020
I thoroughly recommend Laman Express. The train we originally booked was full & we got bumped onto a later train with this superior provider. We appreciated the welcome drink & being guided into the correct compartment, it made us feel 'special'. The beds were comfortable (they looked small but were actually perfectly adequate) & Laman provided a little pastry & banana for breakfast. Teabag & coffee sachet per person too, with a kettle available in the 'wash' area for everyone's use. Toilet & wash area very clean. We slept well, rocked to sleep by the train. All in all a pleasant experience, thank you!
Minibus VIP, Grouptour, 1 janv. 2020
Very good. Comfortable & clean, driver drive at reasonable safe speed.
train VIP, Laman Express, 31 déc. 2019
Excellent. Thank you
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 31 déc. 2019
Great. Prefer lower bunk though. During booking unsure where to write down. Otherwise it was great.
Bus VIP 20 places, Grouptour, 30 déc. 2019
Bus arrive late an hour
train #SP1 VIP, Vietnam Railways, 28 déc. 2019
Toilet is not clean
train Couchettes VIP 4 pax, Laman Express, 28 déc. 2019
The place is wonderful and clean. Train is noisy as expected but the trip is wonderful. Service is wonderful.
Bus VIP 20 places, Grouptour, 27 déc. 2019
We booked for 630am bus but the bus was late for an hour. Bus is comfy but the cleanliness could be better thou.
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Comment aller de Hanoï à Sapa en bus

Prendre le bus pour aller de Hanoï à Sapa est un moyen sûr, confortable et bon marché de faire cet itinéraire. Pour les destinations populaires, les sociétés de transport en bus proposent de nombreux départs quotidiens. Ces départs se font souvent 24 h/24, toutes les 30 à 60 minutes. Pour les destinations moins populaires, il se peut qu’il n’y ait qu’un seul bus par jour. Les types de bus les plus fréquemment rencontrés sont les bus climatisés, les bus non climatisés et les bus premium.

Il est toujours préférable de réserver vos billets au moins quelques jours avant votre date de départ. Consultez notre liste des sociétés de transport en bus qui proposent des réservations en ligne pour les billets de Hanoï à Sapa. Dans le cas où vous souhaiteriez voyager pendant un weekend, des jours fériés ou une période de vacances, il est fortement recommandé de réserver vos billets plus tôt, car le nombre de personnes voyageant durant ces périodes est beaucoup plus élevé : il y a à la fois les vacanciers et ceux travaillant loin de chez eux qui se retrouvent sur la route.

Quelle distance y a-t-il à parcourir de Hanoï à Sapa ?

Si vous voyagez en bus, la distance entre Hanoï et Sapa variera en fonction de l’itinéraire emprunté. La majorité des sociétés de transport en bus empruntent des voies rapides ou des autoroutes payantes. Bien que ces routes ne soient pas forcément toujours les plus courtes, ce sont généralement les plus rapides, car il s’y trouve moins de circulation et pas de feux.

Afin de se rendre les îles qui ne sont pas reliées à la terre par des ponts, les bus montent à bord de gros ferrys rouliers. Les passagers doivent alors généralement descendre du bus, mais il n’y a aucunement besoin de descendre avec les bagages. La distance de port à port est ajoutée à la distance totale.

Combien de temps faut-il pour aller de Hanoï à Sapa en bus ?

Le temps de trajet estimé pour aller de Hanoï à Sapa est d’environ 4h. Veuillez noter que les trajets en bus mettent toujours plus de temps que si vous conduisez votre propre véhicule ou prenez un taxi. Les conditions de circulation entre Hanoï et Sapa peuvent grandement varier en fonction de l’heure de départ. Il y a généralement plus de circulation en journée en semaine que pendant le weekend.

Une autre chose importante qui peut avoir un impact sur le temps de trajet est le type de bus. Les bus premium ou VIP sont généralement plus rapides, car ils empruntent des autoroutes et s’arrêtent dans beaucoup moins de gares en cours de route. Les bus font normalement des pauses de 10 à 30 minutes toutes les quelques heures afin que les passagers puissent utiliser des toilettes et se ravitailler. Le chauffeur et le staff à bord des bus en profitent également pour se reposer et se dégourdir les jambes.

Certains des bus premium disposent de toilettes à bord ainsi que d’un deuxième chauffeur. Cependant, ces bus font quand même des arrêts pour faire le plein ou pour manger.

Combien faut-il dépenser pour aller de Hanoï à Sapa en bus ?

Le prix du billet de Hanoï à Sapa peut varier en fonction du type de bus choisi. Si vous souhaitez un des billets les moins chers, envisager de prendre un bus ordinaire ou un bus non climatisé. Les bus de luxe ou premium sont plus onéreux, mais vous offrent également davantage de confort ainsi que des services supplémentaires tels que des prises pour charger votre téléphone, des écrans de divertissement ou encore des toilettes.

Horaires de Hanoï à Sapa

Afin de vous aider à préparer votre trajet, voici les horaires de départ et d’arrivée des bus allant de Hanoï à Sapa.

Sociétés les mieux notées sur cet itinéraire

Les sociétés de transport en bus varient grandement en termes de qualité et des services proposés. Avant d’acheter votre billet, faites quelques recherches de base sur la société de transport en bus que vous avez choisie.

La sécurité est l’un des plus importants aspects à prendre en compte. Nous vous recommandons également de consulter des avis sur la qualité des services proposés par les sociétés de transport en bus desservant cet itinéraire.

Notre service ne propose que des partenaires fiables et de confiance. Nous faisons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour vous offrir une sélection des meilleurs opérateurs sur chaque itinéraire.