Thai massage training and stretching (rue-si datton) 4 hours with Watpo Medical School 25 févr. 2020

Départ : mardi 25 février 2020 08:00 de Watpo Thai Massage École, Bangkok

Return: mardi 25 février 2020 12:00 à Watpo Thai Massage École, Bangkok

Durée : 4h

Confirmation : L’opérateur confirme manuellement. La confirmation des billets peut prendre 24 heures.

Annulation : Aucun remboursement, aucune annulation.


Want to spend your free time with real benefits?
What if we say that it will be interesting and pleasant as well?
Join Wat Po Thai Massage Experience Training programs that will help you to become healthier and happier! Don`t forget to share your experience with valueble people ;)

Join the hands-on original Thai massage class that is worldwide acknowledged as the WatPo massage style. Starting from basic to a practical skill, students are trained to do massage for relaxation, relieving muscular fatigue and pain, reducing tension and headaches, and regaining muscular and joints mobility. Thai massage is obviously help not only to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymphatic system, but also improve the body immunity for anti-aging and longvity. Study theory and practice the well known Thai traditional exercise "Rue-si Datton" that promotes health and active remedies in various body discomforts and disorders. This course is the general exercise series of 18 postures. It is suitable for every one of all ages. The full series of Rue-si Datton inscriptions consist of 80 postures that range from lying on the back poses to standing poses.

Politique d’annulation: Thai massage training and stretching (rue-si datton) 4 hours

Aucun remboursement.


$ 124.97
2 Adultes $ 249.94