Tour 6 : CO BY NIGHT 3-HOUR BICYCLE TOUR BY NIGHT with Co Van Kessel Bangkok Tours 27 juil. 2019

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Half and full-day bicycle tours of Bangkok. We take you off the beaten path to show you the REAL Bangkok! An alternative for those who want to explore the REAL Bangkok at a more relaxed pace. Our boat and walking tours are perfect for the photo enthusiast, non-cyclist and anyone with a curious mind.
Adrenaline seekers and children will find pleasure navigating Bangkok’s canals in a James Bond rocket boat on our 5 hour multi-boat tour.

Co by Night is our bike tour by night in the cooler evening air. We explore illuminated Chinatown and Bangkok's famous Flower Market and head North alongside the mighty Chao Phraya river towards the older part of Bangkok and her famous temples ..
See Bangkok in a different light as we explore this vibrant Asian capital by night. Gone are the surging crowds and frenetic market activities which dominate the daytime hours. Instead, you will discover a festival of illumination within the relative tranquility of the cool evening air.

Traditional Chinese street lanterns mixed with multi-colored shop signs create a sublime ambiance as evening diners replaced motorized commuters on Chinatown’s main thoroughfares. Although less hurried, there is still plenty to see as we visit Bangkok’s largest flower market, rising to full bloom during the night. Riding alongside the Chao Phraya River, we will see a scattering of vessels traversing the night waters as magical views of the Memorial Bridge, the Grand Palace, and Bangkok’s ever expanding skyline fill the horizon.

Quieter, cooler, and beautifully lit with a potpourri of colors, Bangkok by night is an experience not to be missed. Join us and see why this is quickly becoming one of our most popular tours.

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