Package set 3 with Bangkok Shooting Range 28 juil. 2019

Départs dimanche 28 juillet 2019 09:00 de Bangkok Champ De Tir

Return: dimanche 28 juillet 2019 10:00 à Bangkok Champ De Tir

Durée 1h

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Our large shooting range is distanced as 25 meters with a capacity that will fit more than 20 individuals to shoot and enjoy the thrills at the same instance. A technician will always be present to instruct you at all times, ranging from a group of beginners, women or even the respected elders may enjoy safe and pleasant shooting. As for amateurs, professionals, and real-time shooters who wish to have their skills upgraded, they are more than welcome to practice shooting techniques and score-up their shooting ability as well-trained officers can provide private instructions and perform individual trainings if instructed or requested.

Choose either Luger Revolver Shooting or Magnum Gun Shooting for your group.
All trip options also include learning how to use a rifle and a pump action shotgun.

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$ 145.88
2 Adults: $ 291.76