Furgonetas de Hanoi a Sapa

Furgonetas de Hanoi a Sapa

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Autobús VIP 20, , 13 mar. 2020
Comfortable bed, amazing service from lamar express. Free fruits, coffee, tea and water.
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 23 feb. 2020
Fuimos de Hanoi a Lao Caí. Al llegar te acompañan desde la agencia hasta el vagón del tren y en el vagón hay agua fruta y un bollo para cada persona. El baño bastante limpio durante todo el viaje. La única pega, que uno de nosotros vio una pequeña cucaracha, por lo demás todo muy bien. Recomendable.
Autobús Coche cama, , 22 ene. 2020
Excelente se puede descansar súper bien
Autobús Coche cama, , 14 ene. 2020
Very comfortable bus
Autobús Coche cama reducido, , 29 dic. 2019
El viaje fue agradable . Lo negativo fue la espera de dos horas de retraso del bus
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 8 dic. 2019
Facil de trobar. Bona atencio..t'acompanyen al tren. Espaios vago. Dificil dormir matalas prim i dur tot i esser soft class. I pel dotrageix del tren
tren #SP1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 30 nov. 2019
It wasn't a good experience, really. We booked and pay for a Fanxipan coach, but staff in Fanxipan office gave us two tickets for a coach No Fanxipan. We expend the night in a Oriental Impress, worst of course. Beds were clean but some cockroach in the room and the toilet without water, easy to imagine. The staff woman in our coach was in a very bad mood. It wasnt the service that I paid and expected.
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 28 nov. 2019
It covers it's purpose. Difficult to sleep properly on the train but that's due to the infrastructure itself.
Autobús Clase VIP, , 18 nov. 2019
Is worth it to pay a bit more for this VIP bus... is so confortable and clean.
Autobús Coche cama, , 18 nov. 2019
Muy puntuales, mido 1.80 m y quizá por eso no fui muy cómodo. Salí a las 10 pm de Hanoi y llegamos a Sapa a las 3:30 am pero nos dejaron dormir un tiempo más en el autobús hasta que amaneció.
tren #SP1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 11 nov. 2019
It wasn't that bad. I expected something worst. But it was ok just for 1 time
Furgoneta VIP, , 9 nov. 2019
the driver was stopping and taking people through the road to fill the van, he was going too fast, it seemed he was in a hurry. Old slgo van and broken seats. Other people's used water bottles everywhere. that yes We arrived on time.
tren #SP3 Coche cama de primera clase, , 6 nov. 2019
Very noisy. The bed is small and really really hard
tren #SP1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 2 nov. 2019
Dirty bathroom, small cabin/bedroom and very noisy in general during the trip
tren #SP3 Coche cama de primera clase, , 13 oct. 2020
Train is beautiful and good experience. Easy to sleep and not tried in 7hr riding time. I feel ticket counter is little difficult to find, but it's not serious.
tren #SP1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 3 sept. 2020
The price for what is provided is pretty high, so the value for this train trip is very low. The ticket guy for Pumpkin Express was easy to find and even at the station earlier than expected. He was also very helpful in getting me the drinks and snacks for my cabin and providing clear guidance on when and where to wait and board. Overall, it was an okay experience, but I couldn't sleep at all on the train despite having the entire VIP cabin to myself and there were only a few snacks and a couple drinks provided. I was impressed with the fact that I could actually charge my phone and they had a few different working lights in the room. The trains are very old, but they were cleaner than I expected. However, I also traveled only one month after the pandemic lockdown was lifted in Vietnam, so there were very few tourists traveling in general; that's probably why things were in decent condition (even the bathroom was pretty clean for a train). I was disappointed that there was no onboard wifi; luckily I had my own SIM with mobile data plan which worked on some parts of the trip. I took a private, 8-pax bus back from Sapa to Hanoi instead of the train, for which I paid only $25. It was much more comfortable, scenic, and quicker than the train. I likely would not take the train ever again unless the conditions were MUCH better (i.e., they need a complete overhaul).
tren #SP3 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 23 mar. 2020
It was nice. I was actually warn on the first level. People downstairs were a bit cold. But quite comfortable. Nicely organised and clean. Just don't follow people straight out of the train... They didn't leave us a chance, and we didn't do what we wanted to. Also prices were as usual.... Pricier. Don't get the coffee outside as well, its 3 times the price.
tren #SP3 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 21 mar. 2020
too much cold with the air conditioning too much noise! impossible to sleep on this train!
Autobús VIP 20, , 19 mar. 2020
I can’t tell anything because we didn’t go because everything was closed in Sapa because of Corona . We payed for a trip and had nothing.
Autobús VIP 27, , 14 mar. 2020
Well, the driver was on eine in the morning. He offers a small snack after collecting all 5 passengers. On the ride we had 2 short tests for bathroom, etc.
tren #SP1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 13 mar. 2020
Very dirty, cockroaches in cabin. Bathroom filthy. Staff not very friendly. Beds hard and air conditioning doesn't work properly. Room was very hot, no air. Left half an hour late.
Autobús Coche cama reducido, , 12 mar. 2020
Arrived two hours later, traveled with multiple buses, unclear communication.
tren Coche cama de primera clase, , 12 mar. 2020
Wonderful check-in with welcome drink and very friendly staff, spacious room for a train with fairly comfortable beds that looked and smelled clean. Nice amenities (2 beers, 2 water, 2 sodas, 2 bananas and 2 danish). Really nothing to complain about!
tren #SP1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 12 mar. 2020
Train was easy to access and on time. Snacks and water were left for us in our 4 person cabin. There were no interruptions we were able to get in and go to sleep. Woke up in Sapa!
tren #SP1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 10 mar. 2020
Our train was cancelled and we were moved to a later train but this was not communicated to us in advance. Otherwise the cabin itself was clean, the beds firm but completely fine to sleep for 6-7 hours on the way to Sapa.
Autobús VIP 20, , 29 feb. 2020
Best bus ever. Great driver too!
Autobús VIP 27, , 28 feb. 2020
Fast, reliable and friendly staff
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 25 feb. 2020
Mostly good. Our cabin had some garbage in when we arrived. Slamming doors next to our room woke us up a couple times.
Autobús Coche cama, , 24 feb. 2020
The bus journey was good and reliable, seemed to be quicker than I thought it would be. Is wasnt as uncomfortable as others made out, just cold, but they do give you a blanket. I managed to sleep in patches along the way. The only reason I reduced the stars is that I arranged for pick up at the hostel, which I thought meant the bus would actually pick us up, but it meant some guy comes to collect you and walks you to a different meeting point, where you get on a bus for a short ride out to the main bus. There is a toilet on the bus, but when we got on it was full, so nobody could use it.
Autobús Coche cama reducido, , 18 feb. 2020
First off, we had no problem with the booking platform. This worked smoothly. Secondly, this is the cheapest way to travel in Vietnam is by the long haul sleeper buses. We booked through Grouptour on the platform but it was a Sao Viet office/bus we brought to when arriving at Grouptour; which was a bit confusing for us at first. We wished the booking platform noted this information as it is misleading. About the trip: While this trip was not great, it was what we needed to get to one place to another. We were transferred in 4 different buses which was a bit frustrating. The bus makes A LOT of stops along the way and picks up people on the route. The time length of trip noted is not accurate, therefore I would not recommend using this bus service if you have restricted time or made plans. The bus did not have a bathroom on it and the bus driver/assistant didn't really speak English which wasn't a huge issue, but still some language barrier when asking about the next stops. We didn't have an issue with overcrowding as others have noted. If you want an inexpensive way to travel, this is it but know what you are getting into.
tren #SP1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 16 feb. 2020
"Luxury" is another thing but we sleeped well.
tren Coche cama de primera clase, , 15 feb. 2020
Autobús Coche cama reducido, , 12 feb. 2020
Super zážitek i jizda
Autobús VIP 20, , 11 feb. 2020
Excellent trip. The staff member on our bus was very regimented and the bus itself is very comfortable with reclining seats and plenty of leg room. Wish all long haul busses were like this!
Autobús Coche cama, , 11 feb. 2020
It has ok
Autobús Clase VIP, , 5 feb. 2020
Very comfortable seats and smooth driving. The bus arrived earlier than expected in Sapa while making 2 stops on the road.
Autobús VIP 27, , 3 feb. 2020
Comfortable and quick trip to Sapa, two stops along the way too.
Autobús VIP 20, , 3 feb. 2020
Comfy bus for a 5 1/2 hour bus ride. We took the 7:00 am so we could see the countryside along the way, nice scenery. The bus host, Aurora was helpful and very friendly. Take your TP and hand sanitizer, the first bathroom stop didn't provide toilet paper, or soap to wash hands, even though they charge you to use the facilities....
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 1 feb. 2020
Maybe a bit cold but pretty comfortable. One important thing though, if you need to charge, there are sockets next to the lower beds. In my way to sapa I slept in upper bed and didn’t notice.
Autobús Coche cama, , 21 ene. 2020
Disfrute del viaje
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 20 ene. 2020
Good support all trip in train thank you
Autobús VIP 27, , 16 ene. 2020
Only drops at the outskirts of town, a taxi ride or hike to the centre and most of the hotels.
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 15 ene. 2020
I thoroughly recommend Laman Express. The train we originally booked was full & we got bumped onto a later train with this superior provider. We appreciated the welcome drink & being guided into the correct compartment, it made us feel 'special'. The beds were comfortable (they looked small but were actually perfectly adequate) & Laman provided a little pastry & banana for breakfast. Teabag & coffee sachet per person too, with a kettle available in the 'wash' area for everyone's use. Toilet & wash area very clean. We slept well, rocked to sleep by the train. All in all a pleasant experience, thank you!
Furgoneta VIP, , 1 ene. 2020
Very good. Comfortable & clean, driver drive at reasonable safe speed.
tren Coche cama de primera clase, , 31 dic. 2019
Excellent. Thank you
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 31 dic. 2019
Great. Prefer lower bunk though. During booking unsure where to write down. Otherwise it was great.
Autobús VIP 20, , 30 dic. 2019
Bus arrive late an hour
tren #SP1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 28 dic. 2019
Toilet is not clean
tren Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 28 dic. 2019
The place is wonderful and clean. Train is noisy as expected but the trip is wonderful. Service is wonderful.
Autobús VIP 20, , 27 dic. 2019
We booked for 630am bus but the bus was late for an hour. Bus is comfy but the cleanliness could be better thou.
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Cómo ir del Hanoi al Sapa en Furgoneta

La furgoneta es una opción conveniente para ir del Hanoi al Sapa.

Los billetes para las furgonetas son asequibles, las furgonetas suelen ser más rápidas que los autobuses, y ofrecen una buena selección de horarios de salidas.

Dependiendo del tipo de furgoneta, cada vehículo puede acomodar entre 12 y 15 pasajeros. La desventaja obvia de viajar en furgoneta es el espacio limitado para equipajes. En la mayoría de los casos, tendrás que colocar tus mochilas, maletas o bolsas debajo de tu asiento o en el pasillo. Por tanto, la furgoneta no es la mejor opción si viajas cargado de equipaje. Si este es el caso, considera la opción de comprar un billete por separado para tus bolsas u opta por el autobús.

En ciertas rutas, las furgonetas son tu única opción de transporte ya que puede que no haya autobuses, trenes o aviones entre ambos destinos.

Una pregunta habitual es la de si hace falta reservar los billetes de furgoneta por anticipado. Aunque en algunas rutas tengas multitud de salidas, aun así, te recomendamos que reserves tu asiento sobre todo si vas a tomar una de las últimas furgonetas del día, a viajar en fin de semana, días festivos o en temporada alta de turismo, y en caso de que viajes con un grupo de dos o más personas que deseen viajar en la misma furgoneta.

Aquí tienes la lista de compañías que ofrecen furgonetas regulares entre el Hanoi y el Sapa y que ofrecen billetes para reservas online:

Qué distancia hay del Hanoi al Sapa

Las furgonetas siguen la misma ruta que los autobuses, así que la distancia por carretera entre el Hanoi y el Sapa será de unos 330 km. Algunas furgonetas no toman la ruta más corta al Sapa y toman desvíos para recoger y dejar a pasajeros por el camino. Si este es el caso, resultará en una duración más larga del viaje – puedes verlo cuando elijas tu billete.

Cuánto se tarda en ir del Hanoi al Sapa en Furgoneta

La mayoría de las furgonetas necesitan entre 5h y 5h 30m horas para ir del Hanoi al Sapa. Recuerda que la duración del viaje depende mucho de las condiciones del tráfico, que puede ser denso a la hora punta tanto en tu lugar de salida como en tu destino. Las condiciones climáticas – especialmente la lluvia torrencial – suelen suponer un viaje más largo.

Antes de reservar tus billetes de furgoneta, comprueba cuánto tarda el viaje con cada compañía ya que algunas furgonetas van por rutas más largas hasta el Sapa o hacen desvíos.

Además, es importante saber que las compañías de furgonetas que aceptan reservas online ofrecen salidas programadas de sus vehículos, aunque hay otras furgonetas que solo salen cuando se llenan, y en algunos casos, el tiempo de espera puede alargarse. Así que siempre es mejor idea elegir una compañía que ofrezca furgonetas con un horario establecido.

Cuánto cuesta ir del Hanoi al Sapa en Furgoneta

Cuando utilices una furgoneta, la tarifa o el precio del billete para llegar desde el Hanoi al Sapa ha sido pre-calculada. Esto suele incluir los peajes, la gasolina y otros costes. Aun así, es recomendable que leas los detalles y pidas clarificaciones cuando esto no esté claro desde el principio.

Las tarifas pre-calculadas para furgonetas pueden ser caras, pero a diferencia de los trenes y autobuses, no tienes que comprar un billete por pasajero. Para un grupo grande de más de 12 personas, esto acaba ahorrando mucho dinero en comparación con el alquiler de varios taxis.

Esto la convierte en una opción barata para viajar cuando viajes en grupo. El servicio de furgoneta tampoco te cobrará extra por el equipaje, siempre y cuando lo puedas meter dentro de la furgoneta.

Horarios para ir del Hanoi al Sapa

Si sois un grupo, puedes consolidar tus horarios y utilizar solamente una furgoneta. Mira a continuación los horarios para ir del Hanoi al Sapa con servicio de furgoneta:

Compañías de Mejor Reputación para esta Ruta

Obtener un servicio de furgoneta para tu grupo puede ofrecer espacio y comodidad extra que no vas a encontrar en otras opciones de transporte. A diferencia de los taxis o autobuses que tienen numerosas salidas al día, el servicio de furgoneta suele programarse. Sin embargo, algunos servicios de furgonetas siguen un horario establecido de salidas. Te rogamos que mires nuestra lista para dichos servicios.

Viajar con todo tu grupo en un viaje largo puede ser mucho más divertido. Esto puede permitirle al grupo hablar tranquilamente o hasta cantar a pleno pulmón sin miedo a molestar a los demás.

Al igual que con los taxis, la ventaja de viajar en furgoneta es que puedes pedirle al conductor que se detenga en tiendas, supermercados y otros establecimientos. Puedes parar en cualquier parte en cualquier momento ya que básicamente estás alquilando una furgoneta, no solo pagando por la tarifa del taxi. Puedes utilizar esta oportunidad para tomar fotografías legendarias de todo tu grupo en atracciones locales o lugares de interés turístico.

Las furgonetas son especialmente útiles cuando se viaja con material delicado como ordenadores grandes o equipos de fotografía. Los maleteros y otros compartimentos no suelen ser una zona segura para guardar cosas frágiles. Colocar estos artículos dentro de una furgoneta espaciosa y bien acolchada los cuidará mucho mejor.