SiquijorA Dumaguete 23 ago. 2019

Salidas viernes, 23 de agosto de 2019 10:50 desde Siquijor Muelle

Arrival: viernes, 23 de agosto de 2019 11:40 a DGT Puerto Dumaguete

Dur 50m

Clase: Business Class

Facilities and services: Aire acondicionado, WC, TV

Confirmación: Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancelación: No hay reembolsos, no hay cancelación

  • Please come to check in at Oceanjet counter which is located on the pier before boarding the ferry at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
  • At the counter, please SHOW TICKET NUMBER from passengers section. The operator needs to see these numbers for each passenger and not Booking ID.
  • Please proceed directly to the terminal and have your ID ready for the security check.
  • The 12GO voucher can be shown on your phone (a print-out is not required).
  • For infants below 3 years old, no tickets are required. The infant pass can be obtained upon check-in at the customer service section of the terminal port.
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring 1 hand-carried baggage upon check-in, must not exceed 15 kilograms. (Subject to change depending on the terminal.)

* Ticket voucher will be sent to you 3 weeks before departure at the earliest.

Cancelation policy: Siquijor - Dumaguete (Business)

No hay reembolsos


ferry Business Class, Oceanjet, 18 ago. 2019
Had business class ticket, they where in a hurry so they set us in economy Also canceled trip out.
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet, 22 abr. 2019
The Boat left on time. The cabin could use a little more cleanliness
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet, 31 dic. 2018
Ocean Jet leaves and arrives on time!!! It's pretty amazing for a Filipino company!!! We had a good experience in general :-) Mabuhay!
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet, 28 mar. 2019
verry friendly and good driver