Kuala LumpurA Butterworth 22 jul. 2019

Salidas lunes, 22 de julio de 2019 11:25 desde Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Arrival: lunes, 22 de julio de 2019 15:40 a Butterworth

Dur 4h 15m

Clase: ETS Platinum

Facilities and services: Aire acondicionado, Comida, Bocadillo

Confirmación: Instant confirmation

Cancelación: No hay reembolsos, no hay cancelación

Buen viaje!

Información general
El Servicio de Tren Eléctrico (ETS) es un servicio de tren interurbano a una velocidad máxima de 140 km/hora. Los trenes ETS se clasifican bajo el nombre "Gold" o "Platinum". Ofrecen una comodidad impecable y gran rapidez de transporte para los principales destinos de Malasia.

  • ETS Gold para en algunas estaciones de tren populares y sigue siendo un servicio rápido.
  • ETS Platinum le ofrece un viaje ultrarrápido y casi ininterrumpido.
  • Algunos trenes ETS tienen un café pequeño, cómodo y delicioso.


  • Los billetes son confirmados instantáneamente y le permiten elegir su(s) asiento(s) con antelación.
  • Los niños menores de 4 años pueden viajar sin billete, pero no recibirán asiento.

Cancelation policy: Kuala Lumpur Sentral - Butterworth #9102

No hay reembolsos


train #9102 ETS Platinum, KTM, 14 jul. 2019
Smooth train ride from KL to butterworth.
train #9102 ETS Platinum, KTM, 1 jul. 2019
All in all we were impressed with the train service and it's cleanliness and timeliness. 3 areas for improvement 1) passengers are asked to be at station 30 mins before departure, however gates only open 10 mins before departures 2) we were seated in coach F seats 2D and 2C - these seats were just awful. No window, luggage rack in front and a fixed table. My 6ft 4 in husband could not get his legs in. On a positive note your excellent staff moved us to better seats - thank you to your staff. But - do not select these seats - they are like a prison cell. 3) aircon is a little chilly so pack a jumper / cardigan / fleece
train #9102 ETS Platinum, KTM, 22 jun. 2019
I would have given it more but it was FREEZING. I see that everyone has said the same yet nothing is being done. KL station was fine but Butterworh was not. Poor signs and a long upwards flight of stairs not helpful. I finally saw the lift . Small and chaotic, people with kids, and older people trying to get on. Please have more information about how to get to the ferry or run a shuttle. Make it part of the ticket. The train itself was on time and some of the scenery was lovely. Would do it again if not so cold and now I know about Butterworth.
train #9102 ETS Platinum, KTM, 1 jun. 2019
The train is great and the views amazing! Just one little thing to improve: please AC is too high. My area was cold but some parts of the train were even more. We did the whole journey backwards. At the beginning I felt a bit dizzy, but I got used to it especially because it was less cold and the views made me forget I was going backwards. Next time will be good to know if you are going backwards when you book the trip.
train #9102 ETS Platinum, KTM, 14 may. 2019
train #9102 ETS Platinum, KTM, 11 may. 2019
train #9102 ETS Platinum, KTM, 3 jun. 2019
Easy comfortable trip.