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De Sihanoukville Giant Ibis a Siem Reap en autobús

Sihanoukville Giant Ibis
Siem Reap Giant Ibis Main

Sihanoukville to Siem Reap Schedule

Sihanoukville to Siem Reap Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Giant Ibis Transport Kia Grandbird 20:30 – 06:30$ 25

Sihanoukville to Siem Reap destination reviews

185 customer reviews
85% of 185 travelers were happy with this destination
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 8 ago. 2019
Through the marvellous world which is "transportations in Cambodia", actually this bus fullfil its function. It offers a 100% flat bed, wifi and water. As a recommendation, know that there are no stops to dinner, to pee in thr bus bathroom is quite impossible for a girl, and it's pretty disgusting when you have to pee in your socks and some illuminated has previously flooded the bathroom floor with the asian hose (i still expect that was water). The truth is that the bus doesnt go slowly, as a passenger you have no safety as you are simply lied down in a bunk bed and the overtakings are crazy (as during the day) as usual as any company in thailand or cambodia. Recommendation: go already eated and peed and be ready for some adventure. The driver sometimes stops in the middle of nowhere to smoke but you are not allowed to go outside. The bus goes with a crew who took less than 1 minute to snore till destination. There are 2 drivers and one stop to change.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 13 jul. 2019
Personal amable, autobus limpio, pero muchas irregularidades del firme de la carretera. No se puede descansar. Tarda mucho. Si no fuera por eso sería ideal trayecto
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 31 oct. 2018
Except the lack of wifi that night, the bus was perfect, arrive on time and Idid sleep all night long.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 31 ago. 2019
It is great that they have beds in the bus, but it was very, very cold, and the wifi did not work at all.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 17 ago. 2019
Air conditioning didn’t work. Worst sleep ever. Couldn’t breathe in the heat
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 6 ago. 2019
My suggestion would be to Improve the toilet quality and clean the a/c filter
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 30 jul. 2019
The bus ride was good. Little cubby to sleep in with your bag. We were stuck in traffic for around 2 hours and were only 30 minutes late arriving. Would be 5 stars for the price if bathroom had a light, garbage or able to flush. Bring your own toilet paper & be prepared to squat without a seat.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 9 jun. 2019
Nice and easy journey. The bus was clean and the beds decent. Took 1h longer but was not an issue.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 24 may. 2019
Great place! Only bad thing was noise from building going on!
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 24 abr. 2019
It was perfect trip. Comfortable transportation, we have got blankets and pillows, everything was clean. Really recommend
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 13 abr. 2019
The travel was great. The bus was good, staff really friendly. You get a pillow and blanket.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 9 abr. 2019
The staff were great. Everything was explained, seats had been allocated so there was no fight for seats like other bus companies. The seats were also long enough to stretch out fully to sleep. The journey was smooth and arrived exactly on time. Would definitely travel with Giant Ibis again.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 25 mar. 2019
We had received two emails about the new departure point at Onederz hostel so this wasn’t a problem for us. It was great to use the facilities (wifi, showers) free of charge at Onederz. We also ate there. The bus journey was ok but we had seen pictures that showed the beds could be raised like a seat, but they could not. It would have been more comfortable to be sitting up for the first couple of hours as it was still early evening and we didn’t want to sleep straight away. The air conditioning was also too high, we found it very cold even with blankets and wearing jumpers. The free bottled water was great.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 23 mar. 2019
Bus was comfortable and we had more space than we thought. Although the WiFi didn’t work we managed to sleep! Just download a film on Netflix!
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 20 mar. 2019
The bus arrived even before time and was very comfortable and clean.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 14 mar. 2019
Service was great once on board. But you need to tell customers to meet at Onederz hostel in sihanoukville, and not the location on the ticket. We randomly went to Onederz hostel and their staff told us that the bus left from there. We probably would not have been able to find the boarding location if we didn’t randomly ask for the hostel’s help
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 9 mar. 2019
Pick up at sihanoukville was very confusing as not in same place as written on our ticket..luckily it worked out though.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 3 mar. 2019
Pick up coordination in Sihanouk ville was a bit confusing, but worked out. Bed was almost hard as a rock, but got a bit of sleep. Drive was smooth and arrival on time. Recommendation: sleep on the blanket - your back will thank you!
bus Hotel Bus, Virak Buntham Express, 26 feb. 2019
There were a few things that are not the fault of the bus company. A crying baby almost the entire trip of 10 hours and the poor condition of the roads causing a very bumpy ride. But some things could be done better by the bus company. During the trip there were a few toilet stops but they weren't consistent. Sometimes after 1,5 hours and sometimes after 4 hours. And when the bus stopped it was not communicated why. This caused quite a lot of confusion. 2 times we already had our clothes and shoes on to go to the toilet only to notice that the but suddenly started moving. Very annoying when you have to pee... Also there is no toilet at the bus stop in sihanoukville and the toilet at the bus stop in Siem trap is too dirty to speak about. A tip for 12go.asia. The begin and end point of the bus trip was not very clear. I had to puzzle together with tuktuk drivers to get to the right location. On other tickets there is a Google maps link on the ticket but with this bus company (virak buntham express) there wasn't.
bus Kia Grandbird, Giant Ibis Transport, 28 ene. 2019
Had proper beds so we could stretch out, my boyfriend is 6"1 so he said it was slightly too small. Got given free water and had free WiFi. I slept very well. Driver didn't drive as fast as other bus companies which is good felt very safe. Would use again

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