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De Nanu Oya a Ella en tren

Nanu Oya, Nuwara Eliya
2h 34m
Nanu Oya, Nuwara Eliya
2h 34m
Nanu Oya, Nuwara Eliya
2h 26m
Nanu Oya, Nuwara Eliya
2h 26m
Nanu Oya, Nuwara Eliya
2h 28m

Horario de Nanu Oya a Ella

Horario de Nanu Oya a Ella
Nombre del transporteTiempo de la rutaPrecio
Sri Lanka Railways 2nd Class Seat 12:40 – 15:14LKR 2,535
Sri Lanka Railways 2nd Class Seat 14:45 – 17:11LKR 2,535

Opiniones sobre destinos Nanu Oya a Ella

tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 21 mar. 2020
I opted to pay extra and have the tickets delivered to the first of the guest houses I stayed in. First you have to pay and wait for 12go to confirm they were able to get the tickets. It does leave you with a period of uncertainty and 12go could've been more proactive with their communication. I had to drop them an enquiry a couple of times for greater clarity on process and they did respond timely. Again they confirmed the tickets but didn't tell me when they would be delivered. Once more I contacted their customer service and was told they deliver the ticket five days before my arrival into Srilanka. After which there was no issues and they delivered on time as committed. Thus their service was good but required my repeated contact with their customer service to get to know what's going on for my own peace of mind. They also could have clarified the pdf was good enough and didn't need to be exchanged at the train station. I looked up on the web and found relevant information on this myself. All in all it would be great if they can have a clearly worded FAQ at the outset
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 5 mar. 2020
Process of buying tickets was brilliant. I ordered them to be delivered to my hotel in Nanu Oya where we arrived the night before. I was nervous until we arrived - but no need the tickets were there. Train was excellent. Our seats were available and comfortable. Train arrived a few minutes late but we were kept informed at Nanu Oya. Would definitely use 12goasia again
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 4 mar. 2020
Easy travel :)
tren #Viceroy II #1007 AC VIP, , 18 feb. 2020
Luxurious cabin and great service but the train was delayed by an hour so we missed a lot of the scenery due to the darkness.
tren #Viceroy II #1007 AC VIP, , 13 feb. 2020
We had a great time on our Vicroy Train Trip . We loved every minute
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 12 dic. 2019
The trip was amazing. I am not sure I would buy again forehand since there was no problem purchasing the ticket on the same day (and it was 20 times cheaper). 1st class was the only one with air con and we appreciated that. Otherwise there is not much difference with second class.
tren #1015 Asiento de segunda clase, , 23 nov. 2019
Tickets were delivered as promised. Everything went really smoothly. The train ride was so much fun!
tren #1005 Asiento de segunda clase, , 3 nov. 2019
Perfect service! We got or tickets sent to our hotel so they were waiting for us in the reception when we checked in. Before going, I contacted 12go.asia customers service and got a response a just few minutes later. They even managed to book tickets on the right side of the train as we had wished for.
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 21 oct. 2019
We could only find information that said there was only 1st class or 3rd class tickets for the trains - at ~9am & MD; & not possible to reserve on 3rd class; so we prepurchased 1st class tickets - dull trip in over air conditioned carriage that was a constant thoroughfare for 2nd class to go forward to the loo & for a smoke. As noted, there actually was a 2nd class option, a much nicer way to travel. And, there was a train at ~11am - which didn’t seem to appear on available online timetables. Views lovely on on left hand side of train but not better than NE train to Ella; luggage storage a problem in 1st class
tren #1005 Asiento de segunda clase, , 25 sept. 2019
A lovely train trip.
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 24 sept. 2019
Although we had to wait more than 1hour at nanu oya for the train it worths the time, nice view beautiful mountains, polite staff.
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 9 sept. 2019
The seats selected by 12go Asia for us were excellent - correct side of train and in first class carriage everything was perfect and as usual 12 go Asia have done a great job The trip was amazing so much to see and we would definitely book with 12go Asia for all our train tickets in the countries they serve
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 6 sept. 2019
Very expensive tickets compared to the price paid if bought locally in Sri Lanka. Also paying $10 USD to have them mailed to a hotel is a rip off. Wouldn't use them again.
tren #1005 Asiento de primera clase, , 19 ago. 2019
Customer Service from 12go was amazing and I definitely recommend 12go.
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¿Cómo ir de Nanu Oya a Ella?

Cuando quieres llegar de Nanu Oya a Ella, tus opciones son limitadas. Solamente hay una opción que ofrecemos para esta ruta: - Tren

¿A qué distancia está Nanu Oya de Ella?

La distancia por tierra de Nanu Oya a Ella es de 81 millas (129 km). La distancia por aire es de 22 millas (35 km).

¿Cuánto se tarda en ir de Nanu Oya a Ella?

La duración del viaje entre Nanu Oya y Ella lleva 3 hora de media.

¿Cuánto cuesta ir de Nanu Oya a Ella?

Para ir de Nanu Oya a Ella preparate a gastar unos LKR 2,536 por tu billete.

¿Cuántos viajes al día hay de Nanu Oya a Ella?

Los trenes siempre tienen un horario fijo- hay 5 salidas al día.
Los taxis son una opción atractiva ya que puedes reservar un taxi para que te lleve de Nuwara Eliya a Ella acualquier hora del día.

Consejos útiles para viajar de Nanu Oya a Ella

Aunque tren sea la única opción que ofrecemos para esta ruta, estos sencillos consejos y recomendaciones te ayudarán a mejorar la experiencia de tu viaje. ##Taxi
Cuestiones a tomar en cuenta antes de reservar un taxi:

  • Para evitar malentendidos, asegúrate de que has indicado los puntos exactos de recogida y de destino.
    *Si tomas algún desvío o haces alguna parada durante el viaje, informa a la compañía por adelantado. En estos casos, puede ser afectado el precio del viaje.
  • Cuando tomes el taxi, es buena idea seguir la ruta de Google Maps o de cualquier otro navegador GPS.

¿Hay muchos viajeros que tomen tren de Nanu Oya a Ella?

Hasta ahora, 528 reservaron billetes de tren entre Nanu Oya y Ella mediante nuestro servicio. Puedes leer sus comentarios más arriba.