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Autobús Semi Deluxe, , 28 feb. 2020
The travel from QC to Sagada went fine. I was able to sleep well during the 11-hour ride. There were two stopovers for grabbing quick late-night meal or snack and for restroom breaks. It was so convenient. I might travel through this means again. Thank you.
Autobús Súper Deluxe, , 7 feb. 2020
I was expecting more for a super deluxe ride. I was thinking more like a lazy boy type of chairs and more leg room just like JOYBUS premier buses. Super deluxe can just pass for deluxe type. Though we arrive to sagada 4hrs earlier than expected.
Autobús Semi Deluxe, , 26 ene. 2020
speedan haha
Autobús Súper Deluxe, , 18 ene. 2020
It was much better than I expected reading the comments. The journey took 10 hours, it was comfortable even for me being 6 inches 3 feet tall. It got colder inside when the outside temperature lowered after a few hours of driving but if you should be prepared for that wearing warmer clothes. I took super deluxe bus. Not the cheapest option but I can really recommend.
Autobús Semi Deluxe, , 17 ene. 2020
Everything was fine,we arrived safely and that is what matters the most. I was a bit uncomfortable in my seat because the person in front of me seemed to have forgotten that somebody was behind him, he was sleeping comfortably anyway it wasn't coda lines' fault. It would have been nice to have some blankets though
Autobús Súper Deluxe, , 9 ene. 2020
Autobús Semi Deluxe, , 27 dic. 2019
The trip was faster than expected. We only got it 9 hours instead of 12 as what has been estimated hours of travel. The ticketing staff and bus crew were efficient. Only that the bus has no wifi or TV for passengers entertainment . I hope the company will consider it especially that it is usually not easy to get sleep while on travel. But then it was wonderful trip with CODA... CODA is COOL. Thank you .. Just keep all your tours safe and comfortable.
Autobús Súper Deluxe, , 25 nov. 2019
Extra blankets for guests would be plus :)
Autobús Express, , 15 nov. 2019
Not much leg room, bus arrived 2 hours late in Sagada!
Autobús Express, , 12 nov. 2019
Hassle-free trip to Sagada. And very much ontime! ♡
Autobús VIP 36, , 4 nov. 2019
At least we did not die.
Autobús VIP 36, , 30 oct. 2019
Our trip was great. I just did not like the experience when the person in front of me laid down his chair too much and place his hand on the head rest. It was annoying because he got some space from me. The fare is also pricier compared to the official site. Nonetheless, the trip was great and we arrived 30 minutes earlier.
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¿Cómo ir de Manila a Sagada?

Cuando quieres llegar de Manila a Sagada, tus opciones son limitadas. Solamente hay una opción que ofrecemos para esta ruta: - Autobús

¿A qué distancia está Manila de Sagada?

La distancia por tierra de Manila a Sagada es de 226 millas (363 km). La distancia por aire es de 174 millas (279 km).

¿Cuánto se tarda en ir de Manila a Sagada?

La duración del viaje entre Manila y Sagada lleva 12 hora de media.

¿Cuánto cuesta ir de Manila a Sagada?

Para ir de Manila a Sagada preparate a gastar unos PHP 912 por tu billete.

¿Cuántos viajes al día hay de Manila a Sagada?

Los autobuses de Manila a Sagada circulan 3 veces al día.

Consejos útiles para viajar de Manila a Sagada

Aunque autobús sea la única opción que ofrecemos para esta ruta, estos sencillos consejos y recomendaciones te ayudarán a mejorar la experiencia de tu viaje. ##Autobuses
Cuestiones a tomar en cuenta antes de reservar tu billete de autobús:

  • Si es posible, asegúrate de escoger los autobuses de clase superior ya que te proporcionarán un viaje más cómodo. Dichos autobuses suelen contar con un sistema de aire acondicionado, asientos blandos reclinables, Wi-Fi, aseos, etc.
  • Al igual que con los vuelos, es mejor reservar los autobuses con antelación para garantizar que tengas un buen asiento.
  • Cuando reserves un autobús, ten en cuenta que se pueden dar retrasos. De todos modos, siempre es buena idea llegar a la estación de autobuses con al menos 15 minutos de antelación al horario de salida.

¿Hay muchos viajeros que tomen autobús de Manila a Sagada?

Hasta ahora, 785 reservaron billetes de autobús entre Manila y Sagada mediante nuestro servicio. Puedes leer sus comentarios más arriba.