Koh Lipe a Langkawi
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Koh Lipe a Langkawi Horario

Koh Lipe a Langkawi Horario
Nombre del transporteTiempo de la rutaPrecio
Smart En Plus ferry 11:00 - 14:20$ 46
Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club Ferry de Alta Velocidad 10:30 - 13:00$ 31.72
Tigerline Travel Lancha motora 10:30 - 12:30$ 31.72
Jolly Travel Lancha motora 11:00 - 13:30$ 31.72
Smart En Plus ferry 15:45 - 19:05$ 46
Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club Lancha motora 16:00 - 18:30$ 31.72

Transporte de Koh Lipe a Langkawi

  • Ferries
    $ 30.13
  • Trenes no están disponiblesTrenes
  • Autobuses no están disponiblesAutobuses
  • Vuelos no están disponiblesVuelos
  • Taxis no están disponiblesTaxis

Opiniones sobre destinos Koh Lipe a Langkawi

ferry Lancha motora, , 8 ene. 2020
Excelente, buen viaje, buen servicio y staff muy amable
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 22 nov. 2019
Todo bien
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 18 nov. 2019
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 9 mar. 2019
we have had 1 hour delay due to custom issue of 2 passengers.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 24 feb. 2020
It was just so late leaving even though the boat arrived with enough time to get the previous passengers off and for the new ones to get on. The organisation of taking your passport, giving you a queuing number, leaving your bag only to go back to get it etc is just terrible. A quicker for efficient process is needed. People missed their flights because we left well over an hour later and for no real reason other than everything just took so long
ferry Lancha motora, , 21 ene. 2020
Very good trip
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 13 ene. 2020
Very good service. Staff was very helpful and organized. Just listen to what they say and you will have a good experience.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 12 ene. 2020
Driver looking lik somalia pirate
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 11 ene. 2020
We were traveling with two, small children with morning speed boat. During check-in we received information that the boat is overbooked so we need to wait for anorther, afternoon connection. After long discussion we've been told that we will go but no one gave us any guarantees. Around 8 people were left in the pier. After passport control we still haven't got boarding passes. We needed to stay for 30 minutes on the beach, in sun, waiting for final decision. Luckily we made it. Boat was delayed around 40 minutes and than debording took another half an hour. Telaga Harbour, with its narrow, glass tunel is not the best to wait for passport control. But we made it :)
ferry Lancha motora, , 11 ene. 2020
Timing was out they should run it's at the 11am ferry and its not a speedboat it's a fast ferry.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 6 ene. 2020
Free seating poorly organised
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 3 ene. 2020
Boat was delay 30 minutes more. Furthermore, they forgot to move my suitcase when boat was arrived at port.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 18 dic. 2019
The boat itself was ok, departed and arrived on time. What I did not enjoy was looking for the immigration office in Kuah as there are not many instructions online. When we found it, it was still closed, then they opened 30mins late. Apart from that and the signage at the ferry terminal, everything was ok.
ferry ferry, , 5 dic. 2019
The ferry is okay,nur important to now,the passengers are Boarding 10.15 am to a Swimming pier and change then to the Langkawiferry..The ferry Starts at 11.00 a.m.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 4 dic. 2019
The journey was nice. A/C cabin, good comfy seats.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 3 dic. 2019
Boat was nice but inefficiently run. Made to stand on beach in a line even though there's a shaded station, long boat loading took forever
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 25 nov. 2019
Check in and immigration process was smooth and the ferry left and arrived on time. Excellent experience.
ferry ferry, , 22 nov. 2019
Quick, efficient service. Thank you.
ferry Lancha motora, , 18 nov. 2019
It was fine. We were supposed to leave at 10:30 but didn’t leave until 10:50. Arrived at 1:10 rather than 12:30. Quick to get off and through customs though. We had a 14:45 flight from Langkawi and the timing was tight but it worked. A bit of a risk based on other reviews but we seemed to be ok.
ferry Lancha motora, , 26 oct. 2019
Longtail boat to floating pier. Bottom compartment of boat was dirty, smelled of urine/throw up. Trip departed and arrived on-time.
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Rutas populares en Tailandia

Cómo ir del Koh Lipe al Langkawi

Cuando quieras llegar del Koh Lipe al Langkawi, tienes unas cuantas opciones que considerar. Es posible viajar entre estos dos destinos con diversos medios de transporte:

  • Ferry
  • Taxi

Si buscas un viaje rápido, te recomendamos que utilices Ferry. Sin embargo, si prefieres tomarte tu tiempo con una opción de viaje más lenta pero más barata, puedes reservar un billete de Ferry+taxi.

El precio del viaje dependerá del medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. El billete de ferry+taxi es la opción más cara – te costará unos USD 48.96. Si deseas ahorrar en el transporte, es mejor comprar un billete de ferry ya que el billete de ferry cuesta a partir de USD 30.01.

A qué distancia está el Koh Lipe del Langkawi?

Si viajas por tierra, es importante saber la distancia que hay del Koh Lipe al Langkawi. Tu viaje tendrá un total de 78 millas (125 km). La distancia aérea es de 35 millas (56 km).

Cuánto se tarda en llegar del Koh Lipe al Langkawi

La duración del viaje del Koh Lipe al Langkawi depende del medio de transporte que elijas. Tomando todo en consideración, el viaje entero debería llevar entre 1 y 3 horas.

Cuánto cuesta ir del Koh Lipe al Langkawi

El precio del viaje del Koh Lipe al Langkawi varía según el medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. La compañía más barata es Smart En Plus (บริษัทสมาร์ท เอ็น พลัส จำกัด): viajando en ferry puedes esperar pagar tan solo USD 30.01 por tu billete.

Por otra parte, si buscas viajar con mayor comodidad, la variante más cara es la de optar por el ferry+taxi – un billete de ida en ferry+taxi puede llegar a costar USD 48.96.

Aquí tienes un gráfico con los precios medios de billetes y las opciones de transporte disponibles para ir del Koh Lipe al Langkawi:

  • Billetes de ferry- de USD 30.01 a USD 31.59.
  • ferry+charter precio: USD 45.80 - USD 48.96. Desde Koh Lipe hasta Langkawi a partir de 11:00 Koh Lipe Immigration point hasta 15:45 Koh Lipe Immigration point

También puedes reservar un taxi – el precio estimado del viaje oscilará entre y .

Cuántos viajes hay al día entre el Koh Lipe y el Langkawi?

Dependiendo de tu opción de transporte, varía el número de viajes diarios.

  • Los ferrys salen del Koh Lipe al Langkawi 10 veces al día.
  • 6 por ferry+charter desde Koh Lipe a Langkawi comenzando desde 11:00 Koh Lipe Immigration point hasta 15:45 Koh Lipe Immigration point

El medio de transporte más popular para ir del Koh Lipe al Langkawi

¿Cómo elegir el medio de transporte más conveniente para ir del Koh Lipe al Langkawi? Para hacerte más fácil la elección de transporte, les pedimos a 1000 usuarios que ordenaran sus preferencias para esta ruta. Aquí tienes los resultados de la encuesta:

  • 98% usuarios votaron por el billete de ferry.
  • 2% elegidos ferry+charter