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Autobús Express, , 1 dic. 2019
We had a very good experience traveling with your service. The buses were on time and the people working there were very kind and careful with us. So thank you very much because we arrived on time to Siem Riep as we planned originally.
Autobús Express, , 3 oct. 2019
could be better, so much stops, arrived at 9:40 but could be easily at 7 or 7:40 maximum. What the costumer want is to arrive as soon as possible, I’m not talking about velocity , but so much stops no needed.
Autobús Express, , 12 feb. 2020
Good service
Autobús Express, , 14 ene. 2020
Charging 5 USD for the visa (on top of the visa fee) is fine by me, let's call it a service fee. But why the hell do I need to pay another dollar for having an e-visa for Vietnam when I am leaving Vietnam, this I won't understand. You need a bribe- fine, but please let me know beforehand, because I had no dollars left and was thus threatened by the fat cat Vietnamese immigration officer as well as the bus staff who was fully cooperating with him. It's not about the amount, it's about the employees being dicks.
Autobús Express, , 11 dic. 2019
Driver didn't know explain where we should transfer to another bus in Phenomenon, it was 10pm e another would leave at 11pm, many tuk tuk driver's were offering a lift, but they didn't know where take de 2nd bus, after all we found out that the company would sent a tuk tuk to pickup us. In Saigon I saw other companies offer the same trip for the same price in direct bus, so if I come back I will not travel anymore with Kumbho.
Autobús Express, , 4 dic. 2019
The entire trip was very comfortable and the staff are accomodating and helpful to our needs. Though we arrived late to our destination due to long immigration line but atleast we arrived safe. Thank you so much!
Autobús Express, , 22 nov. 2019
I am fully aware that we will be transferred to a different bus upon reaching Phnom Penh. For me it was a seamless travel experience
Autobús Express, , 12 nov. 2019
Bus is on time. Seats are comfortable and AC is working well. Works well on this very long trip.
Autobús Express, , 22 oct. 2019
The conductor of the bus is nice and looked after us during the trip.
Autobús Express, , 16 oct. 2019
The bus trip was alright and at the border crossing was good because the staff was their to assist us. Arriving at Phnom Penh, we had to wait for a van that would take us to Siem Reap. So, he drive around town picking up passengers. But, i think it was alright. The van was spacious enough and were'nt jammed pack. Important thing is that we arrived at our destination safely.
Autobús Express, , 5 oct. 2019
Buses very confortables and always at time, even the person who picked up us at the transfer. But no wifi at the bus, no information about nothing from the personal buses.
Vuelo Económica, , 30 sept. 2019
No thrills easy flight to Siem reap airport from Saigon. Arrived early!!
Autobús Express, , 25 sept. 2019
The trip was as expected, long but seats were somewhat comfortable. My only concern is that the driver and conductor of the buses do not communicate with foreign passengers/tourists. They do not even guide them of what to do or where to go next i.e. immigration, eat, etc. If the staff in the bus cannot speak in English, the best effort I may suggest is for them to at least have placards/sign boards to show tourists which may say IMMIGRATION or BORDER and REST STOP. I hope you consider this. Thanks!
Autobús Express, , 16 sept. 2019
Everything was perfect! A big atention, a great comfortable and calm journey. On time with kindness of the staff. The border without any problem (with our evisa to Cambodia). Sufficient stops during the travel! We recomand!
Autobús Express, , 16 sept. 2019
The Conductor of the bus was approachable and communicates well. The sad thing was, we did not arrive on time going to siem reap. We were late more than 2 hours from the expected arrival time. The bus was too slow.
Autobús Express, , 7 sept. 2019
I expect that we will ride bus up to Siem Reap.
Autobús Express, , 1 sept. 2019
Unfortunately my wife got travel sickness, so we flew.
Autobús Express, , 18 ago. 2019
The transferred me into another bus and told me about that change just 5 minutes before I had to do it. The bus supposed to arrive at 7.30Pm at siem reap and arrived at 9pm. The last driver stopped to buy some food with another passenger in our way. That it was Unbelievable!
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¿Cómo ir de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep?

Cuando quieres llegar de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep, tus opciones son limitadas. Solamente hay una opción que ofrecemos para esta ruta: - Vuelo

¿A qué distancia está Ho Chi Minh de Siem Riep?

La distancia por tierra de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep es de 342 millas (549 km). La distancia por aire es de 263 millas (423 km).

¿Cuánto se tarda en ir de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep?

La duración del viaje entre Ho Chi Minh y Siem Riep lleva 18 hora de media.

¿Cuánto cuesta ir de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep?

Para ir de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep preparate a gastar unos VND 2,154,863 por tu billete.

¿Cuántos viajes al día hay de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep?

Los vuelos de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep salen 1 veces al día.

Consejos útiles para viajar de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep

Aunque vuelo sea la única opción que ofrecemos para esta ruta, estos sencillos consejos y recomendaciones te ayudarán a mejorar la experiencia de tu viaje. ##Vuelos
Cuestiones a tomar en cuenta antes de reservar tu vuelo:

  • Es recomendable reservar tu billete con antelación y hacer tu facturación online. De este modo, te puedes ahorrar más de 2 horas en el aeropuerto, y si optas por la selección libre de asientos, tendrás más opciones donde elegir.
  • Atravesar los controles de seguridad puede llevar algo de tiempo, así que te recomendamos llegar al aeropuerto al menos hora y media antes de tu vuelo. Aerolíneas que vuelan de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep Cambodia Angkor Air, Jetstar Asia, Vietnam Airlines (เวียดนาม แิอร์ไลน์).

¿Hay muchos viajeros que tomen vuelo de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Riep?

Hasta ahora, 573 reservaron billetes de vuelo entre Ho Chi Minh y Siem Riep mediante nuestro servicio. Puedes leer sus comentarios más arriba.