Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

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Horario de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

Horario de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi
Nombre del transporteTiempo de la rutaPrecio
Bamboo Airways Economy #QH20205:45 - 07:55$ 73.31
Vietnam Railways Class II AC 07:45 - 21:11VND 1,080k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN24008:30 - 10:40$ 77.02
VietJet Air Economy #VJ12610:00 - 12:10$ 69.50
Bamboo Airways Economy #QH24212:50 - 15:05$ 117.27
VietJet Air Economy #VJ14414:40 - 16:50$ 69.50
VietJet Air Economy #VJ16216:50 - 19:00$ 59.33
VietJet Air Economy #VJ15619:15 - 21:25$ 59.33
FlexFlight Economy #W2417420:25 - 22:35$ 130.39
VietJet Air Economy #VJ16022:20 - 00:30$ 59.33

Transporte de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

Opiniones sobre destinos Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

Efficient, clean, easy and affordable. Great way to get from HCMC to Hanoi if you have the time. We took a 4 berth cabin with 2 adults and 2 children aged 3 and 5. Hot food served at every meal and toilets were usable.
Tren #SE6 Coche cama de primera clase, , 19 dic. 2020
Very good flight, on time and smooth. Flight attendants friendly and helpful. Will fly Vietnam Airlines again; recommended.
Vuelo Económica, , 7 feb. 2020
Just cheap flight. But it's on time. Good budget air travel.
Vuelo Económica, , 1 feb. 2020
I have traveled on Vietnamese trains before and although it had 4 beds, they seemed to be hard sleepers. Last time I booked first class, through the station, they were soft mattresses. I was the first person to arrive on the train and was put into a bottom bunk in a carriage. Later, someone came into my carriage about 8:30pm shouting, "what's your neme?", in English, then someone who was not sleeping In the carriage kept coming and opening the door. They would leave the door open and it did not feel safe. Actually, I have been very disappointed with this journey, although one stuardess was very friendly.
Tren #SE10 Coche cama de primera clase, , 16 ene. 2020
Staff English is very poor. It was also really cold in the cabin and there were a few bugs in my bed. But, the price was very cheap, can not really expect a lot for the price I paid.
Tren #SE6 Coche cama de segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 30 dic. 2019
I flew in December 2019 from Saigon to Hanoi with Vietnam airlines via 12go.asia. I bought the tickets 3 days before received the voucher immediately which allows you to get the airline ticket at the airport. Great service received from both companies. Thank you.
Vuelo Económica, , 8 dic. 2019
Tren #SE4 Coche cama de segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 2 dic. 2019
Lower your expectations folks, it’s a frickin train! Yes, toilets are smelly, but there’s ha hose to shower of all possible disgusting things and bring wet tissues and hand sanitizer. We had toilet paper, but better bring some of that too if you want to be sure. Yes, people leave and new come and that makes some noise, also it’s a train so it make noise. Bring noise cancelling headphones or earplugs - no big deal. They served food on the train, we ate that and brought instant noodles and fruits. Also they sell snacks on a carriage but that’s quite expensive. There is hot and cold water, but we only used the hot as we were unsure of the quality of cold (means also bring own water). Cabin for 2 was great, nice pillow and blanket. They provided water, tea, coffee and some strange vacuum packed banh mi which was terrible. AC was on and off so mostly the temperature was ok, but do bring some sweater or something for the day. The views were amazing! First through south of Vietnam overlooking the cloudy hills and then train changed orientation and we got to see the coast in central Vietnam from our window. We’re about 40-60 min late all the way but arrived on time. Overall (after experiencing Russian railways) over my expectations and a great experience.
Tren #SE2 Cabina doble, , 13 nov. 2019
Bed was quite comfortable. Staff were helpful. Train ran on time. Toilets weren't great though.
Tren #SE6 Coche cama de primera clase, , 30 oct. 2019
Everything went smoothly
Vuelo Económica, , 26 oct. 2019
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Cómo ir de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

Cuando quieras llegar de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi, tienes unas cuantas opciones que considerar. Es posible viajar entre estos dos destinos con diversos medios de transporte:

  • Vuelo
  • Autobús
  • Tren

Si buscas un viaje rápido, te recomendamos que utilices Vuelo. Sin embargo, si prefieres tomarte tu tiempo con una opción de viaje más lenta pero más barata, puedes reservar un billete de Tren.

El precio del viaje dependerá del medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. El billete de Tren es la opción más cara: te costará unos USD 149.48.
Si deseas ahorrar en el transporte, es mejor comprar un billete de autobús ya que lo puedes encontrar desde USD 28.98.

A qué distancia está el Ho Chi Minh del Hanoi?

Si viajas por tierra, es importante saber la distancia que hay de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi. Tu viaje tendrá un total de 924 millas (1486 km). La distancia aérea es de 711 millas (1143 km).

Cuánto se tarda en llegar de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

La duración del viaje de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi depende del medio de transporte que elijas. Tomando todo en consideración, el viaje entero debería llevar entre 3 y 39 horas.

Cuánto cuesta ir de Ho Chi Minh al Hanoi

El precio del viaje de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi varía según el medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. La compañía más barata es Hoang Long (Hoàng Long): viajando en autobús puedes esperar pagar tan solo USD 28.98 por tu billete.

Por otra parte, si buscas viajar con mayor comodidad, la variante más cara es la de optar por el Tren: un billete de ida en Tren puede llegar a costar USD 149.48.

Aquí tienes un gráfico con los precios medios de billetes y las opciones de transporte disponibles para ir de Ho Chi Minh al Hanoi:

  • Billetes de autobús – de USD 28.98 a USD 28.98;
  • Billetes de tren – de USD 45.64 a USD 149.48;
  • Billetes de avión- de USD 77.94 a USD 134.90;

También puedes reservar un taxi – el precio estimado del viaje oscilará entre y .

Cuántos viajes hay al día entre Ho Chi Minh y el Hanoi?

El número de viajes diarios varía dependiendo de tu opción de transporte.

  • Los trenes siempre operan con un horario establecido: hay 16 trenes cada día.

El medio de transporte más popular para ir de Ho Chi Minh a Hanoi

¿Cómo elegir el medio de transporte más conveniente para ir de Ho Chi Minh al Hanoi? Para hacerte más fácil la elección de transporte, les pedimos a 1000 usuarios que ordenaran sus preferencias para esta ruta. Estos son los resultados de la encuesta:

  • 82% usuarios disfrutaron del viaje en tren.
  • 17% usuarios tomaron un avión.
  • 1% Otro