Chumphon a Ko Tao

Chumphon a Ko Tao

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Horario de Chumphon a Ko Tao

Horario de Chumphon a Ko Tao
Nombre del transporteTiempo de la rutaPrecio
KP Tripadvisor ferry 05:00 - 09:45฿ 550
Fame Tour Regional 14pax 05:45 - 09:45฿ 500
Songserm Express 05:30 - 09:45฿ 500
Songserm Express 06:00 - 09:45฿ 500
Lomprayah Speedboat 08:00 - 09:30฿ 650
KP Tripadvisor Catamaran 08:00 - 14:45฿ 900
Lomprayah Speedboat 13:00 - 14:45฿ 650

Transporte de Chumphon a Ko Tao

Opiniones sobre destinos Chumphon a Ko Tao

ferry Catamarán, , 24 sept. 2019
Todo perfecto.Buen Servicio Puntualidad
ferry Catamarán, , 16 sept. 2019
ferry Catamarán, , 7 ago. 2019
Muy bien organizado.
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 6 ago. 2019
ferry Catamarán, , 27 jul. 2019
All as planned !
ferry Barco cama, , 26 jul. 2019
It was very good. Confortable beds and good sleep. Highly recommend!
ferry Catamarán, , 3 may. 2019
In time, goog service on board.
ferry Lancha motora, , 21 ene. 2021
We were informed with a few hours notice that the trip was cancelled and found it difficult to reach you to support us on this case. Fortunately, the operator was kind enough to help us and we eventually succeeded in our travel plans.
ferry Lancha motora, , 4 sept. 2020
We were on along holiday with lots to carry. I am 61 and have titanium screws in my shoulder. Carrying out bags down the long pier was almost impossible. Please provide trolleys an/or Porter service. Why not take the bags for stowing from passengers at the land end of the pier. Would save your around time time and be a such a beautiful experience did you passengers.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 4 mar. 2020
The trip went smoothly and we arrived on time. The air conditioning inside the ferry is too powerful. It’s freezing.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 1 mar. 2020
All worked well from pick up at hotel To ferry transfer , no problems Professional and competent Would use again
ferry Catamarán, , 13 feb. 2020
Ferry could be better maintained and staff must improve English! I did not understand much from long communication so I asked Australian guys but they couldn't help as their understanding was same as mine. Bumpy ride on waves made sick 80% of passengers :/
ferry Catamarán, , 8 feb. 2020
Very comfortable
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 31 ene. 2020
Very good! Comfortable and well organized
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 23 ene. 2020
The ferry was fine, however we arrived around 10:30am while the schedule online said 9:45am arrival.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 19 ene. 2020
Everything was fine exept for the fact that it took an 1.5 hours longer than advertised. I talked to a tour guide and he said this is the usual duration of the trip. I recommend you updated the trip duration as adverstised
ferry ferry, , 15 ene. 2020
Bought tickets online and we printed the confirmation/itinerary at the hotel. Had a WhatsApp message the night before our trip from someone at KP to ask us to collect tickets from the ticket office on the pier. On the day we were told to collect the tickets in line on the pier, which was simple enough. Journey and staff/crew were fine. Girls toilets weren't working but still being used - my partner said the boys were working fine. Journey took 15 to 30 minutes longer than planned.
ferry Catamarán, , 7 ene. 2020
Fine trip
ferry ferry, , 4 ene. 2020
ferry Catamarán, , 2 ene. 2020
People of staff nice and organized Long wait at pier . Catamarã very good but air conditioner not strong .
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 1 dic. 2019
Too cold inside, no sea sickness pills or sick bags, it went very slowly.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 19 nov. 2019
Train was 30 late but other things all good
ferry ferry, , 13 nov. 2019
We had a bit problems cuz boat broke down, but man in the office in Chumphon was very helpful and great men. All thanks to him! Night boat was okay but too early arriving on the island 4am
ferry Catamarán, , 12 nov. 2019
Great experience !
ferry Catamarán, , 6 nov. 2019
Hello, Van and Catamaran were excellent, comfortable and with air cond. The only think I would like to suggest you is to be more clear with the timetable in the website as we follow the time (pick up 8:50 am) and we took the flight from Bangkok at 6:30 am. Then we waited 3-4 hours before the catamaran departure at 13:00. Next time we may take a later flight and arriving at the pier just in time for the departure. Anyway, all the rest was wonderful and staff very polite and helpful. Thanks
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 29 oct. 2019
Excellent trip Thankyou
ferry Catamarán, , 18 oct. 2019
Taxi waited us infront of the airport, very kind driver, nice drive to the fair. Fast drive to the island. Everything good
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 17 oct. 2019
Good service. Great breakfast at meeting point at train station. Too much air conditioning in the ferry, it was very cold.
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 15 oct. 2019
The staff were efficient, on time and very friendly. I would highly recommend them for completing the task seamlessly.
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 1 oct. 2019
Very efficient service. The company basically picks you up at Chumphon airport and delivers you to Mae Haad pier on Koh Tao...
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 20 sept. 2019
Everything ran smoothly. Thank you.
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 4 sept. 2019
Bought the ticket directly at the office in Bangkok. Ferry was on time and comfortable. However, the AC was way too cold for the rainy wheater. Bring a sweater and some dramamine.
ferry Catamarán, , 26 ago. 2019
We contracted a pack from Chumphon yo Koh Tao island which included to pick out us at the Chumpon AirPort at 10:00. But finally the bus arrived at 11:40. This long delay was due to the fact that the company decided to wait for the next flight which arrived at 11:30. On that manner they optimise their bus service which becomes full thanks to the flight coming from Bangkok at 08:25 and the one of 11:40. However, the people who wake up early to take the flight Bangkok Shumpon at 07:25 are penalised. 12go asia do not sell the pack of 10:00 if the Lomprayah boat company is not capable to assure the timeline.
ferry Catamarán, , 24 ago. 2019
Very good. Make it non smoke please.
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 21 ago. 2019
A child placed at the front of the van without seatbelt. ???? No way!
ferry Catamarán, , 20 ago. 2019
Well organised
ferry Catamarán, , 17 ago. 2019
Perfect organisation but put in your winter jacket in the bus because of the ac
ferry Catamarán, , 12 ago. 2019
Buiten de 70 minuten vertraging een heel aangename treinreis
ferry Catamarán, , 11 ago. 2019
The bus trip to the catamaran was arranged perfectly. However, the catamaran trip to the island itself was really crowded. It meant that, even though it rained, a lot of people had to sit outside on benches or on little stools.
ferry Catamarán, , 9 ago. 2019
I made a mistake by booking from the wrong place (chumphon in stead of surat tani), when I wanted to rebook it wasn’t possible because I was a few hours too late (instead of 96 hours before departure, as stated in the rules, 93 hours before . We lost our money as we had to buy new tickets from surat tani, this time via an operator. Not very lenient!
ferry Catamarán, , 8 ago. 2019
Only problem we had was there was no one to handle the luggage at the end of the trip. So when we docked 100 people rushed to a large pile of luggage. By the time we got to the pile we only had 1/2 our luggage. The other 1/2 was on the dock. I’m guessing someone picked up our bag and left it there. Other then was the ride was good, offered snacks, and the bathrooms were surprisingly clean.
ferry Catamarán, , 5 ago. 2019
Great service!
ferry Catamarán, , 24 jul. 2019
Boat on time. Smooth crossing.
ferry Catamarán, , 21 jul. 2019
When you land in chumphon just exit from the baggage claim and you will find a transfer to the pier. At the pier you have time to have lunch or breakfast.
ferry Catamarán, , 20 jul. 2019
It was a very good trip !
ferry Ferry de Alta Velocidad, , 13 jul. 2019
All perfect
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 12 jul. 2019
I had booked for the wrong day (the following day) but the "Fame Tour " guy managed to change the date for us without extra charge. That was great! The journey was in good time and we stopped at a nice place for a break. All in all, it was quite good for the price, however, I must either warn passengers or congratulate the driver for his speed and his driving/piloting skills. I guess we are just not used to this driving style which looks like a constant game of chicken...scary at times. But we got there and on time, so thank you!
ferry ferry, , 11 jul. 2019
Perfect service. Pick up at the hotel by minivan, transfert to the pier, easy checkin. Ferry crossing took Some more time although legt the harbour at plannen time but crossing was fine, Seats and security all ok
ferry Catamarán, , 2 jul. 2019
Bus journey was fine, not too long. Bus was pretty worn out but we got there in one piece. Catamaran journey was ok too. Earplugs are a good idea as it is loud, as you'd expect. Noise cancelling headphones plus music helped me sleep.
Furgoneta Regional para 14 personas, , 14 jun. 2019
The service is good pick up point is covenant, the car is clean, the driver
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Cómo ir de Chumphon a Ko Tao

Cuando quieras llegar de Chumphon a Ko Tao, tienes unas cuantas opciones que considerar. Es posible viajar entre estos dos destinos con diversos medios de transporte:

  • Autobús
  • Ferry
  • Furgoneta

Si buscas un viaje rápido, te recomendamos que utilices Ferry. Sin embargo, si prefieres tomarte tu tiempo con una opción de viaje más lenta pero más barata, puedes reservar un billete de Ferry+furgoneta.

El precio del viaje dependerá del medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. El billete de ferry+Furgoneta es la opción más cara: te costará unos THB 750.
Si deseas ahorrar en el transporte, es mejor comprar un billete de ferry ya que lo puedes encontrar desde THB 500.

A qué distancia está el Chumphon del Ko Tao?

Si viajas por tierra, es importante saber la distancia que hay de Chumphon a Ko Tao. Tu viaje tendrá un total de 56 millas (89 km). La distancia aérea es de 43 millas (69 km).

Cuánto se tarda en llegar de Chumphon a Ko Tao

La duración del viaje de Chumphon a Ko Tao depende del medio de transporte que elijas. Tomando todo en consideración, el viaje entero debería llevar entre 2 y 10 horas.

Cuánto cuesta ir de Chumphon al Ko Tao

El precio del viaje de Chumphon a Ko Tao varía según el medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. La compañía más barata es Songserm (ส่งเสริม): viajando en ferry puedes esperar pagar tan solo THB 500 por tu billete.

Por otra parte, si buscas viajar con mayor comodidad, la variante más cara es la de optar por el ferry+Furgoneta: un billete de ida en ferry+Furgoneta puede llegar a costar THB 750.

Aquí tienes un gráfico con los precios medios de billetes y las opciones de transporte disponibles para ir de Chumphon al Ko Tao:

  • Autobús+ferry precio: THB 500 - THB 500. Desde Chumphon hasta Ko Tao a partir de 06:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao hasta 06:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao
  • Billetes de ferry- de THB 500 a THB 650.
  • ferry+Furgoneta precio: THB 500 - THB 750. Desde Chumphon hasta Ko Tao a partir de 05:30 Mae Haad Koh Tao hasta 21:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao
  • Furgoneta+ferry precio: THB 520 - THB 540. Desde Chumphon hasta Ko Tao a partir de 20:00 Chumphon Train Station hasta 21:00 Axara Tour office

También puedes reservar un taxi – el precio estimado del viaje oscilará entre y .

Cuántos viajes hay al día entre Chumphon y el Ko Tao?

El número de viajes diarios varía dependiendo de tu opción de transporte.

  • 2 por Furgoneta+ferry desde Chumphon a Ko Tao comenzando desde 20:00 Chumphon Train Station hasta 21:00 Axara Tour office
  • 1 por Autobús+ferry desde Chumphon a Ko Tao comenzando desde 06:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao hasta 06:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao
  • Los ferrys salen del Chumphon al Ko Tao 1 veces al día.
  • 1 por ferry+Furgoneta desde Chumphon a Ko Tao comenzando desde 05:30 Mae Haad Koh Tao hasta 21:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao

El medio de transporte más popular para ir de Chumphon a Ko Tao

¿Cómo elegir el medio de transporte más conveniente para ir de Chumphon al Ko Tao? Para hacerte más fácil la elección de transporte, les pedimos a 1000 usuarios que ordenaran sus preferencias para esta ruta. Estos son los resultados de la encuesta:

  • 84% usuarios votaron por el billete de ferry.
  • 13% elegidos Furgoneta+ferry
  • 2% elegidos ferry+Furgoneta
  • 1% elegidos Autobús+ferry