Bangkok a Ao Nang

Bangkok a Ao Nang

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Horario de Bangkok a Ao Nang

Horario de Bangkok a Ao Nang
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BangkokTaxi24 Van 9pax En cualquier momento฿ 15,180

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Opiniones sobre destinos Bangkok a Ao Nang

was kind of ok not a flat bed but u can sleep they have charging place but smells bit bad lol
Autobús Express, , 28 feb. 2020
4/5 we began our journey with a slight bit of confusion as to the location of pick up point as they were slightly late in picking us up (understandable). Once on the coach peoples first thought was to test their chairs and take off their socks (not great) However, once we made a holding point for our phone, we began a joe rogan podcast with Russell brand and it was all ok - we had little thought of the 15 hour journey ahead of us. We then proceeded to take some sleeping pills which helped slowly drift us off to then be awoken by three bus stopping to and for us to move coaches and get some food around 12. The rest of the journey wasn’t too bad - we were all a bit sleeping and saved about £50 so was worth it in the end, very doable and all in all good value in money, got us to where we wanted and at the end of the day your in Thailand so can’t complain much, just do it it’s fine. Love from the sleepy bois
Autobús Express, , 6 feb. 2020
No information in advance about changing buses during the trip.
Autobús Express, , 19 ene. 2020
To cold in the second bus
Autobús Express, , 31 dic. 2019
Bus left over 1 hour late. A little bit of confusion around the departure. Toilet smelt bad throughout. Apart from this, all was ok, and we arrived in time.
Autobús Express, , 29 dic. 2019
We seated in the end of the bus. The toilet behind us. We can not sleep with the digushed smell. So terible! The price is expensive without bottle of water or food.
Autobús Express, , 27 jul. 2019
The AC wasn't too high or too low, the staff were helpful, we left/arrived on time. The bus was not more spacious than a regular one though
Autobús Express, , 14 jul. 2019
I had to change to another bus once and then was placed into two different vans to reach my destination, which was a little disorienting. The initial bus stopped once in the middle of the night at a small rest station, where the owner charged 20 baht for a small bottle of lukewarm water. However, the bus company did make sure I was headed to the right location each time and I was dropped off directly at my hostel instead of at a nearby McDonald's that my ticket directed. Overall, not bad for what I paid.
Autobús Express, , 27 jun. 2019
Four stars simply because it was a rough journey by design: from the meetup point in Bangkok Hua Lamphong Station at 7pm, a five-hour drive before stopping at midnight for a bathroom break and a low-quality, 60-baht meal. Then at 2:30am, the bus stopped in Chumphon, all the lights came on to offload the Koh Tao people. Then at 6am, the bus stopped in Surat Thani to offload everyone else into our respective minivans (Koh Samui/Phangan people in one, Phuket/Krabi/Ao Nang people in another). Then a dropoff in Krabi Town and we waited 30-40 minutes for the final minivan to Ao Nang, finally arriving about 9:30/10am. But, they got us there safely, and despite reports of luggage robbery with this company, I secured my bags and took the usual precautions and did not have a problem. I would only recommend this if you're traveling on a tight budget, have lots of time on your hands, or are determined to travel overland vs by air; otherwise, plan in advance and just take a cheap flight.
Autobús Express, , 29 abr. 2019
Toilet was very dirty, bus was very uncomfortable, we were forced off the bus by rude people half way to buy food from their restaurant, air con was good. Lots of confusion but i did get where i was i was supposed to.
Autobús Express, , 21 feb. 2019
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Cómo ir de Bangkok a Ao Nang

Cuando quieras llegar de Bangkok a Ao Nang, tienes unas cuantas opciones que considerar. Es posible viajar entre estos dos destinos con diversos medios de transporte:

  • Vuelo
  • Autobús
  • Furgoneta
  • Taxi

Si buscas un viaje rápido, te recomendamos que utilices Vuelo. Sin embargo, si prefieres tomarte tu tiempo con una opción de viaje más lenta pero más barata, puedes reservar un billete de Vuelo.

El precio del viaje dependerá del medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. El billete de taxi es la opción más cara: te costará unos USD 424.57.
Si deseas ahorrar en el transporte, es mejor comprar un billete de autobús ya que lo puedes encontrar desde USD 25.17.

A qué distancia está el Bangkok del Ao Nang?

Si viajas por tierra, es importante saber la distancia que hay de Bangkok a Ao Nang. Tu viaje tendrá un total de 495 millas (795 km). La distancia aérea es de 415 millas (667 km).

Cuánto se tarda en llegar de Bangkok a Ao Nang

La duración del viaje de Bangkok a Ao Nang depende del medio de transporte que elijas. Tomando todo en consideración, el viaje entero debería llevar entre 2 y 26 horas.

Cuánto cuesta ir de Bangkok al Ao Nang

El precio del viaje de Bangkok a Ao Nang varía según el medio de transporte que elijas para tu viaje. La compañía más barata es Songserm (ส่งเสริม): viajando en autobús puedes esperar pagar tan solo USD 25.17 por tu billete.

Por otra parte, si buscas viajar con mayor comodidad, la variante más cara es la de optar por el taxi: un billete de ida en taxi puede llegar a costar USD 424.57.

Aquí tienes un gráfico con los precios medios de billetes y las opciones de transporte disponibles para ir de Bangkok al Ao Nang:

  • Autobús+Furgoneta precio: USD 22.38 - USD 30.77. Desde Bangkok hasta Ao Nang a partir de 18:00 Krabi Town Maharaj hasta 19:00 Krabi Town Maharaj
  • Billetes de autobús – de USD 25.17 a USD 25.17;
  • Autobús+Ferry precio: USD 26.57. Desde Bangkok hasta Ao Nang a partir de 18:00 Railay Beach hasta 19:00 Railay Beach
  • Billetes de avión- de USD 31.05 a USD 154.87;
  • taxi+Furgoneta precio: USD 61.53 - USD 92.30. Desde Bangkok hasta Ao Nang a partir de 04:00 Any Hotel Krabi Town hasta 05:00 Any Hotel Krabi Town
  • Billetes de la van: USD 61.53;

También puedes reservar un taxi cuyo precio estimado oscilará entre USD 323.05 y USD 424.57.

También puedes reservar un taxi – el precio estimado del viaje oscilará entre y .

Cuántos viajes hay al día entre Bangkok y el Ao Nang?

El número de viajes diarios varía dependiendo de tu opción de transporte.

  • Los taxis también son una buena opción a tomar en cuenta para esta ruta. Reserva un taxi para que te lleve de Bangkok a Ao Nang a cualquier hora del día.

El medio de transporte más popular para ir de Bangkok a Ao Nang

¿Cómo elegir el medio de transporte más conveniente para ir de Bangkok al Ao Nang? Para hacerte más fácil la elección de transporte, les pedimos a 1000 usuarios que ordenaran sus preferencias para esta ruta. Estos son los resultados de la encuesta:

  • 74% usuarios tomaron un avión.
  • 8% decidieron viajar en autobús.
  • 8% elegidos Autobús+Ferry
  • 8% elegidos Autobús+Furgoneta
  • 2% decidieron tomar un taxi.