Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK

Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK

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Opiniones sobre destinos Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK

They picked up from the hotel we were staying at and they left us in the one we were going to stay in Mandalay. We made a stop in the way there of 10 minutes and arrived in Mandalay city an hour earlier than expected. They gave us complimentary water and a refreshing towel. The bus is old and a little uncomfortable, seats are small. But the price is great and the attention was great!
Autobús Furgoneta, , 19 ago. 2019
Very bad experience. I got the sleeper class thinking in sleep but I couldn't because there were too many insects and it was not clean at all. The only good thing I would say it's that people was very kind.
Tren #119 Coche cama, , 17 ago. 2019
The bus appears on the webs,is not the same one in wich you travel.the suitcases were in the passage,very unconfortable rhe 5 hours trip.the good thing that i leave in my hotel.for this trip they should charge less.
Autobús Furgoneta, , 29 jun. 2019
El viaje muy bien, la van no es como ir en bus pero tuvieron varios detalles como que nos pasaron a buscar al hotel y luego nos dejaron en la puerta del hotel donde nos alojábamos así que genial. Me parece que esos detalles hay que tenerlos en cuenta
Autobús Furgoneta, , 23 abr. 2019
El minibus paró muchas veces a tomar pasajeros, a almorzar, etc. Llegamos 2 horas después de lo previsto
Autobús Furgoneta, , 6 nov. 2018
Ha sido un viaje agradable
Autobús Furgoneta, , 15 oct. 2018
This trip included an open vehicle rounding us up from hotels and delivering us to the bus for the trip. Bus stopped a couple times for restrooms and lunch. Great price, good service...
Autobús Furgoneta, , 25 mar. 2020
The bus came on time and picked me up from my hotel. The drive took 5h and was quite ok. We got a bottle of water and we had two breaks on the way, one 20min for lunch. In Mandaly I was dropped off at my hotel. Very good driver and nice staff. Fully recommended - Big OK from me:-)!
Autobús Furgoneta, , 20 feb. 2020
nobody came 30-90 minutes before taking me to the hotel! the bus with which I also left came directly at 13:25. the place on the bus is extremely crowded.
Autobús Furgoneta, , 20 feb. 2020
It was quite comfortable just don’t recommend for long journeys or night journeys as we did pick up a lot of locals and they just sat in the middle row on plastic stools. We did almost 6 hours and it was alright though
Autobús Furgoneta, , 10 feb. 2020
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¿Cómo ir de Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK?

Cuando quieres llegar de Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK, tus opciones son limitadas. Solamente hay una opción que ofrecemos para esta ruta: - Vuelo

¿A qué distancia está Bagan Shwe Pyi de Mandalay OK?

La distancia por tierra de Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK es de 100 millas (160 km). La distancia por aire es de 77 millas (123 km).

¿Cuánto se tarda en ir de Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK?

La duración del viaje entre Bagan Shwe Pyi y Mandalay OK lleva 18 hora de media.

¿Cuánto cuesta ir de Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK?

Para ir de Bagan Shwe Pyi a Mandalay OK preparate a gastar unos USD 135.68 por tu billete.

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  • Atravesar los controles de seguridad puede llevar algo de tiempo, así que te recomendamos llegar al aeropuerto al menos hora y media antes de tu vuelo. Aerolíneas que vuelan de Bagan a Mandalay Myanmar National Airlines.

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Hasta ahora, 591 reservaron billetes de vuelo entre Bagan Shwe Pyi y Mandalay OK mediante nuestro servicio. Puedes leer sus comentarios más arriba.