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Bangkok - Amnat Charoen
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Bangkok - Chiang Mai
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Bangkok - Chiang Rai
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07:30, 07:30, 07:45, 07:45, 16:30, 17:30, 17:30
Bangkok - Fang
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Bangkok - Khon Kaen
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Autobús Express
19:30, 20:30
Autobús VIP
Bangkok - Mae Sai
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07:30, 07:45, 17:30
Bangkok - Nakhon Ratchasima
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Bangkok - Nan
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08:15, 08:30, 13:30, 20:00
Bangkok - Nong Bua Lamphu
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Bangkok - Nong Khai
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Autobús Express
19:30, 20:30
Autobús VIP
19:30, 20:30
Bangkok - Phayao
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07:30, 07:45, 17:30
Bangkok - Phrae
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Autobús Express
08:15, 08:30, 13:30, 20:00
Autobús VIP
07:30, 07:45, 16:30, 17:30
Bangkok - Ubon Ratchathani
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Bangkok - Udon Thani
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Autobús Express
19:30, 20:30, 20:30
Autobús VIP
Bangkok - Yasothon
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Autobús Express
Autobús VIP
Chiang Mai - Bangkok
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20:00, 20:30
Chiang Rai - Bangkok
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08:35, 18:50, 18:50, 19:05, 19:05
Mae Sai - Bangkok
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07:00, 17:15, 17:30
Nan - Bangkok
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08:30, 18:15, 18:30, 19:00, 19:15, 19:30
Nong Bua Lamphu - Bangkok
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Autobús VIP
Autobús VIP 24
Nong Khai - Bangkok
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19:30, 20:00, 21:15
Phrae - Bangkok
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Autobús Express
10:30, 20:15, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30
Autobús VIP
12:15, 22:30, 22:45
Ubon Ratchathani - Bangkok
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Udon Thani - Bangkok
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Autobús Express
Autobús VIP
20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 22:15
Autobús VIP 24

Budsarakham Tour Opiniones sobre la Empresa

Autobús VIP 32, , 19 mar. 2020
They indicated us on the ticket the wrong station...
Autobús VIP, , 11 mar. 2020
All good. A very smooth experience. Thank you.
Autobús VIP, , 25 feb. 2020
Bus left 30min late. They provide a planket, small bottle of water and some sugary snacks on the way. Massasing chairs were nice and comfy. It is silly to make a food stop after 2 o'clock at night, because people are sleeping and it is unhealty to stuff your stomach at late hours. Ginger chicken with rice was cold, and the chicken hard to chew. Otherwise a smooth ride.
Autobús VIP, , 11 feb. 2020
Small seat no charger old bus
Autobús VIP, , 8 feb. 2020
Autobús VIP 24, , 6 feb. 2020
Autobús VIP, , 2 feb. 2020
Just not as good as the servise on the way up
Autobús VIP, , 29 ene. 2020
Asientos duros, bus muy viejo.
Autobús VIP, , 27 ene. 2020
No problems
Autobús VIP, , 24 ene. 2020
Very confortable bus! With wifi and USB to charge your phone. A Little to cold on the bus and dirty toilet...
Autobús VIP, , 20 ene. 2020
A nice way to skip a hotel booking and get to the north of Thailand. There was a lot of legroom and a blanket to keep you warm. The 20min stop was in a local place with dirty toilets, so bring some wet wipes and soap.
Autobús VIP, , 20 ene. 2020
Malheureusement ont est vraiment laissé à nous mêmes,aucun informations sur les temps d’arrêt aucune communication en anglais seulement en Thaïlandais, et le chauffeur a fumé tout le long du trajet, en conduisant vraiment déplaisant, je ne recommande pas ce service de cette compagnie.
Autobús VIP, , 19 ene. 2020
Bus was almost an hour late. Stopped at a few places along the way long enough to get something to eat and use the restroom, though there is a restroom on board. Seats are comfortable. Nice scenery along the way. Overall, nice trip.
Autobús VIP, , 19 ene. 2020
The bus was comfortable but a little bit dirty
Autobús VIP, , 19 ene. 2020
It felt safe and relatively on time. So that’s your 2 starts. The bus wasn’t as comfortable as in other trips. The a/c didn’t seem to work, so it was pretty hot until 2 am. When it all of the sudden got really cold.
Autobús VIP, , 19 ene. 2020
Very uncomfortable journey
Autobús VIP, , 18 ene. 2020
Comfy, spacious, we slept okay - would give 5 stars but we saw a couple of small cockroaches by our feet and lots of mosquitoes.
Autobús VIP, , 13 ene. 2020
Sièges confortables, spacieux, qui s’inclinent bien! (Heureusement rien à voir avec la photo de présentation lors de la réservation). Par contre bus sale, plaid à disposition pour chaque siège qui ne sont pas propres, les toilettes je n’en parle même pas ... retard de 30 min dès le départ, arrivé également avec 30 min de retard. Petite collation offerte.
Autobús VIP, , 12 ene. 2020
Not comfortable at all for an overnight bus. Also not much room very cramped.
Autobús Express, , 12 ene. 2020
Great bus ride. But Your website says morchit station rather than Mo Chit station, making it harder to find on maps!
Autobús VIP, , 10 ene. 2020
the bus was very cold at night and stoped in every city. the bus was late for 30 min
Autobús VIP, , 6 ene. 2020
Great trip. We got to Morchit bus station and we exchanged our e-ticket for a paper ticket at the ground floor of the station. We were supposed to leave at 8.30, but we actually left at 9. Not a problem, since the bus arrived on time in Chiang Mai. We stopped once, around 11 am, for lunch and toilets. The bus was very comfortable and the driver drove very well. I am very picky and I would do the ride once again, even if it took 11 hours.
Autobús VIP, , 5 ene. 2020
Le bus est parti avec plus d'une heure de retard
Autobús VIP, , 19 dic. 2019
Very confy bus!!! Only bad point there was a lot of water on the floor in the toilet and also the door was always open. But Nice staff and 5stars for the confortable side.
Autobús VIP, , 14 dic. 2019
Nice trip, the sitting place are comfortable, you will find snacks and water
Autobús VIP, , 11 dic. 2019
Nice driver, Nice vehicule! Perfect ride.
Autobús VIP, , 5 dic. 2019
Easy exchange of voucher and ticket, bus was on time, reclining seats, usb charging, free drinks and snacks! Staff on bus didn’t speak English and weren’t super friendly but it was the best bus I’ve had in Asia all in all.
Autobús VIP, , 2 dic. 2019
Left the station a little late
Autobús VIP, , 28 nov. 2019
It was a smooth trip. Had no one seating beside me and almost slept all the way through. One thing though—the lights are super bright! After having it turned off for how many hours and they turn it back on it’s just too much for the eyes. Other than that, the trip was fine. Thanks!
Autobús Express, , 22 nov. 2019
The staff was friendly and provided snacks. The ride itself would had been perfect had it not been for the relatively frequent stops and the lights being turned on making it difficult to sleep through the night.
Autobús VIP, , 19 nov. 2019
Everything gone fine.
Autobús VIP, , 16 nov. 2019
The driver went in circles. It took to long to begin the trip.
Autobús VIP, , 14 nov. 2019
Nous avons fait l’aller avec la compagnie en classe express. Le retour était sensé être en VIP. Nous avons cependant eu le même bus, le même équipage et les mêmes prestations. Sur les sites on nous explique que la classe VIP implique moins de passagers, des sièges plus larges. De plus les toilettes sentent très fort et incommodent tout le long du trajet pourtant nous étions à l’étage. L’état du bus laisse également à désirer les vitres sont sales. On se demande comment le chauffeur peut conduire de nuit avec un tel pare-brise. Heureusement que l’équipage est très sympathique et fait son maximum pour satisfaire le client. Je ne reprendrai plus cependant cette compagnie notamment pour sa classe VIP qui n’est que mensongère. Nous avons été très déçus car on espérait voyager mieux au retour.
Autobús VIP, , 13 nov. 2019
Все просто и четко, поменяли в кассе ваучер на билет, пришли на нужную платформу и поехали
Autobús VIP, , 12 nov. 2019
We used a different operator to get to Chiang Mai and this operator on the way back... 1.) The loos on the bus were unusable and smelled throughout the bus. 2.) The bus stopped several times on the side of the road. (4-5 minutes at a time) 3.) When the bus stopped at a pit-stop there was no one to explain how long we'd have to grab something. 4.) Instead of the bus terminal, the bus stopped at the side of the road near the bus terminal and wanted everyone to get off. We're grateful that we arrived safely, but if we had taken this bus for the first part of the trip then we would have considered a different transport option for the way back.
Autobús Express, , 12 nov. 2019
I lost my glasses in your bus I left them in my seat when leaving, how to recover them, thank you
Autobús Express, , 12 nov. 2019
Autobús VIP, , 11 nov. 2019
Shock absorbers of the bus are out of service!! Dangerous on a trip of 12 hours...
Autobús VIP, , 11 nov. 2019
快適! ・座席が結構倒れる ・簡単なお菓子と豆乳(笑)が着いてくる ・休憩所で半券と引き換えに飲み物がもらえる ・35Lバックパックを持持ち込んで乗れるスペースがある(1F1番前の席だったから?) マイナス点 ・USB差し込み口はあるが充電ができない ・機能してないので飾りと化してるテレビと時計(笑) マイナスが気にならないくらい快適でした!
Autobús Express, , 10 nov. 2019
Nous sommes partis avec une heure de retard. Beaucoup d’agitation et de cohue quai non respecté. Sinon le voyage était correct.
Autobús VIP, , 9 nov. 2019
Bruyant, le chauffeur a mis la musique toute la nuit, j’etait assise juste au dessus de la place conducteur... De plus, un premier arrêt pour qu’il aille fumer en nous laissant enfermés sans rien nous dire , alors qu’on a fait un pause pas longtemps après...??! Sinon on avait un petit encas et des couvertures, ça c’était bien!A signaler aussi qu’il y avait un trou dans le pare-brise qui était bien éclaté... limite dangereux, non? Mais bien arrivés à Chiang Mai!
Autobús VIP, , 9 nov. 2019
I've done several VIP bus rides and this was the worst by far. We left the station 40 minutes late because our VIP bus sat empty at the station and they switched us to another broken down bus. The seats were far too close together, the bathroom hadn't been cleaned in, likely, weeks and the front window was all smashed in by what looked like a couple bird collisions. I am very grateful that we didn't hit anything else as it would have come right through that windshield that had 0%integrity left and likely killed someone in the front row... I will never use ASIA2GO again.
Autobús VIP, , 1 nov. 2019
It was ok. The chairs were reclining. The only thing was that I felt extremely uncomfortable sitting next to a smelly man. It is ok for a short journey but the whole night was a bit much. I know the company cant help with the smell but I would have felt much more at ease if a woman sat next to me. I would recommend this to the company. Id assumed this was always the case but Id request it if I ever choose the company again.
Autobús VIP, , 22 oct. 2019
Autobús VIP, , 17 oct. 2019
Autobús VIP, , 15 oct. 2019
Our buss got broken so we needed to wait 3 hours middle of nowhere but the drivers worked hard to fix the buss and called another buss to pick us up eventually got back to bkk just few hours later than planned
Autobús VIP, , 8 oct. 2019
Bus had technical issue but staff was good. We got late by 4 hours.
Autobús VIP, , 1 oct. 2019
Lots of rattling noises, Seats were too close together, and it was too hot inside
Autobús VIP, , 26 sept. 2019
The driver was great, the hostess helpful and the bus itself was comfortable and authentically as the company advertisers
Autobús VIP, , 21 sept. 2019
The bus was one hour late, no one knew about the company. It should be vip class, but with low quality. Also the drivers didnt make stop for break and option to go out for a while. They made a safety stop, but the passangers (must) stay in the bus
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