Ferrys de Corón a Puerto Princesa

Ferrys de Corón a Puerto Princesa

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Horario de Corón a Puerto Princesa

Horario de Corón a Puerto Princesa
Nombre del transporteTiempo de la rutaPrecio
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR296207:35 - 08:40$ 309.43
CebGo Economy #DG606712:30 - 14:10$ 207.18
CebGo Economy #DG604614:50 - 16:05$ 149.81

Transporte de Corón a Puerto Princesa

  • Ferries
    $ 40
  • No hay Trenes disponibles
  • No hay Autobuses disponibles
  • No hay Vuelos disponibles
  • No hay Taxis disponibles

Opiniones sobre destinos Corón a Puerto Princesa

The boa was comfortable and the ticket had lunch and dinner included! The toilets were disgusting, so dirt!
Ferry Clase turista, , 1 mar. 2020
Almost great.. But they served this lumpya with air fillings for lunch.. -_-
Ferry Clase valor mega, , 4 feb. 2020
should update delay news with board not by mouth
Ferry Super Value Class, , 16 dic. 2019
Ferry was rescheduled from 8am on Saturday morning to 4am on Sunday morning, then we didn't even leave until 6am?? What was the point? Ferry itself was not exactly pleasant, not what I would call clean, music in the island bar was stupidly loud, air conditioning was absolutely freezing, would not recommend you take the ferry if you have ANY other option. Just pay the extra dollars for a flight!!
Ferry Clase valor mega, , 2 sept. 2019
Boat was late. No announcements made on what's happening.
Ferry Clase valor mega, , 15 jul. 2019
The boat trip was fine, we did the most basic with no air con but the walls were open so it was a nice temperature and you get quite a bit of space and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. Lunch and dinner weren’t great and you have to pay if you want to take them away. The only down side was the ticket, it’s said on the ticket that to check in I’d need my ID and my E-Ticket but when I got there I was told it needed to be printed so I had to walk down the road and pay 100 pesos (50 pesos per ticket) in the 12Go office to print them out, this is way to much - if it was clearer I could have done it for free in my hotel or for 10 pesos in the town. It also says you have to check in 4 hours before the departure time, we got there an hour and a half before because it seemed like a bit much and we were waiting around for ages. The I formation on the ticket needs to be better
Ferry Super Value Class, , 23 feb. 2019
I'm giving 2 stars due to the service before getting onto the ferry. We were told we could not use our "e -ticket" because it had to be printed out , even though the exact definition of e-ticket is that it's a online ticket. We got sent to the nearby office where the internet was very slow, they also had no WiFi ( I also had a Philippines Sim card which had no signal in that area) , after 30 mins we finally got onto our emails to print from their computer behind the desk. Before printing we were asked to hand over 50 peso each to print our tickets for us, or it would come out the girls pay check. I think that is ridiculous since we already paid for a "e - ticket" , we should have at least got an email warning us to print. Comfort was fine - I found I had enough room and there is clean sheets available. Food is mostly rice meals. No vegetarian food so I had frozen vegetables and rice for lunch and dinner - not ideal. My partner had some sort of meat dish which was ok for him. Entertainment was good and kept everyone in Christmas spirit. Ferry arrive promptly and staff were very friendly and helpful on the ferry.
Ferry Clase turista, , 22 dic. 2018
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Cómo ir del Corón al Puerto Princesa en Ferry

Viajar del Corón al Puerto Princesa en ferry es bastante conveniente. El viaje en ferry te da la oportunidad de disfrutar de algunos paisajes espectaculares mientras te trasladas del Corón al Puerto Princesa. Para encontrar los viajes más pintorescos y cómodos dentro de tu gama de precios, haz tus reservas con antelación.

A qué distancia está el Corón del Puerto Princesa

La distancia entre el Corón y el Puerto Princesa en ferry es de 186 millas (299 km). Puede que el viaje en ferry no recorra la ruta más corta entre estos dos puntos, pero convierte el viaje en una experiencia memorable.

Cuánto se tarda en ir del Corón al Puerto Princesa en Ferry

En base a la distancia y la velocidad media del barco, normalmente se tarda unas 11h horas en ir del Corón al Puerto Princesa. Sin embargo, ten en cuenta que la duración del viaje va a depender mucho de las condiciones climáticas y el tipo de barco.

Cuánto cuesta ir del Corón al Puerto Princesa?

Como se considera un medio exclusivo de transporte para muchos turistas, un billete de ferry para ir del Corón al Puerto Princesa tiene un precio elevado – espera pagar por los menos USD 40.00.

Si viajas con un menor de 14 años, la mayoría de las compañías de barcos ofrecen descuentos en sus billetes.

Mejores compañías para esta ruta

A la hora de escoger la compañía de barcos de la lista de horarios entre el Corón y el Puerto Princesa, asegúrate de tomar en cuenta lo siguiente:

Lee los comentarios. Puedes encontrar los comentarios realizados por viajeros expertos que tomaron un ferry del Corón al Puerto Princesa y que están dispuestos a compartir su experiencia.

Si viajas con niños, tiene sentido buscar una compañía que ofrezca descuentos a menores.

Ten en cuenta la distancia entre el puerto y tu lugar de alojamiento. Utiliza Google Maps para asegurarte de que llegas a tiempo al puerto. Si el hotel que eliges y el puerto están alejados, es mejor evitar las salidas más tempranas de la mañana.

En temporada alta, muchas compañías de barcos añaden salidas extra a su horario habitual. Puedes encontrarlas en nuestra página web.