Autobuses de Ko Samui a Bangkok

Autobuses de Ko Samui a Bangkok

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Horario de Ko Samui a Bangkok

Horario de Ko Samui a Bangkok
Nombre del transporteTiempo de la rutaPrecio
Glassflower VIP Van 9pax En cualquier momento$ 353.45
Bangkok Air Economy #PG10608:00 - 09:15$ 126.11
Bangkok Air Economy #PG12410:05 - 11:20$ 138.16
Bangkok Air Economy #PG125312:45 - 13:45$ 200.98
Krungsiam Tour VIP 24 14:00 - 05:45$ 35.22
Bangkok Air Economy #PG119218:35 - 20:05$ 126.80

Transporte de Ko Samui a Bangkok

  • Autobuses
    $ 32
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Opiniones sobre destinos Ko Samui a Bangkok

Bien organizado. Great
Autobús Express, , 9 may. 2019
I think the instructions need to be more detailed.
Autobús VIP 24, , 10 ago. 2022
The road (Koh Samui - Bangkok) was quite good, but here are some disadvantages that you should know before the trip. Firstly, please take warm clothes as it’s madly frosty in the bus, and some a/c can’t be closed due to its broken condition. Also, there is no toilet in the bus. Secondly, we weren’t told that there will be 2 buses: the additional one will take you after ferry. Finally, you’re told literally nothing about the trip details. For instance, we didn’t know the number of stops, where to meet the bus, 2-hour waiting before the second bus, etc. As for pros, comfortable seats, snacks and water. Arrived on time.
Autobús VIP 24, , 5 ago. 2022
Everything went well, bus arrived on time. Host was friendly and helpful.
Autobús VIP 24, , 11 abr. 2022
Skip the overnight bus(vip) and go with overnight train (2nd class) instead if available. Better and smoother ride, and you actually lie flat on your own single size bed with privacy curtain that you can really sleep on. Both have comparable times
Autobús VIP 24, , 16 feb. 2022
Not much information about the trip and the very frequent bus changes. No one speaks English and no signs or information available. If not for the kind travellers on the trip, I would be very lost.
Autobús VIP 24, , 28 dic. 2021
Заказывали билеты на группу из 7 человек с трансфером от отеля на Самуи до Бангкока. Так как билетов на обратный путь на руках не было, волновались чтобы про нас не забыли, но в назначенное время на ресепшен отеля перезвонили и предупредили о небольшой задержке с просьбой ожидать. Через 30-40 минут приехал автобус и далее мы поехали по маршруту, билеты водитель привез с собой. На автовокзале действительно пришлось ожидать рейса часа полтора, как многие пишут. Но последовав примеру местных мы устроили мини пикник на газоне и на фоне красивого заката время пролетело незаметно. Не смотря на отличную организацию, по понятным причинам путь этот достаточно труден физически.
Autobús VIP 24, , 25 mar. 2020
We had an accident
Autobús VIP 24, , 27 feb. 2020
The staff in a coach was so helpful! The seat was very comfortable. I could sleep well.
Autobús VIP 24, , 21 feb. 2020
The busses are really dirty by the end of the trip.especially the bathrooms. Announcements were confusing
Autobús Express, , 24 oct. 2019
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