Autobuses de Hanoi a Hue

Autobuses de Hanoi a Hue

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Vuelo Económica, , 27 nov. 2019
Tuve un problema al hacer la reserva , ya que me equivoqué en los números de los pasaporte y me di cuenta del error , estando ya de viaje , pero el equipo de 12goasia , me ayudó rápidamente y pude tomar el vuelo sin problema
Autobús Aire acondicionado regular, , 10 nov. 2019
El bus estaba en muy malas condiciones, asientos rotos, sucio, el baño asqueroso. Fue puntual en Hanoi pero llegamos 1hora y media más tarde de lo previsto. A la mitad del viaje empezo a entrar al bus un olor horrible de mala combustión. Una compañia horrorosa con la que no repetiremos jamas.
tren Solo asientos en segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 27 mar. 2020
perfect, booked a train trip and paid online, printed ticket and everything went smoothly
tren #SE19 Coche cama de primera clase, , 23 mar. 2020
Would do it again!
tren #SE19 Coche cama de primera clase, , 23 mar. 2020
There is no charm to the Vietnamese trains system and really no reason to prefer it to air transportation.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 12 mar. 2020
Great service and nice touch with the free drinks and pastries. The cabin was nice and clean and we both had a reasonable nights sleep.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 10 mar. 2020
Overall trip was pretty comfortable, we had enough room to store our bags and loved the complimentary welcome drinks/water and breakfast however toilet paper was not replaced once on a 13 hour journey and when we asked for water we got told we had to pay for it even though our ticket said water would be “free flow” complimentary.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 9 mar. 2020
Very comfortable trip, beds are OK (a little small for some). There are some drinks (water, coffee, tea, beer) and a small breakfast (cake and banana). Overall great experience.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 10 feb. 2020
Pretty comfortable and clean with good breakfast and snack provisions, but it's still quite squishy between four people and your back will get stiff from the bumpiness of the train ride. Toilets are shared with the whole carriage and don't seem the most sanitary. WiFi is incredibly slow too so we ended up using our mobile data.
Vuelo Económica, , 5 feb. 2020
We waited a very long time in the bus before we could get off to board the plane. There was a delay and the bus was cramped. Plane was also delayed but worth the price.
Vuelo Económica, , 5 feb. 2020
Great experience - quick and painless check in and communication levels were great. Flight was comfortable and we got there in under an hour!
Vuelo Económica, , 24 ene. 2020
Everything was great.
tren #SE19 Coche cama de segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 23 ene. 2020
Lovely welcome drink and service at Mango Hotel. Very nice refreshments in the cabin. Comfy beds, not a bad sleep when you get used to the rocking. Overall a good service from Lamen Express. Booking process from 12go was very good and staff respond quickly to messages
Autobús Aire acondicionado regular, , 21 ene. 2020
From what we heard about this bus company it was really OK. We probably got lucky. Bus was only half full, so we got space and we had only hour delay (on 13h trip it is a huge success in my mind). The staff were not friendly but they did their job.
tren #SE1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 19 ene. 2020
No sope to wash hands. Toilet could be more clean p
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 16 ene. 2020
Well worth the extra money over a normal car. Top-notch service and comfortable beds. Train on time.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 15 ene. 2020
Wonderful service at check-in desk and room was well presented, the journey very comfortable and coffee delivered whilst still in bed, unbelievable. Thankyou Laman
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 11 ene. 2020
Train was really noisy and line very bumpy. Good food and drinks snacks provided. Toilet was not pleasant
tren #SE19 Solo asientos en segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 11 ene. 2020
The whole journey went very smoothly from check in desk at the Mango Hotel, been given a complimentary drink and escorted to our cabin, complimentary drinks and snacks in cabin, the beds were comfortable enough we managed to get a few hours sleep and the train arrived in Hue a little early. The train staff were very polite also, overall a very enjoyable journey.
tren #SE19 Coche cama de primera clase, , 10 ene. 2020
The train is clean, they provide the hot water.
Vuelo Económica, , 10 ene. 2020
Trip was exactly as expected
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 9 ene. 2020
Perfect tom mini, perfect Service. A Great experience.
tren #SE3 Coche cama de primera clase, , 8 ene. 2020
Pleasantly surprised - Cabin was clean and bedding felt fresh. Fun experience on the overnight train.
tren #SE3 Coche cama de primera clase, , 7 ene. 2020
Wagon bed, bed clothes, bathroom and restaurant very dirty.
Vuelo Económica, , 5 ene. 2020
Great Airline. Easy Check in
Autobús Aire acondicionado regular, , 4 ene. 2020
The journey went smoothly and the drivers were very friendly. It only would be nice if we would have been informed at the bus station in Hanoi that the bus was on its way, but an hour late.
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 31 dic. 2019
Bit stuffy in 1st class, but as expected
tren #SE1 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 29 dic. 2019
Very nous train, very hard to fallo a sleep
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 27 dic. 2019
All fine easy booking good train all on time
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 21 dic. 2019
Our coach did not exist and had to wait a short while why we were allocated another one. Room basic but had what we needed - beds functional, AC and USB ports worked. Toilet ok - better than I was expecting. Train noises but managed some sleep.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 20 dic. 2019
We had our own cabin for four people. The bottom bunk is low and it was hard to get a medium suitcase underneath it. The upper storage shelf will easily hold four small carry on bags. There is an attendant for each car. All beverages and snacks in the cabin are included (no extra charge) the smell of cigarette smoke comes through the door. The air conditioning turns on and off randomly so that it’s ether very cold or muggy. The beds include pillows and thick blankets. We traveled with our two boys ages 10 & 12 and they enjoyed it. We arrived in Hue on time. Thanks,
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 18 dic. 2019
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 16 dic. 2019
Check in smooth efficient, pleasant surprise to have complimentary drinks an snacks provided. Train journey was comfortable and interesting as far as catching a sleeper train in Asia can be. We enjoyed our experience.
tren #SE19 Coche cama de primera clase, , 14 dic. 2019
It was very expensive for what it was. Disappointing not the VIP first class we were expecting
tren #SE19 Coche cama de segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 10 dic. 2019
Overall a really good experience. Booking through 12goasia was easy and the train ride itself was very smooth. Being on the top bunk got a little bit uncomfortable after 13 hours but overall a good experience!
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 10 dic. 2019
Easy to book with 12go Asia. Train cabin was ok.... Not terribly clean but also not terribly dirty. No snacks or water given by Vietnam Railways like other providers (but they are also the cheapest). Train was on time. One cockroach. Bathrooms we're not super clean but they had soap.
tren #SE3 Coche cama de primera clase, , 6 dic. 2019
Nice and clean.
tren #SE3 Coche cama de primera clase, , 6 dic. 2019
The trip would have been nicer was it not for the cockroaches nest in our cabin. They were small. But everywhere. Killed one and five minutes later another one appeared. Tried to get some sleep. But then ine just crawled over my face ;(. Apart friom that. Toilet was nice and cabin was good size.
tren #SE7 Solo asientos en segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 5 dic. 2019
Perfectly on time, food and drink cheap and for all the day. Assistants of the train kind and helpful. Not really cleaned, toilet less :( quite noisy!
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 1 dic. 2019
Quite loud but otherwise nothing to complain. We are family of 4 (two small kids , 3 years and 10 months).
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 28 nov. 2019
In most ways the trip went exactly to plan. The SE1 train left Hanoi right on time, and arrived in Hué at the expected time too. The beds were relatively comfortable compared to the 2nd and 3rd class options, and there were many charging points in the sleeper compartment. First class in Vietnam is definitely different to the equivalent in more developed countries but it served our purpose - we are a family travelling with two young boys (8 & 6). The main negative was that there were some small cockroaches in our compartment - easily managed - but unexpected, and unusual for us.
tren #SE3 Coche cama de segunda clase con aire acondicionado, , 28 nov. 2019
Fairly efficient service. Staff were helpful.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 26 nov. 2019
Very good. Even got a free update to Deluxe class. Great! I recommend that one! Regards, Frank
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 26 nov. 2019
Well done!
tren #SE1 Coche cama de primera clase, , 24 nov. 2019
A convenient way to travel the distance south. Cabin mate was a bit strange with noises
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 24 nov. 2019
It was ok, my bedsheet was itchy and the bathroom was not very nice.
Vuelo Económica, , 24 nov. 2019
Booking was honoured. Very smooth flight. Professional Airline
tren #SE19 Coche cama de primera clase, , 24 nov. 2019
A very pleasant trip. The cabin was comfortable, with snacks and drinks provided. Staff were friendly and helpful and the train was on time.
tren #SE19 Coche dormitorio vip para 4, , 23 nov. 2019
Good train trip, decent beds and some drinks ready in your cabin. Light breakfast at 8 am in the morning to get you started.
tren #SE3 Coche cama de primera clase, , 23 nov. 2019
Bad conditions, cockroaches on the beds.. Can't sleep all night.. Dont recomend
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Cómo ir del Hanoi al Hue en autobús

Tomar el autobús para ir del Hanoi al Hue es una alternativa segura, cómoda y menos cara de recorrer esta ruta. Para los destinos más populares, las compañías de autobús ofrecen varios viajes al día, con frecuencia a lo largo de las 24 horas del día con intervalos de 30-60 minutos. Para los destinos menos populares, puede que solo haya un viaje organizado al día. Los tipos de autobuses más comunes son los autobuses sin aire acondicionado, con aire acondicionado, y los autobuses premium.

Es mejor reservar tus billetes con unos días de antelación a tu fecha de salida. Lee la lista de compañías de autobuses disponibles para hacer reservas online que ofrezcan billetes para ir del Hanoi al Hue. Si viajas en fin de semana o festivos, es recomendable reservar tus billetes con mucha más antelación debido al elevado número de viajeros, los que salen de vacaciones y los que trabajan en la ciudad que vuelven a su casa en las provincias.

Qué distancia hay entre el Hanoi y el Hue

Viajando en autobús, la distancia del Hanoi al Hue depende de la ruta que se tome. La mayoría de los autobuses viaja por las autopistas o autovías. Puede que esta no sea la ruta más corta, pero es la más rápida ya que, en general, hay menos tráfico y no hay semáforos.

Para llegar a ciertos destinos en las islas que no están conectadas con el continente por medio de un puente, los autobuses se montan en ferrys grandes para vehículos. Normalmente, se les pide a los pasajeros que se bajen del autobús, pero no hay que llevarse el equipaje. La distancia entre un puerto y el otro se añade a la distancia total del viaje.

Cuánto se tarda en ir del Hanoi al Hue en autobús

La duración estimada del viaje entre el Hanoi y el Hue es de 12h 30m. Recuerda que viajar en autobús es más lento que conducir tu propio coche o viajar en taxi. Dependiendo de la congestión de tráfico que haya a la hora de salida, la duración del viaje entre el Hanoi y el Hue puede variar mucho. En general, hay más tráfico de la mañana hasta la media tarde durante la semana que los fines de semana.

Otro factor importante que puede afectar la duración del viaje es el tipo de autobús. Los autobuses Premium o VIP suelen ser más rápidos ya que utilizan las autovías y hacen menos paradas (si las hacen) por el camino. Generalmente, los autobuses toman descansos de 10-30 minutos cada pocas horas de viaje para permitir que los pasajeros vayan al servicio, coman algo y que los azafatos se den un descanso.

Algunos autobuses premium tienen servicios a bordo y un conductor de repuesto. Aun así, suelen hacen paradas por el camino para comer algo rápido o para llenar el depósito de gasolina.

Cuánto cuesta ir del Hanoi al Hue en autobús

El precio del billete del Hanoi al Hue puede variar dependiendo del tipo de autobuses que elijas. Para conseguir un billete más barato, opta por los autobuses ordinarios o sin aire acondicionado. Los autobuses premium o de lujo son más caros, pero puedes contar con mayor comodidad y algún otro servicio adicional como puertos de carga para el teléfono, pantallas de sistema de entretenimiento personal y servicios.

Horario del Hanoi al Hue

Para ayudarte a planear tu viaje, aquí tienes el horario de salidas y llegadas de autobuses entre el Hanoi y el Hue:

Compañías de Mejor Reputación para esta Ruta

Las compañías de autobuses difieren mucho en la calidad y servicios que ofrecen. Cuando elijas una compañía para tus viajes, haz una búsqueda básica antes de comprar tus billetes.

La seguridad es uno de los factores más importantes a considerar. También te recomendamos que leas los comentarios de usuarios sobre la calidad general de los servicios de las compañías de autobuses que atienden esta ruta.

Nuestros servicios solo colaboran con compañías de autobuses de la mayor confianza. Hacemos lo posible para proporcionarte una selección de las mejores compañías disponibles en esta ruta.