Autobuses de Bangkok a Siem Riep

Autobuses de Bangkok a Siem Riep

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10h viaje en autobús en Express Seater 41
Siem Reap de Virak Buntham
10h viaje en autobús en Express Seater 41
Siem Reap de Virak Buntham

De Bangkok a Siem Riep en autobús

10h viaje en autobús en Express Seater 41
Siem Reap de Virak Buntham
10h viaje en autobús en Express Seater 41
Siem Reap de Virak Buntham

De Khao San de Giant Ibis a Siem Riep en autobús

Instantánea Lo más rápido
Khao San de Giant Ibis
7h 11m viaje en autobús en Universe Noble 37
Estación de Siem Reap Giant Ibis, Siem Riep
Instantánea Lo más rápido
Khao San de Giant Ibis
7h 11m viaje en autobús en Universe Noble 37
Estación de Siem Reap Giant Ibis, Siem Riep

Horario de Bangkok a Siem Riep

Horario de Bangkok a Siem Riep
Nombre del transporteTiempo de la rutaPrecio
Virak Buntham Express Express Seater 41 01:00 - 11:00฿ 0
Giant Ibis Transport Universe Noble 37 07:45 - 14:56฿ 971
Giant Ibis Transport Universe Noble 37 08:45 - 15:56฿ 971
Virak Buntham Express Express Seater 41 09:00 - 19:00฿ 0

Transporte de Bangkok a Siem Riep

Opiniones sobre destinos Bangkok a Siem Riep

Autobús Interurbano, , 29 mar. 2020
El viaje fue bueno y tranquilo, pero demoramos varias horas más en llegar de lo que teníamos previsto por el pasaje.
Autobús Express Seater 41, , 14 mar. 2020
Buen servicio, cumplimientonde horarios.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 2 mar. 2020
Excelent service and attitude of the crew, very helpful during the crossing at the border to Cambodia. Bus clean and comfy, snacks and lunch good as well.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 2 mar. 2020
Everything was really good. They give us. Coffee and pz of bread and later. Some food after the border. They also help with the Cambodia visa for the price they have in the website. Seat are comfortable enough they also stop in some places then we can go to the toilet.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 7 feb. 2020
El micro muy cómodo, te ayudan con todos los trámites, muy amables !
Autobús Interurbano, , 6 feb. 2020
Good trip
Autobús Express, , 29 ene. 2020
El bus estaba bastante sucio. Ha salido un poco más tarde del horario y ha llegado una hora más tarde de la hora indicada.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 24 ene. 2020
Todo perfecto! Nos ayudaron mucho con el visado y nos dieron desayuno y comida. El chico camboyano que nos acompaño durante el viaje genial
Autobús Interurbano, , 20 ene. 2020
El bus es cómodo y lo mejor fue la persona del staff que fue muy amable durante todo el viaje. Nos brindó asistencia uno por uno en la frontera y nos explicó las diferentes opciones con claridad, ofreciendo el servicio de la empresa para tramitar la visa, pero también ayudándonos cuando optamos por hacerlo por nuestra cuenta. No sé si todo el staff es como esta persona (una chica joven no recuerdo su nombre) pero en nuestro caso fue excelente.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 20 ene. 2020
Todo estuvo perfecto. Te explican cada paso a seguir. Si hay algún problema te lo solucionan. Con nosotros fueron excelentes y el bus era muy cómodo.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 16 ene. 2020
Buen servicio, eficiente para los trámites fronterizos, dan comida y tiene wifi. El auxiliar del bus hablaba bien inglés y era muy amoroso. No tiene baño, pero hscen paradas para usar baño que son gratis.
Autobús Interurbano, , 5 ene. 2020
Everything very good and the staff very helpful, specially the lady is trainning
Autobús Interurbano, , 21 dic. 2019
El conductor puso música todo el camino, siendo las 3 am. Le dije y no la bajo. Los asientos son cortos, no se puede estirar las piernas
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 23 mar. 2020
The airco broke down. That's why we had to wait at the border in a smelly location without getting information before heading out again.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 5 mar. 2020
Excellent service.
Autobús Interurbano, , 3 mar. 2020
Pick Up was at the time when the bus should have departed already. Being earlier as said in the Ticket was not necessary!
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 2 mar. 2020
The bus was really fast and the guide helped us cross the border smoothly. The snacks along the way was also really helpful since we were all hungry from the long trip.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 1 mar. 2020
No worries with this company. Guide had very clear instructions and passing of the border went very smooth. Arrived an hour early!
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 1 mar. 2020
I booked from Bangkok to Siem Reap on Giant Ibis and it was fast and easy. I just showed them our voucher at the the pick up point. The ride was smooth and the conductor was helpful and conversational. They gave us coffee, snacks, a bottle of water, and lunch. They were helpful at the border immigration and the conductor made sure our passports were all stamped.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 28 feb. 2020
It was really a nice trip. Air-condition is not really working.
Autobús Interurbano, , 27 feb. 2020
Excellent service! Our bus guide was so friendly and helpful, very organized and detailed. I was a bit nervous crossing the bored but they made everything easy!
Autobús Interurbano, , 26 feb. 2020
The entire travel was smooth including the processess at the immigration of both borders. A travel mart employee guided and helped us pass through both Thai and Cambodian Immigrations. The only downside for my opinion is the waiting area at Khao San (Mc Donalds), 1hour waiting time at a very busy street is not so convenient.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 20 feb. 2020
Surprisingly comfortable bus, helpful and friendly staff. I highly recommend!
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 20 feb. 2020
best hospitality ever
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 18 feb. 2020
All good but without restrooms
Autobús Interurbano, , 17 feb. 2020
Travel was very smooth. Contrary to the bad reviews I’ve seen, our trip was pleasant. No scammers went up to us or haggled with us for faster processing of our exit and arrival stamps. Seats are comfortable enough for sleeping. Blankets were also given.
Autobús Interurbano, , 16 feb. 2020
Confortable bus, they give you blankets and water, they don’t change the bus and they wait for you at the border
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 16 feb. 2020
We’ve departed later than the scheduled time, but everything else was great. Even the border crossing went smooth. A+
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 15 feb. 2020
well, the jorney wasnt anything special at all and we arrived 45min late. wifi didnt work half of the time and if it did work, was painfully slow. the guy spoke very bad english and wanted only thai bath for the cambodian visa, but finally accepted usd because everybody had usd and there was no he charge different prices for the visa for every group - from 40 to 55usd. but some of the people didnt have photo, lost the exit blue paper from i dunno..
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 14 feb. 2020
Everything all right
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 9 feb. 2020
Everything was well taken care of. Nice staff and you can trust that your journey will go smooth. Good help at the border crossing thailand Cambodia
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 7 feb. 2020
Bus not VIP far from it! A/C too cold you will need to bring sweater, bus has seen better days. NO wifi take note. Pastry and drink given out at start of journey but the drink is a can of cold coffee.... water would have been better. On board courier very good he will arrange visa for you at border but better for if you can do on-line it's a lot easier and cheaper. Over four hours journy to border with one toilet stop for 10 minutes. You will need 2 hours to get through immergration then there was a change of bus to a lower standard and still no wifi! journey time of 3 hours to Siem Reap with no comfort stop so find toilet before geting 2nd bus. Siem Reap bus station is out of town so arrange your hotel to have tuk tuk driver waiting for you. Would i do it again? NO because for a few dollars more there are many flights and less hassel at airport.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 6 feb. 2020
Trip was okay. They made us wait for a little bit more than one hour before we got on the bus to Siem Reap from the border, but the conductor was kind enough so we did not bother. More aircon please.
Autobús Interurbano, , 4 feb. 2020
Comfy bus with a big legroom. AC works well, and we got water and snacks. Our guide was super cute and helpful. Smooth border crossing without additional charges. We had evisa, but you can go on your own (30$ + pic, no hard feelings) or with their help (40$).
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 4 feb. 2020
The booking process on 12Go was really straightforwards - easy to find the best option for me. Pick up in Bangkok was great and the bus was really good - nice comfy seats, good air con and good wifi. The water was chilled and there was also chilled canned coffee and a snack. I was a bit concerned about the lack of toilet on board but that was fine, we made plenty of stops. The staff were really nice and provided plenty of information about the process regarding visas and information. I would suggest to Giant Ibis that it would be useful to have a handout of this information for passengers. There was a lot of information given and quite quickly; as a native English speaker I got most of it but still had to check some details as it was a lot to absorb. For many of the passengers English wasn't their first language so it may have been more difficult. As we approached Cambodia, we were then told we'd be changing bus at the Cambodia border; the coach staff transferred our large luggage so we only had to carry our smaller bags. Once we had passed through immigration we got on the new coach (which was anything but new!). The seats were nowhere near as comfortable and there was no wifi. The drop off point is out of town so unless you have complimentary pick up from your accommodation you'll need to get a tuk tuk but there were plenty of them waiting when we arrived. Apparently the coach company are not allowed to drop off elsewhere. Overall, it was a straightforward trip and I'm glad I went by coach rather than flying.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 3 feb. 2020
Nice cool bus.. Staff friendly.. A lil snack and food on the way.. Nice and comfortable
Autobús Interurbano, , 31 ene. 2020
Good service, helpfull staff
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 31 ene. 2020
- overpayed for the Cambodian Visa because payment asked in THB instead of USD. So we spent about 102$ for 2 visas; - chair was too small for me (190/90). Pros: - staff were extremely helpful and friendly, our guide followed the group all the trip; - food was also enjoyable.
Autobús Interurbano, , 30 ene. 2020
Reliable. Fast. Easy
Autobús Interurbano, , 30 ene. 2020
It was ok and the guide took care of us, especially at the border.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 29 ene. 2020
They did a great job getting me here.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 29 ene. 2020
We almost miss our Bus due to the traffic but the operator/tour guide let us get in the Bus without checking in. We really appreciate it! Did not expect the 10 hour drive but there's free food and it was a smooth ride. The guide also assisted at the boarder also gave us tips about Siem Reap. Highly recommended!
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 28 ene. 2020
Smooth ride with appropriate breaks. Essentially pay $40 on top of ticket and they manage your Visa on arrival process as well as the border crossing.
Autobús Interurbano, , 28 ene. 2020
Excellent service! The crossing of the border was very smooth. We arrived in Siem Reap as it was scheduled. Highly recommend this company!
Autobús Interurbano, , 27 ene. 2020
Spacious bus, kind and helpful staff named Cheng. Thank you!
Autobús Interurbano, , 27 ene. 2020
Great way to get to cambodia. It has been very convenient; i was picked up from the busy Khaosan road and taken to the office. Bus was quite comfy, there was a toilet and a wifi available. I already had e-visa but the staff arranged the visa on arrival for everyone who needed so. Highly recommend if you’re a bit worried about the border crossing there’s a huge support from the staff.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 26 ene. 2020
The guys helped us and followed us all the time. Comforting bus and food and drink. Very recomended compared to other companies
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 26 ene. 2020
The ride was super smooth, visa process was flawless and we arrived at our destination on time. A Snack, lunch and water were provided enroute and we had two toilet breaks which was good enough.
Autobús Interurbano, , 25 ene. 2020
Very good!!! Just give 200 bath to guide to make faster visa for Cambodia.
Autobús Universe Noble 37, , 24 ene. 2020
The total journey time was almost 1.5h longer than estimated. Air con was not sufficient on the bus. The seats could be more comfortable, but at least they reclined well. Staff was nice and helpful. Overall it was an ok ride, and we safely reached the destination which matters the most.
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Cómo ir del Bangkok al Siem Riep en autobús

Tomar el autobús para ir del Bangkok al Siem Riep es una alternativa segura, cómoda y menos cara de recorrer esta ruta. Para los destinos más populares, las compañías de autobús ofrecen varios viajes al día, con frecuencia a lo largo de las 24 horas del día con intervalos de 30-60 minutos. Para los destinos menos populares, puede que solo haya un viaje organizado al día. Los tipos de autobuses más comunes son los autobuses sin aire acondicionado, con aire acondicionado, y los autobuses premium.

Es mejor reservar tus billetes con unos días de antelación a tu fecha de salida. Lee la lista de compañías de autobuses disponibles para hacer reservas online que ofrezcan billetes para ir del Bangkok al Siem Riep. Si viajas en fin de semana o festivos, es recomendable reservar tus billetes con mucha más antelación debido al elevado número de viajeros, los que salen de vacaciones y los que trabajan en la ciudad que vuelven a su casa en las provincias.

Qué distancia hay entre el Bangkok y el Siem Riep

Viajando en autobús, la distancia del Bangkok al Siem Riep depende de la ruta que se tome. La mayoría de los autobuses viaja por las autopistas o autovías. Puede que esta no sea la ruta más corta, pero es la más rápida ya que, en general, hay menos tráfico y no hay semáforos.

Para llegar a ciertos destinos en las islas que no están conectadas con el continente por medio de un puente, los autobuses se montan en ferrys grandes para vehículos. Normalmente, se les pide a los pasajeros que se bajen del autobús, pero no hay que llevarse el equipaje. La distancia entre un puerto y el otro se añade a la distancia total del viaje.

Cuánto se tarda en ir del Bangkok al Siem Riep en autobús

La duración estimada del viaje entre el Bangkok y el Siem Riep es de 7h 11m. Recuerda que viajar en autobús es más lento que conducir tu propio coche o viajar en taxi. Dependiendo de la congestión de tráfico que haya a la hora de salida, la duración del viaje entre el Bangkok y el Siem Riep puede variar mucho. En general, hay más tráfico de la mañana hasta la media tarde durante la semana que los fines de semana.

Otro factor importante que puede afectar la duración del viaje es el tipo de autobús. Los autobuses Premium o VIP suelen ser más rápidos ya que utilizan las autovías y hacen menos paradas (si las hacen) por el camino. Generalmente, los autobuses toman descansos de 10-30 minutos cada pocas horas de viaje para permitir que los pasajeros vayan al servicio, coman algo y que los azafatos se den un descanso.

Algunos autobuses premium tienen servicios a bordo y un conductor de repuesto. Aun así, suelen hacen paradas por el camino para comer algo rápido o para llenar el depósito de gasolina.

Cuánto cuesta ir del Bangkok al Siem Riep en autobús

El precio del billete del Bangkok al Siem Riep puede variar dependiendo del tipo de autobuses que elijas. Para conseguir un billete más barato, opta por los autobuses ordinarios o sin aire acondicionado. Los autobuses premium o de lujo son más caros, pero puedes contar con mayor comodidad y algún otro servicio adicional como puertos de carga para el teléfono, pantallas de sistema de entretenimiento personal y servicios.

Horario del Bangkok al Siem Riep

Para ayudarte a planear tu viaje, aquí tienes el horario de salidas y llegadas de autobuses entre el Bangkok y el Siem Riep:

Compañías de Mejor Reputación para esta Ruta

Las compañías de autobuses difieren mucho en la calidad y servicios que ofrecen. Cuando elijas una compañía para tus viajes, haz una búsqueda básica antes de comprar tus billetes.

La seguridad es uno de los factores más importantes a considerar. También te recomendamos que leas los comentarios de usuarios sobre la calidad general de los servicios de las compañías de autobuses que atienden esta ruta.

Nuestros servicios solo colaboran con compañías de autobuses de la mayor confianza. Hacemos lo posible para proporcionarte una selección de las mejores compañías disponibles en esta ruta.