Vans from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Koh Chang

Vans from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Koh Chang

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Transportation from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Koh Chang destination reviews

van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Mar 26, 2020
Lovely service, and took us all the way to the front door of our hotel.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Mar 23, 2020
Comfortable trip, unfortunately not all the way to the hotel....
van Van 10pax, Jumping Frog, Mar 18, 2020
Perfect service
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Mar 18, 2020
Good and timely service. Will surely use again.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Mar 10, 2020
Extra seat for luggage was unnecessary (I spent 700 thb). The driver rided about 70 km/h whole journey. The journey ended in front of the hotel.
taxi Comfort, PGS, Mar 2, 2020
Vše super. Děkuji
taxi Premium, Glassflower, Feb 27, 2020
Very smooth and efficient. Easy pickup at the airport. Our minivan broke down on the way, it was sorted in 15 minutes! Totally recommend these guys!
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Feb 27, 2020
Everything was fine. The only one we didn't like the aircon was "too good": we had to put on a sweater while traveling, but there were 30 celsius outside.
taxi SUV 4pax, Thailand Limo by Datum, Feb 24, 2020
Very good service!
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Feb 24, 2020
Cramped van. Not enough leg room. Insufficient air conditioning. It got hot inside. Everything else as expected
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Feb 22, 2020
All went went and smooth. Even got a ride to the door of my hotel (above the expectations). Thank you.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Feb 14, 2020
On time. The bus was fine, the driver drove nicely. One break for bathroom visit and snacks which was more than enough. After the ferry we were all asked were we stayed and then all driven to our seperately hotels. Very nice service
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Feb 13, 2020
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Feb 9, 2020
Nobody answered the hotline when we needed it. But otherwise everything went smoothly and driver delivered us to our accommodation.
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Feb 5, 2020
Excellent company. All on time. They even drove us to our hotels in Koh Chang. Thank you
van Van 10pax, Jumping Frog, Feb 4, 2020
We left BKK airport at 10:20 and arrived to hotel at 16:40 (White Sand Beach). A van was a bit dirty, two aircon holes didn't have plugs (so you can't regulate air flow) but it was not a big trouble. We had two short stop by the way.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Feb 3, 2020
The bus was a little bit old.
taxi Comfort, PGS, Feb 2, 2020
The booking agent got our name wrong and we were looking for our contact at the airport for over an hour. The car was super nice and had wifi and aircon. Very comfortable. However, the driver should have perhaps rested a bit more to be on better form towards the end.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Jan 27, 2020
700baht if bought online, 600 at the airport. Trip was ok, minibus and driver too. Bought the combo ticket because it included transport to the hotel. Im a girl, traveled by myself. Driver dropped me off the bus after the ferry and wouldnt take me 5min/4km to the Serenity resort from the pier because apparently he can can only go right. Was left there at 8pm, pitch dark, nobody there and thank god my resort manager sent a car for me. Was scared and frustrated, so keep that in mind if your hotel is on the east side of the island, they will not honor the “drop off at the hotel” deal.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Jan 21, 2020
Super geregeld, alles liep als een trein! Very happy with our reservation! Everything was good!
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Jan 17, 2020
### Booking the service: ------------------------- When I made the booking an insurance was offered. I did not want to buy one so I checked that off. After having paid I noticed that the insurance was anyhow added and an extra 100 THB charged. ### Finding the meeting place: -------------------------- I got the instructions that the meeting point is at the Ground Floor (G) at Suvarnabhumi airport. When I was at the place the choice was between Bottom (B) and 1. level. I went first to the B -level, found nothing and asked others. Then I got the info that G -level means 1 -level, where I found the Koh Chang -desk with ease. ### The bus: -------- 1. The space between chairs was not designed for Europeans, I had to sit crosswise with my feet at the aisle. -That was really a painful experience to do for so many hours. Most of my fellow travellers sat on the same way as I did, their feet on the aisle. 2. The shock absorbtion system of the bus was not in order, apparently the absorbers were completely worn out. That made my experience of the travel even worse. 3. No WIFI, toilet or selling of anything were available in the bus. ### The stops: There was one 20 minutes stop during the bus travel. There was only one shop and restaurant available for buying food and drinks. The shop prices were around twice the normal prices, the restaurant prices were not that much over prized. ### The deliverance: ---------------- 1. When I made the booking the information given was that I would be delivered to my destination hotel. When arriving to the island I was told that the bus does not go to the Lonely Beach -destinations and that I must take a taxi and pay extra for that. Of course I was disappointed which I also mentioned to the personnel. At the bus final stop we were a few passenger left to a mini-lorry-bus to be delivered to our destinations. There we had to wait for another bus to come which would more passengers to our lorry-bus. After their arrival we were charged 100 THB each for the “taxi” service. We were eight passengers, so the company got a total of 800 THB extra from us. 2. When I was dropped off the “taxi” it showed that I had to find myself the way to my destination and carry my luggage by myself. After having asked a few people and walked 300 meters and asked again I found my destination. My understanding of the service received that it is partly a rip off the tourists.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Jan 17, 2020
Everything was great except bus was small and this uncomfortable.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Jan 11, 2020
Good driver, nice bus and 2 stops on the way. The bus did not make the same ferry as us passengers, so we had to wait for it at the port. We were taken care of by a lady until the bus came. We were also driven to our hotel
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Jan 11, 2020
Fahrer zuvorkommend, zwei Pausen, pünktlich, die meisten Mitfahrer wurden bis ins Hotel/Resort gebracht, wir leider nicht, da ganz im Süden, kurzum super Service!
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Jan 11, 2020
Old bus, bumpers and air conditioning overages, uncomfortable ride, service and driving good
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Jan 3, 2020
We booked a later bus but arrived early, it was no problem to change to an earlier bus. Super service, good driver! And a nice bus of course
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Dec 26, 2019
Нашли стойку регистрации без проблем. Небольшой автобус, внутри чисто и не много людей, ехали с комфортом! Было две остановки минут по 10. Отправление по расписанию, прибыв на остров, всех развезли по отелям!!! Советую, очень довольны!!!
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Dec 19, 2019
Actually: the service was very good. Everything to the minute in time, and we were even droppen at the hotel on koh chang with the same minibus. But. Take care of drinks/food yourselves, there's no service on board, no wifi, no usb-loader. And, and, and; do NOT sit on the seats in the last row; the bus has no shockbreaking that is functional, so every uneveness in the road comes as a real shock, and that for hours and hours. So that's why not more than 3 stars But whatever, i'm there (here)
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Dec 15, 2019
Not a very comfortable bus
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Dec 11, 2019
The car could be better and the other persons you droop to the island you didnt take money from those but only from me.Couse contacting with the hotel you said I would not pay extra for the trasportation
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Dec 3, 2019
Super experience! The bus counter was on the ground floor, also called floor 1. There it seemed that the gates stopped on nr 4 gate-ish on that floor - but I asked some nice and helpful Security staff at a counter there and they pointed me trough the toilets/tunnel. I had originally pre-booked a minivan bus ticket at 11.00 to koh Chang. But I arrived early and was welcome to switch to the 07.50 big bus without any fee or trouble whatsoever at all. At the mainland port of koh Chang I got off the bus, A helpful lady helped us all. At a counter ,I had to tell my hotel, and got a tiny sticker and a ticket with their writing on my hotel name -and on the other side I was hearded into a minibus and droven to the doorstep of my hotel! Happy travels!
taxi Comfort, BangkokTaxi24, Dec 2, 2019
Friendly and safe driver, very good car
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Nov 26, 2019
Zeer goed bevallen. Om 11:00 vertrokken. En rond 12:30 een korte lunch pauze onderweg. Bus was voorzien van airco.
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Nov 25, 2019
Departure 20 minutes later, no water, otherwise everything went well.
van Regional 14pax, Burapha, Nov 25, 2019
We were left to the ferry station without any other instruction than that the transport will continue after ferry trip on the island side ? There were no one waiting for us. Ater several confusion we finally got car which took us to the hotels. As we paid the transport from the airport to the hotel why cant we have transport with same car all the way to the hotel including the ferry trip?
taxi Premium, Glassflower, Nov 21, 2019
Driver was on time picking us up at Suvarnabhumi airport, he is a nice guy helpful and talkative.
taxi SUV 4pax, BangkokTaxi24, Nov 17, 2019
He's been so realible, just Great!
Bus Express, Suvarnabhumi Burapha, Nov 16, 2019
On time, clean bus, good driver. One break for 20 minutes for food and toilet. Good connection to ferry service. All good.
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