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Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido

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Transportation from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido

Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido Destination Reviews

van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Mar 4, 2020
Very good travel and very good service and driver
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Mar 2, 2020
Not the best confort but you will get there in time. More information on what happens at times from the driver would be appreciated.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 20, 2020
Van went on time. Driver was quick and not overly dangerous. Three stops. Five and a half hours duration.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 4, 2020
It’s my second time to visit Palawan but my first time to travel to El Nido. Prior to my arrival, I had a teleconversation with your team and clarify the rules of arriving just in time and the location of pick up. The description during the booking clearly says PPS airport but when I received the voucher there was additional information that I have to go to San Jose terminal which is I am not familiar hence I need to pay additional Php 150 for airport tricycle.. I have coordinated that I will arrive at exactly 11am as my flight will land at 10:20. And when I reached there 5 minutes before 11am.. there was no van hence I need to wait for more than 30 minutes and we left the terminal at 12noon. And I reached my accomodation 15 minutes before 6pm. I had 7 hours travel and there are more than 2 stops (lunch and taytay). Unfortunately, I have a return booking but I am not going because of what had happened I am afraid I will miss my flight because your timings are unreliable despite the notice that there could be delays of 1 to 2 hours. The driver is good but the operator needs improvement and proper coordination. Thanks
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 28, 2020
Excellent polite driver regular stops. Great value arrived in good time x
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 13, 2020
just ok
taxi Van 9pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 31, 2019
Cleto was super nice! Patient and knowledgeable of the area. He is a master at loading luggage as well lol!! Great service despite the bumpy road but that is to be expected.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 1, 2019
Driver smoking cigarettes every stop. A lot of stops. Trip from el nido was very good.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 28, 2019
Easy, driver was nice and trip has pretty views!
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 26, 2019
Let's 1.5 hours late and kept telling us every 15 minutes that it was coming soon. The van stopped several times to pick people up off the road while we were commuting and space was tight.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 22, 2019
Very easy
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Oct 30, 2019
Good travel. 5 hours 30mn with rainy weather
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Sep 10, 2019
Got stuck waiting at the airport but were given several different reasons before it turning out it was the van we were waiting for. Got shoved in the back with 1 too many people and a stranger sat practically on one of my legs for most of the journey. No communication from driver or anyone else about what was happening as and when we stopped or got moved. The saving grace was the views but they would have been there anyway. Pay for a private car, it will be worth the money.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jul 17, 2019
5 star, special compliment to the driver Erwin. Very professional, not reckless and offered a front door serviced to the passengers.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jun 26, 2019
The van had great air conditioning and we made very good time. Our driver's fast driving felt a little unsafe at times.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jun 2, 2019
Reserved 3 seats including one extra seat and the van is totally fully after a family with 2 kids arrived. No confortable for the price and this extra seat because in finally we needed to let our payed place to the family otherwise it was not possible for them to be in a car.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, May 19, 2019
Brian got us there on time. Smooth ride.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, May 16, 2019
Not bad
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, May 15, 2019
Small but new and nice airport with good service.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Apr 23, 2019
The driver stopped many times to pick up people. The journey took 6.5 hours instead of 5-6 hours.
taxi Van 9pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Apr 13, 2019
Manejaba muy rapido
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Apr 11, 2019
We booked a one way from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. We showed up early to only realize that they were combining the 7am van with the 8am van so we had to wait 1.5 hrs to leave. The van was full so it was an extremely uncomfortable ride and we made a stop every 45 minutes for smoke breaks. Wouldn’t recommend, wish we paid a bit more for a flight.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Mar 19, 2019
The trip from Puerto princessa to El nido is vert long by shuttle, the departure was planned at 1pm and finaly goes at 2pm. At 2pm get into the van at puerto airport but the van stop at shuttle terminal ans we have to change van. We finaly arrived at 8pm instead of 6pm, the driver drive very fast and as usual un philippines. It's difficulte to cet information about where or when we will be drop off. Not a vert good trip
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 26, 2019
We had almost 1 hour delay in departure, the van wasn't definitely the one shown on pictures, it was old and in a bad shape, no space for legs. In the middle of the way we had 20 minutes stop in some kind of restaurant. The food there was selling cold, other things in shop very expensive, local crew unpleasant. The driver drop of us in central station, not in the hotels as was promised so we needed to take tricycle. Overall quite bad experience, unfortunetally there are not many options how to get from one city to another.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 25, 2019
Cramped uncomfortable not quite as described on the site. The picking up of random people was quite a surprise too, not so much a private transfer as it was a public bus. I can appreciate the reasons for packing buses is to make the trip worth while but perhaps the description of it needs adjusting
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 18, 2019
For 5 1/2 travel. You're van is old and to tight for tall people, knowing that most of your clients are foreigners. And the driver stopped and picked passengers as well. On positive side and most important he's a good driver.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 9, 2019
Service van is a little bit old and air con is not good enough.
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 8, 2018
I may have just got real lucky because I know a lot of other people were pretty uncomfortable but I was fine! I had two bags, didn't have to pay extra, I got the front seat which was surprisingly comfortable AND I even got to charge my phone too haha I sat there the full 5 hours just enjoying the view and observing everything. Driving was crazy but I felt super safe. Would definitely use company again!
van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jul 26, 2018
Great driver Brian, waiting time 1.5 hours was quite annoying setting off at 8:30am instead of 7am but overall very good
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How to get from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido by Van

Van is a convenient option to get from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido. Van tickets are affordable, vans are generally do a faster job than buses, vans offer a good choice of departures.

Depending on the van type, each vehicle can accommodate between 12 and 15 passengers. Yet an evident drawback of travelling by van is limited space for the luggage. In most cases you will need to keep your bags, backpacks or suitcases under your seat or in the aisle. Thus van is not the best choice if you travel with huge luggage. F this is the case, consider buying a separate ticket for your bags or choose bus instead.

On certain routes, vans are your only choice of transportation as no buses, trains or flights are available between those destinations.

It is a popular question whether it is necessary to book van tickets in advance. Though some routes feature a lot of departures, we still highly recommend booking your seat especially if you are going to take one of the last vans of the day; travelling during weekends, public holidays or busy tourist seasons; are in a group of two or more and want to travel on the same van.

Here is the list of companies that run regular vans between Puerto Princesa SBE and El Nido and offer tickets for online booking.

How far is from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido?

Vans follow the same routes as buses do. Thus the driving distance between Puerto Princesa SBE and El Nido will be about X km. Some vans do not take the shortest route to El Nido and make detours to pick up and drop off passengers en route. If this is the case, it will result in a longer travel time – you can see it when choosing your ticket.

How long does it take to get from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido by Van?

Most vans need from 5h 30m to 6h hours to get from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido Note though that travel time depends greatly on traffic conditions. Traffic can be dense around the rush hour at both your departure point and destination. Weather conditions – e.g. heavy rain – often result in longer travel time, too.

Before booking your van tickets, check how long the trip with each operator takes as some vans follow longer routes to El Nido or make detours.

Also, it is important to know that van companies that accept online booking offer scheduled van departures; yet there are also some vans which depart only when full, and in certain cases the waiting period can be long. Thus choosing an operator that runs vans on a set schedule is always a better idea.

How much does it cost to get from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido by Van?

When using a van, the fare or ticket price for travelling from Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido is pre-computed. This usually includes toll fees, gas and other overheads. But, it is recommended to read the details and ask for clarifications when this is not clear at the onset.

Pre-computed fares for vans can be expensive but unlike buses and trains; you would not need to buy a ticket for each passenger. For a big group of 12 or more people, this translates to huge savings compared to getting multiple taxis.

This makes it a cheap option for travelling when in groups. The van service will also not charge extra for bags and luggage, as long as it fits inside the van.

Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido timetable

If you are a group, you can consolidate your schedules and use just one van. Check out above Puerto Princesa SBE to El Nido timetable for van services.

Best Rated Companies for this Route

Getting a van service for your group can offer extra space, comfort and convenience not found in other transport options. Unlike taxis or buses which have numerous trips per day, a van service is usually scheduled. But some van services do follow a scheduled departure time. Please check our listings for such services.

Having your entire group together for a long trip can add to the enjoyment. This can allow your group to discuss and even sing to your heart's content without fear of bothering others.

Just like taxis, the advantage of travelling by van is that you can ask the driver to stop by stores, supermarkets and other establishments. You can stop anywhere at any time since you are basically renting the van and not just paying for taxi fare. You can use this opportunity to take epic groupie pics at local landmarks and tourist spots.

Vans are especially useful when travelling with large and sensitive equipment like photography setups and large computers. Trunks and compartments might not be a safe holding area for fragile packages. Placing them inside the roomy and well-padded interior of van will make it more secure and safe.