Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan

Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan

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Transportation from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan

Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan Destination Reviews

van van, AsBus (АсБас), Jan 19, 2020
It was a nice trip. The driver was kind and left us close to the hotel in Yerevan.
van van, Hayreniq Tour (Айреник Тур), Oct 10, 2019
It was nothing as professional or service-oriented as I assumed when buying the tickets. We left on time, but just after a few minutes made an hour long stop. After finally starting the drive to Yerevan we made several stops to buy fruits, home utilities etc. which made the drive awfully long. We arrived ~2 h later than expected. I was not happy at all, I’m juat thankful we eventually got to Yerevan. The two starts are just for an adequate car and the fact I got to Yerevan safely. Would not go again, especially after paying quite a lot of money in comparison with some other companies that couks have taken me to Yetevan as well.
van van, Hayreniq Tour (Айреник Тур), Sep 22, 2019
A strange experience. We left early. We arrived early. The driver stopped twice, to buy oranges (about 5kg) and a car door. My guess is booking in advance is a waste of money, and you can just get a seat on the next (hourly) bus and pay less.
van van, Hayreniq Tour (Айреник Тур), Sep 21, 2019
God driver Beautiful landscape
van van, Hayreniq Tour (Айреник Тур), Sep 15, 2019
The drop off was not at the tour office location but at another station. I do not think I was notified about that.
van van, Hayreniq Tour (Айреник Тур), Aug 4, 2019
The bus had leather seats and very poor air con so spent the entire journey wet thru with sweat.
van van, Hayreniq Tour (Айреник Тур), May 1, 2019
Trip and mini van were good. Driver was helpful.
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How to get from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan by Van

Van is a convenient option to get from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan. Van tickets are affordable, vans are generally do a faster job than buses, vans offer a good choice of departures.

Depending on the van type, each vehicle can accommodate between 12 and 15 passengers. Yet an evident drawback of travelling by van is limited space for the luggage. In most cases you will need to keep your bags, backpacks or suitcases under your seat or in the aisle. Thus van is not the best choice if you travel with huge luggage. F this is the case, consider buying a separate ticket for your bags or choose bus instead.

On certain routes, vans are your only choice of transportation as no buses, trains or flights are available between those destinations.

It is a popular question whether it is necessary to book van tickets in advance. Though some routes feature a lot of departures, we still highly recommend booking your seat especially if you are going to take one of the last vans of the day; travelling during weekends, public holidays or busy tourist seasons; are in a group of two or more and want to travel on the same van.

Here is the list of companies that run regular vans between Avlabari Metro Station and Yerevan and offer tickets for online booking.

How far is from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan?

Vans follow the same routes as buses do. Thus the driving distance between Avlabari Metro Station and Yerevan will be about X km. Some vans do not take the shortest route to Yerevan and make detours to pick up and drop off passengers en route. If this is the case, it will result in a longer travel time – you can see it when choosing your ticket.

How long does it take to get from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan by Van?

Most vans need from 5h 30m to 5h 30m hours to get from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan Note though that travel time depends greatly on traffic conditions. Traffic can be dense around the rush hour at both your departure point and destination. Weather conditions – e.g. heavy rain – often result in longer travel time, too.

Before booking your van tickets, check how long the trip with each operator takes as some vans follow longer routes to Yerevan or make detours.

Also, it is important to know that van companies that accept online booking offer scheduled van departures; yet there are also some vans which depart only when full, and in certain cases the waiting period can be long. Thus choosing an operator that runs vans on a set schedule is always a better idea.

How much does it cost to get from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan by Van?

When using a van, the fare or ticket price for travelling from Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan is pre-computed. This usually includes toll fees, gas and other overheads. But, it is recommended to read the details and ask for clarifications when this is not clear at the onset.

Pre-computed fares for vans can be expensive but unlike buses and trains; you would not need to buy a ticket for each passenger. For a big group of 12 or more people, this translates to huge savings compared to getting multiple taxis.

This makes it a cheap option for travelling when in groups. The van service will also not charge extra for bags and luggage, as long as it fits inside the van.

Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan timetable

If you are a group, you can consolidate your schedules and use just one van. Check out above Avlabari Metro Station to Yerevan timetable for van services.

Best Rated Companies for this Route

Getting a van service for your group can offer extra space, comfort and convenience not found in other transport options. Unlike taxis or buses which have numerous trips per day, a van service is usually scheduled. But some van services do follow a scheduled departure time. Please check our listings for such services.

Having your entire group together for a long trip can add to the enjoyment. This can allow your group to discuss and even sing to your heart's content without fear of bothering others.

Just like taxis, the advantage of travelling by van is that you can ask the driver to stop by stores, supermarkets and other establishments. You can stop anywhere at any time since you are basically renting the van and not just paying for taxi fare. You can use this opportunity to take epic groupie pics at local landmarks and tourist spots.

Vans are especially useful when travelling with large and sensitive equipment like photography setups and large computers. Trunks and compartments might not be a safe holding area for fragile packages. Placing them inside the roomy and well-padded interior of van will make it more secure and safe.