HanoiTo Da Nang Aug 26, 2019

Departure: Monday, August 26, 2019 20:10 from HNO Hanoi

Arrival: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 12:20 to DNA Danang, Da Nang

Duration: 16h 10m

Class: 1st Class Sleeper

Facilities and services: Aircon, Steward, WC

Confirmation: Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation: Cancelation possible (check rules)

IMPORTANT: On Vietnam Railways 1st Class Sleepers are 'soft' beds with four (4) berths per cabin. VIP Sleepers with 2 berths per cabin are ONLY on the privately run railway cars. 2nd Class Sleepers are hard beds with six (6) berths per cabin.
Order your tickets and receive them via email AFTER we confirm with the railway. This may not happen 'instantly' for non-urgent orders placed on weekends or after business hours. You should recieve your receipt immediately and please be patient with the tickets. We process every order ASAP and emailing us about it does not speed the process. With your e-ticket you may either print or show on your smartphone/tablet at the gate to board the train. VIETNAM RAILWAYS ONLY ISSUES ELECTRONIC TICKETS SO THERE IS NO NEED TO PRINT, PICK UP OR DELIVER TICKETS.
By default we will make every attempt to book your group together in the same compartment and in the lower berths, but we cannot 100% guarantee. When available we will book your seats on the side of the train offering beautiful views of the ocean and vietnamese coast, however no agency can 100% guarantee to book your seats on the correct side of the train due to Vietnam Railways operating procedures. Children aged 6 to 9 are 25% off sleeping berths and seats, 10 and over full price. Children under 6 are free and need no ticket as long as they share a seat or berth with you.

  • Baggage free 20kg/person. Exceeded luggage will be charged at the station.
  • Not allowed:
  • _ dangerous and banned goods under law (weapons, explosives, inflammables, toxic smell, corpse)
    • animals, except for pets (including dogs, cats, birds and ornamental fishes), having neccessary equipment to maintain hygiene and silence.
    • bulky equipments, TV, motorcycles ... are not listed as carry luggage and are required separate charged service, which can be purchased at the station Vietnam Railways ticket counter.

Cancelation policy: Ha Noi - Da Nang #SE19

The following refund options are available:

  1. Refund option

    Press refund button before 2019-08-24 20:10 PM Bangkok time (2 days left).

    Amount to be refunded: USD 21.57

train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Jul 24, 2019
A bumpy ride with a great view. The conductor was not really that nice, and I got eaten by bedbugs, other than that, an ok trip.
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Jul 18, 2019
1st class didnt match our expectations, when we tried to contact 12go.asia noone answered (tried about 6 times over a 45-min period). The staff on the train said we did not have tickets for 1st class. We ran around with several members from the staff on hanoi station 50 minutes who tried to help is since they all didnt think we got what we paid for. Eventually they said they'd upgrade us if 1st class had not been full already. Still not sure wether or not we actually got what we paid for but several members of the staff at the railway station reviewed our booking several times and also tried to contact the booking agent without success. Running around with all that baggage in that heat was really not fun. We did however arrive at our final destination
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Jul 14, 2019
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Jul 13, 2019
Generally it was a really good trip. The cabin was as expected, but we were relatively comfortable. The only real problem was other passengers who had no consideration for others. Someone was smoking on a no smoking train and a Vietnamese family had 8 people in a cabin with one very noisy child who was yelling and screaming and running around for hours disturbing everyone. The train staff did nothing about this. Also the train was nearly two hours late...
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Apr 21, 2019
This was the longest 16 hours of our lives. Looking back, we laugh, but I guess we expected too much for "first-class" service in Vietnam. The beds were hard and the train moved so much and made so much noise that sleep was almost impossible. The air-circulation made my eyes freak out and I woke up with two swollen, red eyes. No food is included and the bathrooms were so disgusting. I couldn't help but gag when I entered them and had to hold my breath and squat over the toilet. Just buy a flight. Or have a crazy experience to laugh about once you get to your hotel and have the best shower of your life. :D
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Mar 28, 2019
After reading so many mixed reviews of these trains I was slightly trepidatious on embarking on an overnighter, but thinking it through, the worst that could happen would be a crummy night's sleep, so decided to book a ticket anyhow. If bad, the experience would perhaps be some thing worth writing about, and if good, then great! The major complaint by most people seemed to be regarding cleanliness and the presence of roaches. Perhaps all the people who have been pleased by the trip haven't bothered to leave reviews then? I was utterly shocked by how clean the compartment I had was, and it seemed all the other compartments in my car were equally clean. There were even flowers in a vase on the table in every room! Mattresses were typical of Vietnamese mattresses, which is they were firm. I love a firm mattress, so was very comfortable. I had a top bunk, which I found to be wide enough for myself and my laptop and camera to rest. Linens were clean, and there is an open compartment beyond one's feet where additional baggage would be stored if necessary (I kept mine under the bottom bunk, but I suspect I should have tossed it up here). I would recommend packing along a jacket like a Patagonia Nano Puff (warmish, but packs down into a small pocket). The a/c is frigid, and my only complaint, and it goes on and off all night. The linens provided are not really up to the task of keeping one warm. The train was noisy and rocked a bit, but these are old tracks, so hardly surprising. If you're a European used to the smooth ride of your high-speed rail, this is not it, but if you're an American and have traveled with Amtrak, then this is pretty on par with that. The toilet was fine, I thought, and the window in there was kept open at all times, so it didn't smell too strongly. I wouldn't envy any ladies, or gents needing to sit though. Just empty your bowels before departure and you should be fine. After I was the only person left in my compartment a man came along to shoo me out and into another room. It took a second for me to deduce that he wanted to clean, and because other people had departed (this was about three hours to my eventual arrival at 12:30pm) other cabins I could easily be consolidated into one of those. This is quite practical thinking, but being as this is something that wouldn't happen in the States I was initially surprised by it. Great idea though, and the guy gave me a handshake once I understood and moved my things for him. Anyway, it was a great trip. Scenery closer to Da Nang is gorgeous. Did not buy any food on board, just brought some leftover pizza as dinner (do go to Cugini in Tay Ho, if you're in the area). I waited until I got off the train to get anything else. Hunger doesn't bother me much, and I knew there would be better food in Da Nang than whatever I might find on the train.
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Jan 28, 2019
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Jan 7, 2019
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Nov 3, 2018
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Oct 9, 2018
Carriage was very loud, toilets so unclean. Beds very uncomfortable even though they wer “1st class soft beds”.
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Sep 30, 2018
This is definitely something you need to do once. The beds are clean and comfy. There was a cart service selling coffee and snacks, water etc. but we took our own. The toilet was ok, but definitely got worse as the trip went on. I took my own tissues and wet wipes, and hey, it wasn’t the worst toilet Ive seen/used in Asia or Australia. What makes this so good though is you get to see so much of the country side and villages, plus the amazing coastline as you get closer to Denang.
train #SE19 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Sep 6, 2018
It was an interesting experience for my kids and me. Although, the toilet has strong urine smell the minute you enter it. Cleanliness cant really be seen because I took a night train so, it's quite dark and we didn't go back when it's day time. Our sleeper was okay but my daughter started shouting in the morning when she saw a cockroach crawling on her bed. Upon leaving the train, my other daughter saw quite a big rat passing through in between the toilet area and the cabin. We were so blessed that we didn't see the sight of it, when we were still a long way to go to our destination. We will surely take the plane back.