BangkokTo Chiang Mai Sep 22, 2019

Departure: Sunday, September 22, 2019 22:40 from Morchit, Bangkok

Arrival: Monday, September 23, 2019 09:25 to Chiang Mai Arcade

Duration: 10h 45m

Class: Express

Facilities and services:

Confirmation: Instant confirmation

Cancellation: No refunds, no cancelation

  • Bangkok's northern bus station is huge! You can get there from MRT subway station Khampaeng Phet by taxi (less than 50 Baht).
    Find your ticket counters A33, 37, 38, A7(North bound) on the ground floor and 34-35 (Northeast bound) on the 3rd floor or ask at the info box on the ground floor.
    Please come to check-in at the counter 60 minutes before departure time.
  • Baggage conditions
    1. Baggage that you bring on the car must be the same size as the storage compartment in the cabin. Objects that the company Indicating that the weight or size exceeds the limit will not be allowed Must be brought to the cabin and must be kept under the car only
    2. Passengers with baggage allowance of not more than 2 pieces, total weight not exceeding 20 kg. According to the company's shipping package
    3. Baggage, if there is a loss, the company will pay for the part But not more than 200 baht and is not responsible for the property that you carry on the car
    4. The company does not allow all animals to travel with the car.
    5. It is strictly prohibited to bring illegal items to the car, for example
      5.1 Antique pistols, swords, knives and similar objects
      5.2 Gas that can explode or ignite and not, such as aerosol, gas distilled from petroleum (butane), kerosene, refrigerant gas such as Diving tank with gas , Liquid nitrogen (such as paint, thinner, solvent), combustible solids (such as matches, lighters), organic materials, peroxides (such as resin), toxic substances, substances that may be infected (such as viruses, bacteria), radioactive substances (Eg radium) corrosive substances (such as acid, alkali), mercury, thermometer Substances that are magnetic, oxide (eg bleach)"

Cancelation policy: Morchit - Chiang Mai Arcade

No refunds.


bus Express, Budsarakham Tour, Aug 11, 2019
bus Express, Budsarakham Tour, Aug 11, 2019
bus Express, Budsarakham Tour, Dec 30, 2018
As a foreigner, you need to be prepared for hypercrowded station where no one speaks English and is not easy to find where to get your tickets from. The bus was not at the gate shown on the ticket but we were lucky enough to catch it anyway (just asking to other passengers around us). The trip was fairly comfortable, although air conditioning was very cold and the bathroom was disgusting and therefore unapproachable.
bus Express, Budsarakham Tour, Dec 27, 2018
Unfortunately I was disappointed with the experience. The bus left an hour and a half late and didn't place us on the bus we had paid for. We paid for the nicer bus, and this older one broke down in the middle of the night and stayed on the side of the road for at least 3 hours. We arrived very late to Chiang Mai, so now I can't get the transfer bus from there I wanted. I would greatly appreciate a reimbursement for this. Please let me know.
bus Express, Budsarakham Tour, Nov 22, 2018
bus Express, Budsarakham Tour, Nov 22, 2018
So far so good. No delay arrived.