Da NangTo Quang Nam Feb 24, 2019

Departure: Any time from Danang Center, Da Nang

Arival: Hoi An, Quang Nam

Duration: 1h

Class: Minivan 4pax

Facilities and services: Aircon

Confirmation: Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation: Cancelation possible (check rules)

Transport Types:
Toyota Commuter or Ford Transit: TiiM will guarantee the transport of up to 7 people with luggage.
Toyota Innova: TiiM will guarantee the transport of up to 3 people with luggage.
Depending on the amount of luggage it may be possible to add 1 additional passenger but if your party is unable to fit, you will pay other costs.

Transfer to/from AIRPORT, please choose the airport name when purchasing bookings.
Go to the passenger pickup area of the station/airport and look for our representative with your name. If you can not find our representative, please contact the hotline (0084) (0) 9 3418 6966. If your train is delayed by more than one hour, please contact the hotline. Drivers are instructed to wait for one hour and we can not take any responsibility for late arrivals that exceed this waiting time unless you contact the hotline.
Oversized items will be at surcharge and are payable directly to the driver: Bicycles /Surfboards, etc.
The driver can take a photo of you as an evidence that he served you.

Cancelation policy: Ga Da Nang to Hoi An Town

The following refund options are available:

  1. Refund option

    Press refund button before 2019-02-22 00:00 AM Bangkok time (2 days left).

    Amount to be refunded: $ 12.07

At 12Go our operators offer three types of service:

Cheap, Fast, Good - but you can usually pick only two of them!
Cheap & Fast won’t be Good. (e.g. buses from/to Khao San Road, local buses or 3rd class trains)
Cheap & Good won’t be Fast. (e.g. VIP trains in Thailand)
Fast & Good won’t be Cheap. (e.g. private limousine services, or VIP24 buses vs Express buses)

Make your choice! Please remember that while we are closely monitoring the services, we are still an agency marketplace. That means we focus on ticketing services and route availability & coverage rather than on the factual seat reclining angle you will get on the bus today.

Jul 30, 2018
charter Minivan 4pax, Tiim Charter
Jul 27, 2018
charter Minivan 4pax, Tiim Charter
My ticket indicated that my pickup point is at Da Nang International airport. I was not able to find the representative, so I called the hotline. Thumbs up cause they have an english speaking representative on the phone (unlike Hoang Long who only has Vietnamese speaking representatives which is difficult if you’re a foreigner and don’t understand/speak the language). The phone representative then informed me that the driver is waiting for me at the train station. The phone representative informed me to wait as the driver will go to where I am. The only problem here is that the ticket is confusing. I took the train to Da Nang, but my ticket said Da Nang International airport. Company needs to specifically say the correct pickup point. Other than that, the company was fanstastic.
Jun 4, 2018
charter Minivan 4pax, Tiim Charter
A pleasant trip all around - thank you very much!
Apr 3, 2018
charter Minivan 4pax, Tiim Charter
Mar 14, 2018
charter Minivan 4pax, Tiim Charter
When I’m arrive in Da Nang airport at 12.30PM. The driver pick up me in 2PM. How long I have to waiting? I understand that my flight was delayed for 1hr. It have to arrive in11.30AM but I think I have booking private van that can depart any time then when I’m arrive the driver have to still be in airport.
12Go response:
We are terribly sorry about this and will be issuing a full refund. Several things happened on the evening of the 14th to cause the mishap and we have taken steps to ensure it can not occur in the future. You should be receiving confirmation of the refund shortly and we wish you best of luck on your travels in Vietnam. Best regards, Spencer Tiesse, 12Go Business Development Team [Support case #397284](https://12go.asia/en/support-case?token=QmNIUkNrQXdGQURRWDFvYnlvT0hVYlNKMnRTbXZia3k3VnA0SXZ0NjUyeWZSSUZYR05MQkJ0eUpDRzl3a3lqRU9UN1F4VGhUNTlkWWtwblZmT2xLQXJhOW9ja1JLQW5leEY1aC9XbW1KYUF4Q3R0TUo1NmNkYmxpdlBvQg,,)