Ho Chi MinhTo Nha Trang Jul 27, 2019

Departure: Saturday, July 27, 2019 21:55 from SGO Ho Chi Minh City

Arrival: Sunday, July 28, 2019 04:54 to NTR Nha Trang

Duration: 6h 59m

Class: 1st Class Sleeper

Facilities and services: Aircon, Steward, WC

Confirmation: Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation: Cancelation possible (check rules)

IMPORTANT: On Vietnam Railways 1st Class Sleepers are 'soft' beds with four (4) berths per cabin. VIP Sleepers with 2 berths per cabin are ONLY on the privately run railway cars. 2nd Class Sleepers are hard beds with six (6) berths per cabin.
Order your tickets and receive them via email AFTER we confirm with the railway. This may not happen 'instantly' for non-urgent orders placed on weekends or after business hours. You should recieve your receipt immediately and please be patient with the tickets. We process every order ASAP and emailing us about it does not speed the process. With your e-ticket you may either print or show on your smartphone/tablet at the gate to board the train. VIETNAM RAILWAYS ONLY ISSUES ELECTRONIC TICKETS SO THERE IS NO NEED TO PRINT, PICK UP OR DELIVER TICKETS.
By default we will make every attempt to book your group together in the same compartment and in the lower berths, but we cannot 100% guarantee. When available we will book your seats on the side of the train offering beautiful views of the ocean and vietnamese coast, however no agency can 100% guarantee to book your seats on the correct side of the train due to Vietnam Railways operating procedures. Children aged 6 to 9 are 25% off sleeping berths and seats, 10 and over full price. Children under 6 are free and need no ticket as long as they share a seat or berth with you.

  • Baggage free 20kg/person. Exceeded luggage will be charged at the station.
  • Not allowed:
  • _ dangerous and banned goods under law (weapons, explosives, inflammables, toxic smell, corpse)
    • animals, except for pets (including dogs, cats, birds and ornamental fishes), having neccessary equipment to maintain hygiene and silence.
    • bulky equipments, TV, motorcycles ... are not listed as carry luggage and are required separate charged service, which can be purchased at the station Vietnam Railways ticket counter.

Cancelation policy: Sai Gon - Ha Noi #SE2

The following refund options are available:

  1. Refund option

    Press refund button before 2019-07-25 21:55 PM Bangkok time (2 days left).

    Amount to be refunded: USD 18.79

train #SE2 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Apr 26, 2019
train #SE2 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Nov 6, 2018
It is was it is, your travel and accomodation all in one. The VIP sleeper was clean and looked quite new. USB charging point was a plus. Like other reviews, don’t rely on this journey for a good nights sleep as it’s noisy and you get a little thrown about. My wife was cold but I was ok, our AC seems to be broken and wouldn’t open or close any. Top bunks have storage above corridor before you enter the room which stored both our backpacks and other bags also. Overall I would definitely recommend, maybes pack some ears plugs and an eye mask for any chance of some sleep.
train #SE2 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Dec 11, 2018
Train was late for 3 hours.
train #SE2 VIP Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Oct 5, 2018