BangkokTo Koh Phangan May 1, 2018

Departure: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 19:00 from Southern Terminal, Bangkok

Arival: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 10:30 to Thong Sala (Koh Phangan)

Duration: 15h 30m

Class: Express

Facilities and services: Aircon, Food, Snack, TV, WC

Confirmation: Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation: No refunds, no cancelation

Southern Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) is located at Borommaratchachonnani Road in Bangkok.
Taxi fare from Victory Monument/BTS train station less than 200THB.

  • Check in at Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) is at 3rd floor inside main building (you can get 3rd floor by escalator). Counter number 44, after check in please go to Platform 16.
  • Please come at least 30 min before departure.

Cancelation policy: Bangkok(Sai Tai Mai) to Koh Phangan (Express)

No refunds.


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Cheap & Good won’t be Fast. (e.g. VIP trains in Thailand)
Fast & Good won’t be Cheap. (e.g. private limousine services, or VIP24 buses vs Express buses)

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Apr 18, 2018
bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour
Comfortable and more organized than other services going to Koh Phangan. Snacks could be better, but the blanket and pillow were nice. It’s a slow boat so if you’re in a rush should pick a different company. But overall nice experience.
Apr 1, 2018
bus VIP24, Krungsiam Tour
Well organized! Left exactly on time and also arrived at our destination on time. Nice clean bus, and they gave drinks/snacks for the ride.
Mar 30, 2018
bus Express, Krungsiam Tour
Money was stolen
Feb 28, 2018
bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour
Great value for money, but arrived at destination over 3 hours late, had 2 hours on a packed mini bus to get to ferry then a 2 hour wait to get on the ferry - not what you want in the early hours. But we arrived safe and sound
Feb 26, 2018
bus Express, Krungsiam Tour
Overall comfort seat, tell,air conditioning (though better put some clothes on on top because they won't turn it off). It is efficient. Does the work from A to B.. although yes the contract covers them by calling"culture differences" not blamable to 12go. Nonetheless, we have not same code but a smiley face in tourism industry is at least what you can offer to clients to make them feel comfortable!! The lady is rude, and stress full. When she drop us off not even a "bye"! She is briefing the schedule in Thai but not in English even if she speaks English! So when costumers ask her details of the journey she put on a funny face and not responsive. driver was more considerate. For the food stop-over, don't expect much of it. Let's say it's nice to have a break . That saying, the price is good for what you get more or less
Feb 26, 2018
bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour
The initial bus we took was comfortable but they were late getting us to the transfer bus, did not tell us or really give us proper instructions when dropping us off leaving us to fend for ourselves and have to argue with the transfer bus company about getting to the ferry on time. I was highly unimpressed with the lack of direction or care - the company knew they’d messed up and didn’t do anything to rectify or explain or apologise. Thankfully the girl at the transfer service, after a lot of broken English communication and stubbornness, organised a transfer for us to get the right ferry on time - definitely cut it fine though and was not ideal at 6am.
Feb 10, 2018
bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour
Pague 1050 bath por el viaje pensado que no quedarían plazas y al llegar a la estación el mismo viaje salia por casi 300 bath menos. Se suponía que eran 14 horas de viaje y en total fueron 20 largas , el personal no habla nada de inglés y a veces se hace complicado porque no sabes ni donde vas ni lo que tienes que hacer. Para mi la primera y última vez que compro un viaje anticipado.
Feb 1, 2018
bus VIP24, Krungsiam Tour
The trip was an easy ride. The seats were very comfortable. The staff was very helpful and made the trip as easy as possible even for westerners who didn't speak any Thai. The snacks were good. Instant coffee, water, a Coke, and I believe a pineapple pie. There are tablets w games and the like. The overnight ride is definitely the way to go. They even gave plastic wrapped blankets and (not plastic wrapped) pillows
Oct 25, 2017
bus VIP24, Transport Co STM
Seats were super comfy! Snacks were great! Only issue was that we weren't given our mid trip meal because we didn't have our tickets to surrender (the ticket which was taken off us by the ticket lady prior to boarding), so a little unfair.