Siem ReapTo Ho Chi Minh Jun 30, 2019

Departure: Sunday, June 30, 2019 08:00 from REP Siem Reap Airport

Arrival: Sunday, June 30, 2019 09:10 to SGN Ho Chi Minh Airport

Duration: 1h 10m

Class: Economy

Facilities and services: Aircon, Steward, WC

Luggage: Some airlines might have carry-on luggage only included in the price. For more information press *Book now*. You can add extra luggage during the booking process.

Confirmation: Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation: No refunds, no cancelation

  • To complete the check in procedures you need to come to the airport:
  • 2 hours before domestic departures
  • 3 hours before international flights.
  • If you travel inside your domestic region you must have a valid ID or passport.
  • If your travel is international you may need a valid visa. Please check the visa rules for the countries you plan to visit.
    1. Hand Baggage weight must not exceed 7kg (56cm × 36cm × 23 cm)
    2. Domestic Vietnam flights cheking-in:
      • You need to present at check-in one of following items for Vietnamise: Identification card, Passport.
      • 20 kgs baggage is free, dimensions sum most not exceed 203cm, VND 80,000 per extra kg.
    3. International flights cheking-in:
      • You need to present at check-in valid passport with at least six months’ validity and the applicable valid visas.
      • 20 kgs baggage is free, dimensions sum most not exceed 203cm, USD 5 - USD 30 per extra kg depending on route. Please see fee schedule for additional information.

Cancelation policy: Siem Reap Airport - Ho Chi Minh Airport

No refunds.


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Oct 9, 2018
avia Economy, Vietnam Airlines
An hour and a half by plane compared to an overnight bus ride-no contest. Enjoyed the flight!