Phnom PenhTo Don Mueang Airport Jul 25, 2019

Departure: Thursday, July 25, 2019 08:25 from PNH Phnom Penh Airport

Arrival: Thursday, July 25, 2019 09:35 to DMK Don Mueang Airport

Duration: 1h 10m

Class: Economy

Facilities and services: Aircon, Steward, WC

Luggage: Some airlines might have carry-on luggage only included in the price. For more information press *Book now*. You can add extra luggage during the booking process.

Confirmation: Instant confirmation

Cancellation: No refunds, no cancelation

  • Please be aware that you ought to come to the airport:
    • 2 hours before domestic flights to complete checking procedures.
    • 3 hours before international flights to complete checking procedures.
  • If you travel inside your domestic region you must have valid ID or passport to complete checking procedures.
  • If your travel is international you may need a valid visa to complete checking procedures.
  • Please see visa rules between countries that you are going to travel.
  • The fees for infants between 9 days old to under the age of 24 months vary depending on your travel period and destination.
  • You may take on board any two items: cabin bag (56cm X 36cm X 23cm, 7kg), a laptop bag or a handbag per passenger (except infants).
  • Checked baggage can be arranged while booking. No luggage included in the ticket. Each checked baggage must not exceed: (81cm X 119cm X 119cm, 40kg), no baggage allowance for infants, baggage fees provided on booking form. A baggage fee is charged for the carriage of Checked Baggage, which will be charged at a discounted rate if purchased at time of booking or up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure or at a full rate at the Airport Check-in counters. A minimum of 15 kg for domestic flight and 20 kg for international flights.
  • Flight time may be changed by operator, you will be notified via SMS if it happens.
    Domestic and international flights: no luggage allowance included, you need to book it extra. Carry-on luggage: max. two pieces, together not more than 7 kg. Business class: 20 kg checked luggage included.

Cancelation policy: Phnom Penh Airport - Don Mueang Airport

No refunds.


avia Economy, Thai AirAsia, Jan 10, 2019
The flight was quick & efficient, great service. However,’s partner first sent me my e-ticket to download at 4:20pm so I did & printed it @ a printer. Thinking I was all set I went to dinner and settled in for the night. Around 9:00 I got an email saying that additionally I needed to print my boarding pass. The timing 5 hours after I purchased my ticket, lack of communication & clarity coupled w/everything being closed really wreaked havoc on my night. It was very stressful and seemed unprofessional like a poor business model-to send the boarding passes 5 hours hence. I thought you should know. There is a notation that says you may be delayed or declined(understandable) but five hours in the middle of the night, is unacceptable.
avia Economy, Thai AirAsia, Dec 26, 2018