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Zamboanga Port to Dumaguete Port


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How to get from Zamboanga to Dumaguete

Zamboanga to Dumaguete are separated by a distance of approximately 400 kilometres and traveling between the two is possible by air and by sea. At this time though, no airline offers direct flights for this short route. If you are flying, expect a total flight time of around 3 hours for an average airfare of PHP6,000 per pax as you will have to rely on connecting flights. Getting to Dumaguete by boat should take around 14 hours and tickets cost between PHP1,000 and PHP5,700, give or take.

Ferry from Zamboanga to Dumaguete

Traveling by boat is a more straightforward affair.

Note! 2GO sails from Zamboanga to Dumaguete on TUESDAY.

2Go has two vessels that regularly sail to Dumaguete once a week. Every Tuesday, Saint Francis Xavier or St. Michael The Archangel departs Zamboanga at 9 pm and arrives to Dumaguete the next day at approximately 11 am.

These vessels have several accommodations available to suit your budget and preferences. If you are on a strict budget, you can book their Super Value Class or Mega Value Class for just PHP900. You'll be staying in a bunk bed and there isn't much privacy so you may have to keep watch over your valuables.

If you can spare a couple hundreds more, it is better to book a bed in the Tourist Class section. Bunk beds are comfier and there are fewer people. There are mattresses and pillows but you need to pay extra for linens.

Cabin for 4 is also available for PHP2,200 as well as Stateroom for 2 and Suite room for 2 for PHP5,300 and PHP5,700 respectively. If you don't have any budget constraint then the last two accommodations we mentioned are your best bet for staying in a hotel-like comfort. You'll have your very own toilet and bath plus toiletries.

Flights from Zamboanga to Dumaguete

Cebu Pacific is probably your only choice if you wish to fly from Zamboanga to Dumaguete, though they do not have direct flights.

Your choices are limited to several departures a day with an inevitable layover in either Manila or Davao connecting to onward flights to Dumaguete from Manila or Davao. The whole trip should cost between PHP4,500 and PHP8,000 with a total flight duration between 2.5 and 3 hours plus a stopover.

If you're not pressed for time though then you should be okay with this option. Cebu Pacific is especially liked by budget travellers because of the versatility it offers as well as their frequent seat sales. You can fly with just the standard 7-kilogram hand-carry luggage if you are traveling light. If you have at least 6 months before your target travel date, we recommend following this airline's social networking accounts so you can take advantage of any sales promotions.

General notes

As far as onboard amenities and facilities go, you can expect a cafe, convenience store, charging station, diner, salon, spa, videoke room, and an entertainment that sometimes host live events.

Cancellations are not rare during the typhoon season though so you might want to avoid traveling during this period if you are in a rush.

Also, waters can be rough so we suggest bringing meds against motion sickness.

From Zamboanga to Dumaguete by bus and ferry

Alternatively, from Zamboanga you may head to Dapitan via Dipolog overland which would take around 8 hours and then take a 3-hour fast ferry to Dumaguete. FastCat departs Dapitan thrice daily at 2 am, 10 am, and 6 pm. An Economy ticket will set you back PHP400, while a Premium Economy costs PHP460, and a Business Class ticket costs PHP520.

Transportation from Zamboanga Port to Dumaguete Port

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