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Yangon to Monywa destination reviews

130 customer reviews
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Nov 6, 2019
1. Hassled by MR porters at Yangon station who demanded large sums for minimal work. The porter was not requested or required. 2. The windows on the carriage were extremely difficult to raise or lower. 3. At dusk the carriage filled with midges, flies, mosquitoes attracted by the light. 4. The sleeper bed was extremely hard. 5. Above all not knowing if one can buy a ticket until a couple of days before ones journey is stressful. (Unable to get return ticket as all taken by others earlier on day of sale). 6. 12Go Asia agent for purchase of ticket was pitiful.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Oct 31, 2019
You should take the train if you want to go for a slow jurney, see the countryside and just relax. Expect a bumpy ride, no AC and no punctuality, but thats part of the charm. Sleeper Class was fine. You can order food on the train and the staff is helpful. If you are on a schedule and expect a lot of comfort, you are better off flying or taking the bus. Ticket was issued and there was no problem with picking it up. Of corse you pay for the service if someone is going to stand in the line and get the ticket for you. Price was ok for me.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Aug 13, 2019
It was a 16 hour journey that unfortunately didn't enjoy at all. The beds were not very comfortable and with the noise and motion of the train, I barely slept the whole journey. The toilets were disgusting and there wasn't anywhere to even do a basic clean up. Even with the door locked peoole kept knocking every 2 minutes to ask if we wanted food or water. Nothing to see at night and a lot of insects flying around. There's no AC and only a little fan for 4 which isn't great. The cabin was not very clean and the sheets / pillow cases not very clean either. The only good thing was a few sceneries along the way but again most of the time, being the night train, we couldn't see anything. Wouldn't do it again and fly.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Aug 9, 2019
staff are helpful and got the best room in the cabin
Bus VIP, JJ Express, Jul 31, 2019
Good english spoked, leaved and arrived on time, water and snacks for free on board, two stops for toilet and not to sell things, free shuttle bus to Mandalay centre from central bus station
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Jun 24, 2019
Very bouncy. If you are a person who finds sleep difficult you won't get much on this trip.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Jun 13, 2019
This is a good way to get to see some of Myanmar countryside and was one of the main reasons I took the train. The carriages and tracks are old and are in need of upgrading. If you are a light sleeper be warned it is a bumpy and noisy journey, but I was expecting this and I managed to get a reasonable nights sleep. I would consider doing this again once they have upgraded the trains
Bus VIP, JJ Express, May 27, 2019
The ride was good and comfortable but the place were the buss would departure and the check in was not correct supplied by 12GO
Bus VIP, JJ Express, May 24, 2019
We used JJ Express VIP. It was great reclined chairs, water, and food provided, entertainment system in the back of the chair. Could not have asked for more. We could actually sleep for most of the journey.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, May 14, 2019
Do this trip only if your fascination with the passing scenery and tide of humanity exceeds your tolerance of noise, discomfort and heat. Mine does luckily so I thoroughly enjoyed this unforgettable experience.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Apr 14, 2019
Very noisy and uncomfortable train journey, but that was expected based on other reviews, and apparently the line and trains are in process of being upgraded so once complete would hopefully be a lot better. Some great views of countryside and villages in the morning. Food available regularly, recommend sleeper carriage for extra space.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Mar 27, 2019
Trip was fine but train was dirty, old and crowded. Very little English spoken. No coach numbers on outside of train. Food was ok.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Mar 27, 2019
I expected aircon but there was no aircon. The ride was very loud so I didn't sleep much. The food was good (fried rice no meat). There was a little misunderstanding because I thought they asked me if egg was oke but apparently I ordered an extra scrambled egg (which turned out to be an omelet).
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Mar 6, 2019
More uncomfortable than I thought it would be. Sixteen hours unable to sleep very much due to motion and noise of train. Do not recommend to anyone. Much better to fly, Not very safe! There were five members of the police on board the train. — to protect the passengers from loosing their belonging and possible physical attack. This must have happened on previous train journeys, being reason for their being there.
train #11 Upper Class, Myanmar Railways, Mar 1, 2019
Obsolete, loud train that bounces and rocks and rolls for just under 16 hours. You take this train for the experience and I'd wanted to do it for a long time. It's a trip you won't forget!!
train #11 Upper Class, Myanmar Railways, Feb 18, 2019
Ride is exactly what you'd expect - long and bumpy. Nevertheless, it's an unforgettable experience and something worth trying.
train #3 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Feb 18, 2019
The ride is not comfy and the train not clean. But its an experience ????
train #11 Upper Class, Myanmar Railways, Feb 7, 2019
Was a long day on the train but a wonderful experience. Tickets were easy to purchase. Thankyou
train #11 Upper Class, Myanmar Railways, Jan 27, 2019
15.5 hours, upperclass, Yangon Mandalay, day train. The Seats are very comfortabele. The train it self is an old Chinese train, partly cleaned. Toilet was ok but Asian type. Lots of food offered the whole trip from walkers through. Charming. Also beer. Beware for the cooked food ... can be contaminated. Track is often bad which makes the train wobble a lot but long parts are ok and the train makes good speed. The views are good and that was my main reason to take the day train.
train #3 Upper Class, Myanmar Railways, Jan 26, 2019
Couldn’t sleep because locals shouting all night selling their food. Already they stop at a time. Not all night.

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