Yangon to Bagan

Yangon to Bagan

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RGN Yangon Airport
1h 20m flight #YH741 with Air Thanlwin in Economy
NYU Nyaung U Airport, Bagan
RGN Yangon Airport
1h 20m flight #K7264 with Air KBZ in Economy
NYU Nyaung U Airport, Bagan
RGN Yangon Airport
1h 20m flight #K7242 with Air KBZ in Economy
NYU Nyaung U Airport, Bagan

From Yangon Airport to Bagan by flight

RGN Yangon Airport
1h 20m flight #K7242 with Air KBZ in Economy
NYU Nyaung U Airport, Bagan
RGN Yangon Airport
1h 20m flight #YH741 with Air Thanlwin in Economy
NYU Nyaung U Airport, Bagan
RGN Yangon Airport
1h 20m flight #K7264 with Air KBZ in Economy
NYU Nyaung U Airport, Bagan

Yangon to Bagan Schedule

Yangon to Bagan Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Air KBZ Economy #K724207:00 - 08:20MMK 202,341
Air Thanlwin Economy #YH90907:00 - 08:20MMK 168,334
Myanmar National Airlines Economy #UB26108:00 - 09:20MMK 93,989
Air KBZ Economy #K721108:45 - 10:05MMK 202,341
Myanmar National Airlines Economy #UB26112:30 - 13:50MMK 89,214
Air Thanlwin Economy #YH74115:30 - 16:50MMK 168,334
Air KBZ Economy #K726416:15 - 17:35MMK 202,341

How to get from Yangon to Bagan

One of the undeniable highlights to any trip to Burma, Bagan lies 620 km north of Yangon. No wonder that the route between Yangon and Bagan is well travelled. You can either fly or opt for an overland trip depending on your budget and overall preferences. Buses, trains and planes allow you to take your time, save a couple of bucks in your pocket and put up with a long journey and bumpy road or travel fast and part with some USD100+ and get closer to the mysterious temples of Bagan is just one hour. Whichever way you choose, it is always an adventure in Burma.

From Yangon to Bagan by train

A direct railway line links Yangon to Bagan. Departing from Yangon, it is the same line which heads straight north up to Mandalay, and Bagan-bound line branches off south of Pyinmana, turning southwest to Lewe and then northwest to Taungdwingyi and Kyaukpadaung before reaching Bagan Railway Station which is actually located 3 km south of Nyaung U. The railway route meandering through the countryside with occasional golden stupas dotting it here and there is quite scenic but also longer than the bus route. It takes 17 hours to get from Yangon to Bagan by train.

There is only one daily train #61 from Yangon to Bagan leaving at 4pm and reaching the train station at Nyaung U by 10am the next morning. The trains offer carriages of all classes available in Burma: the cheapest hard seats in ordinary class; slightly more comfy second class seats, soft reclining upper class seats and the local luxury, berths in a sleeping car. Prices fluctuate significantly, from MMK5,500/USD4 for a hard seat if you buy it in person at the station to MMK80,000/USD60 for a berth in a sleeping car when purchasing in advance from outside of Burma.

Sleeping cars are undoubtedly the most comfortable and enjoyable way to travel over such a long route, especially if you travel as a group of friends or a family and can get the whole compartment all for yourself. Otherwise consider upper class seats – they are less expensive than berths and more expensive than second class seats but a far way more comfortable than the latter.

Note There is no air-conditioning in carriages. Some have ceiling fans and others get their portion of fresh air from the open windows but generally it is not a problem even if travelling during the hottest months (April and May). It also pays to have some warm clothes at hand as it can get rather chilly at night.

Tip During low season train #61 offers no sleeping cars; your choice is restricted to different kinds of seats only.

Yangon Central Railway Station is located in Kun Chan Road, opposite the stadium.

Bagan Railway station lies 500 m south of the Highway bus station and about 3 km past the airport – a way from Nyaung U. Taxis are available for destinations within Nyaung U, New & Old Bagan at more or less the same price (MMK8,000/USD8). Inquire with your hotel if they provide free pick up from the train station – some of them do it for airport arrivals but you can always negotiate. Shared taxis normally ask MMK2,000 per seat for Nyaung-U. If prices offered by taxi drivers at the railway station look too high, just walk 150 m to the highway and get your ride at a cheaper rate.

From Yangon to Bagan by bus

There are several bus stations in Yangon, but the main one for Bagan-bound buses is Highway Bus Station, aka Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal. It is located well out of the city, 500 m east off Aung Mingalar Highway, between Sat Hmu Street and Sa Gaing Street; further 7 km northeast from Yangon International airport.

To get to the bus terminal, expect to pay MMK1,000 for a seat in a shared taxi or MMK6,000/USD5 for a whole vehicle.

Bus tickets can be purchased in the city from counters by the stadium, north of Yangon Central Railway Station. You will surely enjoy the process – normally nobody uses computer systems and when you need a ticket there are at least several people involved to discuss, to phone each other, to make a note in a notebook. But somehow it all functions quite ok – if you get your ticket, you will get a seat, too; do not worry.

There are several night buses from Yangon to Bagan leaving between 6pm and 9pm and one morning bus at 9am. They take about nine hours to get to Bagan, which is obviously much faster than trains do. But there are a couple of things to note before you take a bus to Bagan, though.

  • It can get freezing cold inside buses. As in many other hot countries, the Burmese tend to use excessive air-conditioning in buses. Do have some warm clothes at hand as even if blankets are provided, they are usually not enough.
  • Tickets sell quickly enough – book your ticket at least a couple of days in advance.
  • There are different classes of buses – from the very spartan and cheapest regular buses (from MMK15,000/USD11) to more comfortable VIP coaches (MMK26,000/USD19). You are unlikely to be able to have a nap in a regular bus as wooden benches instead of normal seats are not a rare case.
  • Buses usually make at least one stop en route for dinner. Expect locals to get out and eat with great appetite any time of night, be it midnight or small hours: meals are crucial!

Note that buses leaving Yangon in the evening arrive to Bagan early in the morning, between 3am and 5am. Try to buy a ticket for a bus leaving as late as possible to get to your destination at a more reasonable hour.

The new Highway bus station sits close to Bagan railway station, some 2.5 km past the airport. Shared taxis to Nyaung U are available for under MMK2,000, but you can as well walk 100m to the highway and flag down passing by transport. All the arriving buses are met by taxi drivers ‘Burma-style’ shouting out their prices and pushing you to get a ride with them. Prices offered tend to be ridiculously inflated. As in case with the airport and the railway station, your host can help to organize transfer at a better rate (about MMK5.000/USD5 per Nyaung U, a bit higher for New and Old Bagan).

Flights from Yangon to Bagan

A handful of airline companies offer direct daily flights between Yangon and Bagan. Airfare is far from being cheap: tickets cost from USD110 and up for a one-hour flight. In low season, you can grab promotion fares offered by some travel agents (Yangon-Bagan for about USD80). Flying saves you a cheap bumpy bus trip or a devastatingly long train journey though.

Tip Views of the Bagan temples from above during landing (or taking off naturally) are amazing. It is really a good idea to ask for a window seat.

In Yangon, Yangon International airport lies 17 km north from the Central Railway Station. It is not served by public transport – to get there you have to take a taxi (MMK8,000/USD8). You still can cover the major part of the distance between the city and the airport by public bus – look for any bus heading to Sel Maing Kone or Maha Si (ask locals, otherwise you are unlikely to figure out which bus is ok for you) and then walk up Yangon Airport Road – it is 2.5 km to the terminal building. A taxi from the stop should cost you about USD1.

Bagan airport is located in Nyaung U, east of New and Old Bagan. The airport facilities are limited and do not include ATMs or exchange service – ensure you have enough local currency at hand. Taxi drivers at the airport ask between MMK5,000 and MMK8,000 for destinations in Nyaung U, New & Old Bagan. If you book your accommodation with one of the midrange or top hotels, check if they provide free transfer from the airport – many of them do.

Note You have to pay the entrance fee to Bagan Archaeological Zone right at the airport. You will not be let out of the terminal building without your Bagan ticket. Ticket costs MMK25,000/USD22. If by some chance you do exit without paying, you will be asked to pay at your hotel or guesthouse as the owners register ticket numbers at check-in.

Onward travel from Bagan

Buses to Mandalay take 5 hours and cost MMK10,000/USD9. Train to Mandalay takes 7½ hours and departs daily at 7am. A much more scenic way to get to Mandalay from Bagan is to take a ferry going upstream along Irrawaddy River. Ferryboats take longer – from nine hours up – but let you avoid a bumpy bus ride. Note that there are different types of boats – from very slow ones (USD10) to more luxurious and speedy options (USD50). Opinions vary: some travellers rave about this boat journey between Bagan and Mandalay, others consider it too expensive, not so spectacular and boring.

Monywa, half way between Bagan and Mandalay, can also be reached by direct bus or via Pakokku.

There are buses to Kalaw and Taunggyi (for Inle Lake) from Bagan, too (from MMK12,000/USD10). The ride is extremely bumpy and winds its way through mountainous area in certain parts. If your bus has a lot of locals on board, do not be surprised to find half of your fellow passengers vomiting constantly. At the stop you will then find them dining with great appetite, though. ...And vomiting again afterwards! If you can afford flying, taking a plane is your best bet for travelling between Bagan and Inle Lake.

There are no direct buses for Sittwe or Mrauk U: you have to change at Magwe.

Transportation from Yangon to Bagan

Yangon to Bagan destination reviews

train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Mar 25, 2020
So.... first class sleeper in Myanmar is not what you'd see elsewhere in the world. Take a jacket or extra blanket and pack snacks. The sleeper is not assessed from the rest of the train.... I'd do it again I. A heartbeat, just better prepared.
flight Economy, Air Thanlwin, Mar 25, 2020
easy to follow instructions and easy to get too. Efficient staff and nice plane to travel in
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, Mar 23, 2020
Bus kept stopping to pick people (friends up ) tooting of the horn !! Lights kept going on and off and we were sitting near the back and every time some one got on ,, all they wanted to do was talk ??? Nightmare !!
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Mar 10, 2020
The train left on time and arrived in Bagan at 11am. The 12go arrival time of 9.30 is incorrect. We booked all 4 berths and had lots of room. Watch out for people selling food for the journey on platform - they are charming but try to charge far too much. We ordered sweet and sour chicken with fried rice from the official train steward who advised we would get it at 7pm and sure enough we arrived at a station and the food was handed to us. It was very tasty and plenty for 2 people - cost 6,000 kyat. We enjoyed the journey through the countryside and slept reasonably well. A pillow and sheet are provided. As it got cooler we switched off the fan. For security during the night we closed the windows and doors. The toilet facilities were fine - take own toilet paper. There was some water to ‘flush’ with. All in all a trip well worth doing
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Mar 8, 2020
We elected to pick up our tickets at the office. It was very hard to find. The directions were not accurate, and when we finally find it we were sent to another office down the street. Very frustrating and unprofessional. The train ride was just as described.
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Mar 1, 2020
A must do once trip !. Not much sleep with the rocking and noise but what a way to see the countryside. Food good, though a little expensive for what is was. Toilet was basic , it’s all you need. The county and the people , priceless !
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 28, 2020
Comfortable ride, great crew.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 24, 2020
Great Service, Good condition of the Bus incl Entertainment System and Snacks! On Time!
Bus VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express (Mandalar Minn Express), Feb 17, 2020
excelent trip
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 8, 2020
The trip with jj express was excellent. Big spacious buses, well organized and it was not cold in the bus! A perfect trip.
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Feb 7, 2020
Fun but freezing I felt like Jack on titanic at night! Get dressed. You can order a great food for the entire journey.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 6, 2020
Seats were very comfortable and very friendly staff! Snacks were good. When you are trying to sleep its not nice that they put all the big bright lights on at every stop. Our big negative point was that our backpacks in the bagage storage were completely soaked!! All of our clothes where wet!! So I recommend to all of the backpackes to put their raincover on it!
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Feb 3, 2020
Like the previous review, our schedule was fixed and we only got confirmation 2 days before departure. The service charges seemed high for the anxiety, minimal communication and service. The train was as expected from other reviews and l have experienced sleeper trains in India, but it took much longer and was swaying so much that l was actually concerned for my safety. Typically l enjoy the train to see the countryside but l trip is enough in Myanmar.
Bus Economy 45, Elite Express, Feb 1, 2020
AC was a bit too much. Wished I had a winter parka while there :)
Bus VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express (Mandalar Minn Express), Jan 28, 2020
nice, big chairs (which you can adjust according to your needs), during trip we got water, fanta, some snacks, can watch movies and listen to the music. The only small minus was very weak english of the stuff but honestly speaking- not necessery part.
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, Jan 27, 2020
A bit of anxious while waiting for the confirmation as nearing to the boarding date, since no way to contact them directly.
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Jan 26, 2020
We ordered the tickets on line on 12go.asia they replied immediately. We had them delivered to our hotel . I had a few questions which I submitted and they were very quick with a response. The tickets arrived a day ahead it was very professional
flight Economy, Air Thanlwin, Jan 21, 2020
The plane was comfortable enough and the pilot and crew were wonderful. Snacks could be tastier but that was not important. I think the company makes it easy to book and the journey was easy and the plane arrived with only a few minutes delay. Well done!
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Jan 20, 2020
Being in a sleeper didn’t have access to restaurant car, which made Food very expensive - paid 55k for 3 people for dinner and breakfast
Bus VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express (Mandalar Minn Express), Jan 13, 2020
The “vip lounge” is a total mess... but the trip was fine, no complains, except - as usual -polar cold in the bus, bring clothes
Bus Business, Elite Express, Jan 12, 2020
Seats were comfortable. BUT it was really cold. Blanket provided isn't enough. Needless air con on. We stopped at 1am and everyone was made to wake up and get off the bus for 30minutes. No toilet on bus, which is a surprise for VIP price.
Bus VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express (Mandalar Minn Express), Jan 9, 2020
The ride was nearly perfect. On time, great service, snack & water provided, good driver & comfy chairs that reclined well. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because the aircon which made it a freezing cold ride and that there wasn’t a bathroom on board as advertised. Other than that great trip!
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, Jan 2, 2020
Traveling in the night, very comfortable
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 26, 2019
Bus Economy 45, Elite Express, Dec 24, 2019
Nice clean bus.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 20, 2019
Great ride, and great service!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 16, 2019
Seamless booking and collection of bus tickets. Comfy and safe journey throughout. However, bus terminal at Yangon was far from city, recommend to grab and buffer more time as traffic can be quite bad.
Bus VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express (Mandalar Minn Express), Dec 13, 2019
Too cold
flight Economy, Myanmar National Airlines, Dec 11, 2019
Perfect servise, recommended
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 3, 2019
Wonderful bus service. Seats are extremely comfortable. The staff is very well taking care of you through the journey. Highly recommended.
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Nov 27, 2019
All was perfect
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Nov 26, 2019
We are seasoned travellers in our very early 60’s and love to experience all forms of transport in the countries we visit. My main concern after booking the tickets was that they could not be confirmed until a few days before travel which could have caused a problem for the rest of our trip. However this is not the fault of 12goasia and their communication via email on questions I asked could not be faulted. Picking the ticket up was an interesting experience as although we had a full address, buildings were not easily identifiable. Of course we could have paid $10 to get tickets delivered to our office but their emails about ticket pick up were very detailed concerning office hours etc. The first class train was definitely not to same standard as those we have used in Thailand or Vietnam. I was glad I had booked all 4 beds in our carriage so we could relax and spread out. The trip took 19 hours in the end from Yangon to Bagan. Very bumpy journey but I must have slept more than I realised. Food we bought on the train was actually very tasty with dinner and breakfast delivered to us, which was just as well as we could not move from our carriage! Not for the faint hearted but a great way to see the countryside and relatively cheap dinner, bed and breakfast with transport included!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 13, 2019
Bus Express, Bagan Min Tha, Nov 12, 2019
The bus was very narrow and a lot of passenger. Next to me was a family (daddy, mom and kid), late night the kid cried and made I unable to sleep. However, Staff of bus operators really nice and kind.
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Nov 12, 2019
Really rough ride. Took about 20 hours. Nice to be able to lie flat (unlike on airplane), but still tired and sticky upon arrival. Compartment was spacious enough for 3 people, and seats/beds and toilet functional. No air conditioning, but open windows provided nice breeze and good view of countryside and people and activities in villages and fields. Compartment completely isolated from rest of train. No food or water available except for few hawkers at occasional stations( very brief stops)- glad we brought our own water, peanuts and crackers. Interesting cultural experience, but wouldn’t choose to do again.
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Nov 11, 2019
Previous comments regarding this trip are factual. The train trip is a long (19 hours in our case), grubby and jolting journey but we have no regrets. It was truly memorable and provided a reality check regarding train travel from days gone by plus an opportunity to see rural living. Make sure you take plenty of water and other provisions even though some items can be purchased along the way. Useful to have a longyi/blanket and insecticide as carriage is fully airconditioned (open windows!) Another suggestion is don’t wear white. Collection of tickets from Pegu has already been accurately described.
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, Nov 10, 2019
Very nice bus with helpful staff.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 4, 2019
Location is a bit out from the yangon City centre. Service is good.
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Nov 3, 2019
Travelers should be aware though that, oddly enough for a travel agency, Pegu Travels, the ticket-distributing affiliate in Yangon, closes on Saturday at 12:30, all day on Sunday and on public holidays. Pegu Travel will not give any information until it has tickets in hand three days before departure, and the office will leave tickets to be retrieved from a lockbox in their office building basement if travelers are not able to retrieve tickets during opening hours. Finding Pegu Travel can get complicated, but these clues can help. Pegu Offices are located in the Grand Nawaday Condominium on Nawaday Street. The Grand Nawaday is not to be confused with the Nawaday Condominium a few doors down, nor is it to be confused with Fantastic Condominium, the only building with a Pegu Travel sign and through whose basement I sloshed in three inches of water with no sight of a lockbox! Rather, the Grand Nawaday Condominium is indeed the El Dorado of Mayanmar golden train tickets. To find its hidden location, head west from the eastern end of Nawaday Street. The Grand Nawaday is tucked back in an alley on the left a few buildings from the eastern end of Nawaday Street. There is a “Grand Nawaday Condiminium” sign over the alley, but it cannot be seen from the same side of the street. Head into the alley and down the ramp into the garage. On the left by the lift, there is a lockbox in which you will find your ticket. Security had not been informed that I would be coming, so there was a bit of an awkward moment as I struggled without my glasses to dial the correct code into the combination lock. But lo-and-behold! the elusive tickets appeared after a 90-minute treasure hunt! And what a treasure traveling on the Yangon to Bagan Line is!
train #61 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Nov 2, 2019
Excellent service, sleeper train tickets to bagan we’re waiting in our hostel the day before departure.
Bus Express, Bagan Min Tha, Sep 4, 2019
Clean, the air conditioner is functioning properly, departs on time and arrives earlier than expected. Every passenger will get one bottle of mineral water, one neck pillow and blanket. Bus will stop for lunch for 30 minutes.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Sep 1, 2019
Great journey. Beside drinking water their do serve with some bread and biscuit.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 31, 2019
Their reception has very good english & communication skill. After we gave them a phone call - they waited for us for 5 mins while we were stuck in the jam. ++6 for overall experience and star facilities.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 23, 2019
It was a nice and safe trip to Bagan. Thank you
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 20, 2019
Hassle free and great service.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 8, 2019
Bus was on time, aircon was cold but not to cold, seats comfy, we even reached early. Overall a very pleasant journey
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jul 31, 2019
Everything was amazing. The cleanliness of the bus, the staff on the bus, the timeliness. Can’t complain.
Bus VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express (Mandalar Minn Express), Jul 17, 2019
Not a sleeping bus as advertised. Just a recliner seat. So disappointed.
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, Jul 3, 2019
As the description says, Quite freezing is right! The thin blankets weren't enough, wear long pants! The bus is comfortable but it was hard to sleep with cold/bumps/constant tooting of the horn. The 'VIP' package included a can of coke, a banana cake thing a wet wipe and curiously a toothbrush and toothpaste (but no apparent way/time to use it) At the other end we were ripped off by the taxis charging several times what a 5 minute journey should cost. My advice is to leave bus terminal and talk to toktok drivers
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jun 25, 2019
No se porque, nos cambiaron de bus en una parada. Los asientos comodos pero no eran los que aparecen en la foto.
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