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Vigan City to Manila Farinas Transit


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Vigan City to Manila Farinas Transit Destination Reviews

Bus Deluxe, Farinas Trans (Fariñas Trans), Mar 5, 2020
I appreciate that we were advised that the Deluxe bus that we booked on would not be running that day. We were downgraded to First Class with CR and re-booked for the earlier trip. I had already paid for the Deluxe tickets in full prior to the trip but was able to get a refund of the excess amount from the conductor. Though we were not seated in the same row, we were seated in the same column of seats. So, at least effort was made to seat us close together. However, unlike our trip to Vigan, the trip back to Manila did not afford me a restful sleep as I kept sliding out of my seat whenever the bus turned a corner or went on a zigzag route. I would have given it 5 stars but for this.
Bus Deluxe, Farinas Trans (Fariñas Trans), Mar 3, 2020
12GO doesn't provide Senior Discount. AC on the bus was too cold. Only pro are the kind Farinas conductors.
Bus Express, Aniceto Bus Lines (Aniceto Bus Lines), Feb 26, 2020
The bus was clean, however, it was not a comfortable ride. You cannot sleep while travelling. Every time the bus stops, you'll be awaken. Grabe mka break ang driver and it was not a smooth ride.
Bus Super Deluxe, Farinas Trans (Fariñas Trans), Feb 14, 2020
Good! On time But they give me another seat
Bus 1st Class CR, Farinas Trans (Fariñas Trans), Jan 22, 2020
I booked for an earlier travel time to make sure that I could go home by night but the bus was two hours delayed on the said time so I waited in the middle of road and got heated by the sun in Vigan. The driver and the conductor was very noisy and no care at all to the passengers. I know there will be 2 or 3 stopovers for our trip but the conductor has other ways in giving stopovers, whenever they feel like to stopover, they will stop in the middle of the road just to have a “SMOKING BREAK”. It’s really just unbelievable! And the driver somehow don’t know where to drive because he keeps on turning around to drive on the right way. It was really exhausting to ride with that kind of service.
Bus Deluxe, Farinas Trans (Fariñas Trans), Jan 20, 2020
it was a pleasant trip! memorable one!
Bus Express, Aniceto Bus Lines (Aniceto Bus Lines), Jan 7, 2020
The bus terminal (very small) was easy to find, and the staff in the "office" was very helpful and efficient in confirming our booking and telling our seats, although we didn't have a print-out of the booking (only shown on phone). The bus was very clean. Seats were comfortable. They didn't play loud music (horray!) and when I requested to turn down the volume even more towards midnight, the conductor happily obliged. The bus stopped along the way to pick up (and dropped off) passengers but everyone got their seats. Overall, it was a smooth and good experience.
Bus Express, Aniceto Bus Lines (Aniceto Bus Lines), Jan 4, 2020
No hassle booking. It was still within the peak season due to holidays, but I was able to score a seat for two. I got the confirmation w/in 24hrs. Fastest and easiest way to booked ticket. Well recommended.
Bus Deluxe, Farinas Trans (Fariñas Trans), Dec 27, 2019
- easy to book online - if you are travelling from laoag, good for you because there is a terminal but if you are coming from vigan, you just have to wait in the highway where the bus will pass by - since they doesn't have a terminal in vigan, I had to call their laoag terminal just to confirm my booking. - good points is my number was given to the bus conductor & I am so happy that the conductor did call & text me to inform me.
Bus 1st Class CR, Farinas Trans (Fariñas Trans), Dec 24, 2019
Convenient booking! Bus driver and conductor are both accommodating. Just need improvement with the bus ventilation.
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