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train #85.2 2nd Class Sleeper AC, Thai Railways, Mar 23, 2020
First time in Thailand, easy to find bus station & helpful people. Night train wasn’t as bad as i thought but be prepared to pop a squat
ferry ferry, Raja Ferry, Mar 19, 2020
Raja Ferry the best, Thanks to staff team we have a great experience!)
ferry ferry, Raja Ferry, Mar 9, 2020
Amazing people work there,was comfort to be in the ofice and wait for a trip,they even give a food and water and have an option for vegeterian people,the bus was comfortable,there was no hard condition and it was good,they give to us blankets and pillows.Everythin was doing with care.
Bus Express, Songserm, Mar 1, 2020
The organisation worked pretty well, the bus is comfortable and not too cold. Downsides: bring food and drinks with you because it makes only one stop at a restaurant where everything is double the price (small water 20 THB). The staff is rude, they almost yell at you the two words of English they know.
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Feb 27, 2020
Everything was perfectly organized and eventhough it was long journey I enjoyed it. The bus had huge space for legs, it was comfy and blankets and pillow came handy. Plus the overall way from Bangkok to the Koh Pangan was very cheap.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Feb 26, 2020
We left an hour late, got woken up at 2 AM for a food stop, then were dropped off at 5 AM at the pier. So, don't plan on sleeping, and come well rested for this night trip. Or pick a slower version, especially if you want to avoid somewhat bumpy ride on a high speed catamaran.
ferry ferry, Raja Ferry, Feb 20, 2020
We had a great trip from Bangkok to Koh Phangan! At the office the staff was welcoming and helpful. We were waiting in a very nice lounge with toilets.Smooth and nice travel in a very nice bus and our driver was the best! Smiling all the time and looking to help you in any way he could to make this trip more comfortable!
Bus Express, Songserm, Feb 17, 2020
The ferry was great, but the bus staff weren’t so good. They speak almost no English, which is understandable, so I used a translator. They still didn’t want to speak to way and literally waved me away like a dog.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Feb 17, 2020
We really like to travel with Lamprayah. The bus leave Bangkok in time. The travel was nice. The ferry was very exciting
Bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour, Feb 16, 2020
Weather and people
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Feb 14, 2020
All is perfect
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Feb 8, 2020
Very good staff, clean bus, pretty spacious seats which you can easily move back without taking space from passenger behind you. I'll recommend them to do the head count before leaving after the pause. Ferry is also okay, not modern or something but good enough to do the Job right.
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Feb 6, 2020
I was really nervous about my bus and ferry from Bangkok to ko phangan - it was overnight and took 17 hours! But it was great. We were able to drop our bags off at raja ferry beforehand, then boarded the bus later and were told exactly how long the trip would take, when we'd stop for a break, and given blankets and pillows. There was air con, lots of leg room, foot rests and charging ports. I read a lot of people complaining about the transition to the ferry, but it was easy. There's a place to buy food and water and you're told by ferry staff when to get on the ferry. You do have to walk up some steps to get on the ferry, but it's doable and fine - nothing to write home about. The ferry as spacious and comfortable (although I slept the whole time so didn't see much!). Perfect for budget travellers as I saved a night of accommodation by taking the overnight bus. Really recommend! I didn't get water or food provided, but we stopped off so this didn't bother me and there was a toilet on the bus.
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Feb 4, 2020
Everything on time, quick trip, comfortable bus. You will get blanket and usb port to change your phone. Highly recommended :)
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Feb 4, 2020
Very smooth all the way :)
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Feb 3, 2020
Very well organized company and very comfortable bus. I can only recomend this connection to you. If I will be travel again in this area, I will choose this company again.
train #85.2 2nd Class Sleeper AC, Thai Railways, Feb 3, 2020
Couchettes propres et confortables. Prévoir à boire et à manger.
Bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour, Jan 23, 2020
Everything went well , on time . The bus was old but confy, A/C a bit too cold
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Jan 22, 2020
Everything went so smoothly - bus was clean, comfortable and not too busy. Staff at every touch point were friendly and helpful. Schedule was kept and we arrived 20 minutes early. Would definitely use Raja again and would recommend for anyone looking for a cheap, reliable service
train #85.2 2nd Class Sleeper AC, Thai Railways, Jan 20, 2020
Wonderful service! The trip was well organized. You will not get lost even if you want to. Everyone on the way very helpful.
train #85.2 2nd Class Sleeper AC, Thai Railways, Jan 19, 2020
Easy booking and ticket pick-up - super fast and all information provided. The train was clean and comfortable. Only downside is that they leave all lights on during the night which makes it hard to sleep. We were an hour late as the train left Bangkok late, but we could easily get on the next ferry.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Jan 17, 2020
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour, Jan 16, 2020
Even if we pay more to get the “vip” service, the bus was old and smelly. The hostess woke up in the middle of the night to get a shitty “free dinner” (at 01.44am!). Then we were woke up again at 5am for a transfer in a van, which actually left one hour later. A really uncomfortable trip we would never do again! Process of booking with 12go.asia was easy though and reliable
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Jan 16, 2020
Comfortable buses and ferrys But a lot of delays and waiting
train #85.2 2nd Class Sleeper AC, Thai Railways, Jan 16, 2020
Mostly good but they took a different route to what was written and the arrived an hour later than scheduled. Otherwise a comfortable journey.
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Jan 16, 2020
The Office staff in Bangkok was very friendly and we dropped off our luggage as we still had some time before departure. The bus left at 18:00. We got a blanket and a pillow. The air con was not too bad and the driver drove smoothly to donsak pier, we even got there at 6:15 and then took the ferry at 7:30. The ferry is fairly old but it was ok - noting to worry about. I would recommend this Trip!
Bus Express, Songserm, Jan 15, 2020
It’s what you expect for a bus/ferry to a Thai island. They told us to meet at 6:30pm and there was no info until 6:50pm, however everything was straightforward from there. The bus was comfortable enough. I wish the bus left about two hours later because we were at the ferry stop from 3am until the ferry left closer to 7am. However all in all it was a cheap way to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan.
Bus Express, Krungsiam Tour, Jan 15, 2020
Very comfortable overnight drive with provided pillow, blankets and even food.
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Jan 13, 2020
Overall the entire experience was really good. From combo booking and online info very clear & easy. People from the Bangkok Raja office very kind and responsive. I could safely drop my luggage in there earlier on and that was handy. We left a little late than expected, but ended up arriving on time anyway. Bus driver very kind and the aircon wasn't too bad, the blanket provided and my long pants & sleeves were enough. Raja ferry service wasn't that good though. Staff not kind at all, hurrying everyone up a bit rude. No help with getting luggage onboard or any staff around for anything. Old rusty ferry boat. We got there safe & on time anyway. Will do it again.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Jan 13, 2020
Bus service was ok but Ferry transfer was not good. Too much waiting time and we reached destination late too
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Jan 11, 2020
Very convenient to travel, bus was new and clean, good service.
Bus Express, Songserm, Jan 10, 2020
Some more info about the different stops would be good. Otherwise, great service!
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour, Jan 10, 2020
First time on a first class vip bus. Better than I expected!
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Jan 6, 2020
Nice lication for departure from bkk) u can leave your luggage at the office if you have time between your flight and bus+boat) and chill at the nearest restorants or go for a quick tour onvthe river. Bus comes straight to the boat without any additional transfer!!!)))
Bus Express, Krungsiam Tour, Jan 2, 2020
No internet at the buses, dirty, nether TV screens does not work. Just not honest with the services they say the will provide you.
Bus Express, Songserm, Dec 31, 2019
It wasn’t my first bus trip this direction. But this trip is kind of disrespect to one’s time. Waiting at the railway station for so long. Then only one shitty stop during the whole time. Then coming to the pier three house before the ferry (what for?) The bus should have start it’s journey much later then. Totally never doing this again
Bus Express, Songserm, Dec 31, 2019
The meetpoint on the station HL is easy to find. But then it was a little chaos. Ať 7 p.m - time of bus departure nowbody was there. Some people asked each other And tried to find out some information. Just 10 minutes after 7 someone came and people were devided in there groups depends on the target destination. Everyone got a coloured label on T- Shirt or hand. There were there colours because of three islands. Then we got in the buses which took another half an hour. Buses set on about 8p.m. The journey was good, I slept mostly. Bus isn't luxury but comfortable enough. Ther's a USB conection. We were waiting about three hours for the Ferry. I think IT could be better with organisation on the HL station.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Dec 28, 2019
Great service. Thank you
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Dec 27, 2019
Good and economical
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour, Dec 27, 2019
The ride in the bus was good but it was freezing ,too cold. i and other passagers try to speak to the driver and they told me that they cant low down the aircondion'so bring worm cloths to the ride. the driver drove too fast. the chair was very comftbol.
train #85.2 2nd Class Sleeper AC, Thai Railways, Dec 26, 2019
Everything went as it was planned. Although train was old the beds was comfortable and nice surprise was clean plankets, pillows and sheets. Toilet was similar than another toilets in Thailand, but there was toilet paper. Catamaran trip went ok.
Bus Express, Songserm, Dec 26, 2019
Smooth and comfy ride, arrived on time :)
Bus Express, Lomprayah, Dec 26, 2019
Dobra organizacja
Bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour, Dec 24, 2019
We would like to give 5 Stars, but the airconditioner in the Back of the bus was Too loud and too Cold. So if it is able, take a seat in the Front. Despite this, everything was good.
Bus Express, Songserm, Dec 23, 2019
Price performance ratio is unbeatable. We were lucky to have enough space for ourselves. But couldn't sleep anyway because it's too loud and bumpy due to the old bus. We found it very strange, that the bus drivers did not communicate with the passengers the whole trip. Seemed unfriendly to us. And we would have liked to be informed when we arrive at the pier and most important when our ferry is going to leave. We hope that it was not by intention to sell more food and drinks at the pier, that we had to wait for more than 3 hours there (and the "Cafe" opened only after 1 hour of waiting). Toilet on board is a nightmare but you have to expect that on a trip like this.
Bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour, Dec 23, 2019
В целом всё хорошо, на четверку с плюсом, разве что салон и оборудование в автобусе "сильно потрепанные". Единственное замечание: сопровождающая дама (стюардесса) не предупредила (по-английски), что на остановке в Чумпоне предусмотрено оплаченное питание (узнали случайно, поели, кстати, вкусно).
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour, Dec 23, 2019
Bus VIP, Krungsiam Tour, Dec 21, 2019
Smooth trip and all connections worked perfectly. I give it a 4 because it says VIP but the bus is quite outdated and uncomfortable. Be ready to not get a proper sleep. Keep in mind that in the big stop you’ll get your dinner (at around midnight) and it’s quite easy to get confused with all food stalls. Just go with your bus ticket inside be main eating room and you’ll be served a quite nice dinner. Also bring a sweater for the journey it’s freaking cold with the airco even if they provide you already with a blanket.
Bus Express, Raja Ferry, Dec 19, 2019
We didt like the sandwich and no safety belt on the bus. Otherwhise good service.
train #85.2 2nd Class Sleeper AC, Thai Railways, Dec 18, 2019
Minimum fuss slept like a baby Arrived in style I would use again
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