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How to get from Stung Treng to Preah Vihear City

Stung Treng is a small town in northeastern Cambodia, used by many tourists on their way to and from Laos as well as towns like Banlung and Kratie. Since there is not much to do or see in Stung Treng, most of the people who end up here only stay for a couple of hours. However, with the completion of the Mekong River bridge, Stung Treng is seeing a higher number of tourist and travellers.

The distance between Stung Treng and Preah Vihear City is about 150 km along NR64. The road here is newly constructed and, therefore, in excellent condition. Getting to the town of Preah Vihear takes just under 2 hours and USD10 but note that if you are heading further on to Prasat Preah Vihear – which is actually the only reason to travel to Preah Vihear region! – you will still have to cover more 120 km north from town which equals to about 2 hours.

From Stung Treng to Preah Vihear City by bus

There are no commercial buses between Stung Treng and Preah Vihear City, so you’ll have to settle for a minivan. Minivans do a faster job bringing you to your destination but are obviously not as comfortable as big buses.

From Stung Treng to Preah Vihear City by minivan

Asia Van Transfer exclusively offers van transport services for this route. One 12-passenger minivan leaves Stung Treng for Preah Vihear City at 2.00pm, arriving two hours and 15 minutes later at 4.15pm. Although Asia Van Transfer vans are a few years old, they come with air conditioning and will get you to your destination on time unless there are delays along the way.

To ensure that you don’t miss your trip, try to check in at least half an hour before departure because Asia Van Transfer does not allow cancellations or offer refunds. If you would rather have the van pick you up at your hotel, email your name, booking ID, and hotel address to 24 hours before departure. Ensure that you are in the hotel lobby an hour before you are scheduled to leave.

Tip: If you have large bags, consider paying for an extra seat because Asia Van Transfer vans only have space for small pieces of luggage. This way, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your bags are safe. Try to get the seat near the sliding door because it affords you more legroom space.

From Stung Treng to Preah Vihear City by taxi

With only one van leaving Stung Treng for Preah Vihear City at 2.00pm, you can opt to use a private or shared taxi which does not have scheduled departure times and offers more comfort than vans or buses. A taxi will also get you there faster but is more expensive. If your final destination is Preah Vihear temple, taxi from Stung Treng is probably the most sensible way to travel. Expect to pay about USD100 for Stung Treng–Preah Vihear Temple route including a couple of hours of waiting at the temple and way back to Preah Vihear City,

General Notes

The Asia Van Transfer trip from Stung Treng to Preah Vihear City goes into town and not the Preah Vihear Temple located 120 km out of town. A 5-passenger truck will get you to the temple at USD25. There are motorbike taxis on offer, too. Although cheaper, hiring a moto taxi to the Preah Vihear Temple is not for the faint-hearted because the final stretch to the top is incredibly steep.

Remember to carry your passport with you because it may be checked as you enter the temple or used when purchasing a ticket.

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