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Shwe Nyaung to Thazi

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Shwe Nyaung to Thazi Destination Reviews

Comfortable bus but: - The bus was meant to leave Inle at 8:00 pm and we were told to be there half an hour before and the bus left at 7:30pm so we were actually lucky to get it. - Driving was terrible way over speed limit and unsafe so our heads banged so hard against the seats that we couldn't hardly sleep. - We arrived in Mandalay at 2:30am instead of 4:00am on a highway stop 10 miles from Mandalay in the middle of nowhere and nowhere to go. - They did have a small shuttle bus to the railway station but all the luggages couldn't fit in so there we were sitted with our luggages on another crazy bus that didn't stop at any red traffic light with zero visibility and again drove way too fast. - In comparison we experienced a Famous express bus from Yangon to Inle and the time scheduled was respected and driving was a lot smoother and safer. - In conclusion: if we take night bus it isn't for speed racing bus but rather to sleep and arrive in the morning - not at night.
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Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 26, 2020
It was a good and comfortable ride. Bus arrived on time, and the service was great. Travellers were well taken care of from the station and throughout the trip. I would not hesitate to use and recommend to go with JJ Express and 12 Go again. Temperature was a bit cold at times. Suggestion to circulate fresh air instead of running AC as much. All in all was a good trip. Snacks and meals were great.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 3, 2020
Really comfortable bus with big space to put feet and great service. I would totally recommend and use their services again
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 12, 2020
Comfortable car. Sometimes, the driver took the turns a little too fast... I still don't understand the interest of such schedules (!): why leave at 8 pm and get off in the middle of the night at 3:30 am instead of leaving at midnight, for example, and arrive comfortably at 7 am?
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Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 8, 2020
Very good servise
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 30, 2019
Old car not much convenient , have to change to anothet small bus go inside the destination.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 8, 2019
Air conditioning needs to be lower. Other than that perfect.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 1, 2019
Exemplary. I've ridden many busse/trains etc in SE Asia and JJ express have been the most comfortable journeys I've been on, despite the state of the roads in Myanmar! Fully regret going with OK express on one of the journeys. Cheers JJ!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 16, 2019
Comfy seats.. The service is very good.. im very satisfied w the trip!! Highly recommended!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Oct 29, 2019
Comfortable bus but arrived 45 minutes late.
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Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Oct 21, 2019
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