Puerto Princesa to Coron

Puerto Princesa to Coron

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Puerto Princesa to Coron Schedule

Puerto Princesa to Coron Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
2GO Super Value Class 05:00 - 22:00₱ 2,749
Philippine Airlines Economy 06:00 - 11:25₱ 13,748
Cebu Pacific Economy 08:45 - 15:15₱ 16,387
2GO Super Value Class 11:59 - 00:30$ 0.42
Philippine Airlines Economy 13:50 - 08:05₱ 13,670
Philippine Airlines Economy 14:30 - 08:55₱ 15,793
Philippine Airlines Economy 17:20 - 09:00₱ 14,857
Cebu Pacific Economy 18:35 - 14:00₱ 9,857
Cebu Pacific Economy 21:25 - 12:15₱ 16,827
2GO Super Value Class 23:59 - 12:30₱ 2,106

How to get from Palawan (Puerto Princesa) to Coron

Puerto Princesa is located approximately 400 kilometres from Coron if you travel by sea and land via Puerto Princesa North Road; slightly closer as the crow flies. There are currently two ways to get to the island – by air and by sea. The former is, of course, the quickest and the most convenient but options are limited. Flying means spending roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes on air and you have to expect to shell out not less than PHP6000. On the other hand, going by ferry will take around 15 hours and the fare should be around PHP3000 on average.

Coron conjures images of aqua blue seawater and a hot spring, but it's actually a small town located on the island of Busuanga. It's where most tourists stay when they visit the Calamianes Islands for some of the world's most famous island-hopping spots and it is very accessible from Palawan's gateway.

Ferry from Palawan to Coron

If you opt to go by sea, it is also possible.

2Go has a vessel that makes the trip from Puerto Princesa to Coron twice a day. St Augustine Of Hippo leaves the port of Puerto Princesa bound for Coron every Wednesday and Saturday at 11.59 pm and you can expect your voyage to last approximately 15 hours.

Note! 2GO sails from Puerto Princesa to Coron on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.

There are 5 types of cabins and accommodations available: Super Value Class (PHP1300), Tourist Class (PHP1400), Stateroom for 3 (PHP5000), Cabin for 4 and Cabin for 6 (PHP2300).

Please note that you will need to pay extra for pillows and blankets if you book either Super Value Class or Tourist Class. Blankets and sheets should be available in the lobby. And also, make sure your gadgets are fully charged as there aren't too many electrical outlets available. Don't worry, you won't exactly spend the entire time cooped up in your accommodation as there are amenities onboard like spa, salon, karaoke, and even a small convenience store.

Flights from Puerto Princesa to Coron

Alas, there are no direct flights between Puerto Princesa and Coron.
The only commercial airline that you can use to fly from Palawan to Busuanga is Philippine Airlines. They fly daily, however, each flight includes a stopover in Cebu. Overall flight time should be 2 hours and 40 minutes. Airfare typically ranges between PHP6,000 and P12,300 per person and the cheapest fare category is already inclusive of a 20-kilogram baggage allowance and a light snack.

It shouldn’t take you longer than half an hour to get to your accommodation from Busuanga Airport. Don't worry if you didn't arrange for a hotel transfer beforehand – there are a lot of shuttle vans just outside the arrival area that will gladly take you anywhere around the town for only about PHP150 per person.

From El Nido to Coron

Alternatively, if you are leaving from El Nido to Coron, there's a Montenegro Lines ferry that leaves El Nido at 6 am daily. The fare should be approximately PHP2000 per pax.

You can also board one of the big outrigger boats Bunso or Jessabel that leave El Nido between 7.30 am and 8.30 am every day. The fare should be around PHP1600 and the voyage should be between 5 to 9 hours depending on the weather condition.

Transportation from Puerto Princesa to Coron

Puerto Princesa to Coron Destination Reviews

Booking was a mess. It doesn't tell the real available seats and we ended up having to pay fees for my friend and I to be seated in the same cabin. Then on the day of travel, we found out that we have to print the ticket. It doesnt say so in the eticket. We have to go to the ticketing booth, which took an hour to print an already paid for ticket. The lady in the counter was also not very friendly and accommodating. Added to the delay was that their internet were too slow, the lady willingly provided this info, and they had a hard time validating tickets. When we boarded the ship, we paid to be in the stateroom accommodation. The stateroom wasnt as tidy and pretty as in the pictures.
Ferry Cabin for 4, 2GO (2GO), Dec 10, 2019
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