Phuket to Penang @ bus, van, flight Jan 29, 2018

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From Phuket Bus Terminal (2) to Penang by bus+van joint ticket

Phuket - Hat Yai - Penang (Sri Trang Express bus + Jolly Travel van)
Phuket Bus Terminal (2)
Hat Yai
8h 20m
Change stations. Take taxi (fees apply) - 3 min, 1.5 km (Next departure after 2 hours 40 mins)
Red Planet Hotel, Hat Yai
George Town, Penang
Total duration
Phuket - Hat Yai - Penang (Sri Trang VIP bus + Jolly Travel van)
Phuket Bus Terminal (2)
Hat Yai
7h 50m
Change stations. Take taxi (fees apply) - 3 min, 1.5 km (Next departure after 2 hours 55 mins)
Red Planet Hotel, Hat Yai
George Town, Penang
Total duration
15h 45m

From Phuket Airport to Penang by flight

Phuket Airport
Penang Airport
1h 15m

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★★☆☆☆ Jan 20, 2018 (bus Express, Sri Trang) :
The simplest among buses, suited for short distances, not for a 8 hour drive from Phuket to Hatyai. No A/C, little leg space, kinda dirty. Still, it got us where we wanted, I guess.
★★★☆☆ Jan 15, 2018 (bus Express, Sri Trang)
★★★☆☆ Jan 1, 2018 (bus Express, Sri Trang)
★★★★★ Nov 27, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang)
★★★★☆ Oct 22, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang)
★★★★★ Oct 21, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
Helpful staff. Bus was spacious and comfortable. My seatbelt was slightly broke and couldn't be fixed. The guy next offered to swap places with me if I wanted a better seat belt. Left slightly early and arrived early. Was at the back so couldn't see if he was racing but it felt smooth. Food was okay. Only negative about the journey is that it almost cost the same to get to the bus station in phuket as it did to travel the above journey but isn't the fault of these guys.
★★☆☆☆ Sep 17, 2017 (bus Express, Sri Trang) :
PROS: The bus was spacious. Right temperature. It was also on-time and arrived at the destination earlier than expected. CONS: Free Wifi was not available even if it says on the bus. Snack was not provided. I have an issue with my seat, it was reclining on its own. The lady Attendant was not accommodating.
★★☆☆☆ Apr 20, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang)
★★★★☆ Mar 27, 2017 (bus Express, Sri Trang) :
No complaints except maybe the music was a little loud (but only a little). Friendly and helpful bus driver.
★★★☆☆ Feb 3, 2017 (bus Express, Sri Trang) :
Overall the trip was fine- the bus left bang on time, and was clean and air conditioned. Seats reclined a long way which helped with sleeping. We stopped at a roadside garage/cafe with toilets which was good! The only negative things I would say are; the driver was a little reckless at times, though that wasn't always his fault- the roads were crazy. We arrived much earlier than told on the ticket- by about 2 hours. Again, not necessarily their fault, but it did mean I was unexpectedly in the middle of Hat Yai at 4AM as a lone teenage female traveller- scary! Overall, for the price I paid, I'm pretty happy.
★★★★★ Nov 27, 2016 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
Really comfortable bus ride and good service. There was refreshment and blanket to make the trip even more pleasant.
★★★★★ Oct 7, 2016 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
We were pleasantly surprised by the comfort on board our coach. It was parked along side the 1st class coach which left 15 minutes earlier and looked extremely plush. Our smaller coach was exceptionally clean, the seats were wide, the cover provided was clean and more than acceptable. We received a drink and a snack roll plus a refreshing wipe as we were arriving at our destination. The coach assistance was pleasant and keep us informed during the journey. Value for money and a great nights rest included.
★★★★☆ Aug 3, 2016 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
Good journey. Lot of room for legs which is essential for night travel. They should have wifi in the bus as i have seen many buses running from same terminal, with less fares, to same city having wifi.
★★★★★ Jul 11, 2016 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
It is a VIP bus! Clean, neat, cozy seat, snack and blanket is as expected. Too bad no one can speak english :)
★★★★☆ Apr 18, 2016 (bus Express, Sri Trang) :
no wifi, no snacks provided as mentioned while booking
★★★☆☆ Mar 28, 2016 (bus Express, Sri Trang)
★★★☆☆ Feb 21, 2016 (bus Express, Sri Trang) :
The bus wasn't very comfortable and the driver listened to music the whole night
★★★★☆ Jan 29, 2016 (bus Express, Sri Trang)
★★★★☆ Aug 1, 2015 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang)
★★★★☆ Jul 19, 2015 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
Wide seats that reclined very far with lots of legroom. Only had 24 seats on the entire bus. That said, it did not have all the bells and whistles of many of the nice This buses. Also, I'm not sure this bus had air suspension as the ride was not as smooth as many of the buses I have ridden.
★★★★★ Jul 17, 2015 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
Departed on time, confortable and nice staff
★★★★★ May 19, 2015 (bus VIP24, Sri Trang) :
Extremely comfortable bus with recliner seat, ideal for comfortable travel. This was the most comfortable bus I have ever travelled on, will use this service next time I travel through Thailand!
★★☆☆☆ Apr 18, 2015 (bus Express, Sri Trang)
★★★★★ Feb 4, 2015 (bus Express, Sri Trang) :
A good journey
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Thank you very much for the comment and the 5 stars.
We are glad you enjoyed the trip and hope to see you on board again soon.


Weekend buskers fest to liven up the streets of George Town Penang

An international buskers’ festival is scheduled to take place in George Town on Penang Island this weekend. The festival is being staged by TLM Events and will offer music fans two evenings of scintillating entertainment provided by an all-star cast of international artistes.

16 January 2018

Langkawi Island to host international music fest

Authorities on Malaysia’s Langkawi Island have confirmed the 2017 edition of the popular international music fest will take place. The two-day musical extravaganza will take place at Pantai Cenang Beach and will kick off on the 23 December.

01 December 2017

Landslide derails services on Penang Hill funicular railway

Heavy storms on Saturday triggered a landslide which closed down the funicular train service to the top of Penang Hill. Penang Hill Corporation operates the train service on the Malaysian island and manager Cheok Lay Leng says the line will be closed until further notice. 

07 November 2017