Phuket to Pattaya @ bus, flight Jan 29, 2018

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From Phuket Bus Terminal (2) to Pattaya by bus

Phuket Bus Terminal (2)
Pattaya Sawasdee Tour
15h 50m
Phuket Bus Terminal (2)
Pattaya Sawasdee Tour
15h 50m

From Phuket Town to Pattaya by taxi

Phuket Town
Pattaya (any hotel)
Instant Refund
  vehicle, all incl
Phuket Town
Pattaya (any hotel)
Instant Refund
  vehicle, all incl

From Phuket Airport to Rayong by flight

Phuket Airport
Utapao Pattaya Airport, Rayong
1h 40m

Adventures @ Pattaya

Thailand’s Original Jungle Canopy Adventure!
฿ 3,799
5h 30m

Flight of the Gibbon

Thailand’s Original Jungle Canopy Adventure!
Package 3
฿ 1,200
74 Foot Catamaran Yacht Charter
฿ 3,200


74 Foot Catamaran Yacht Charter
Package 2
฿ 900
6h 5m
Interactive Art Museum
฿ 400

Art in Paradise Pattaya

Interactive Art Museum
Package 1
฿ 700

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★★★★★ Dec 31, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sawadee Tour) :
VIP24 seats wasn't as good as you can imagine, half of the seats have shortleg space in front of them, otherwise the bus was on time, crew was frendly,overnight trip included free buffet at 30 min stopover.
★★★★★ Dec 28, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
Good service
★★★☆☆ Dec 7, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
The bus tour was okay. The only reason I would recommend taking the bus would be to save money rather than take a plane. The blankets have holes in them, the snack was a mini muffin, the driver stopped like 5 times to buy himself bags of chips. Oh and the bus stops at midnight, wakes everyone up for their dinner. It's a spicy Thai food style buffet. Not recommended.
★★★★☆ Sep 28, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
All ok
★★★★☆ Sep 17, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sawadee Tour) :
All good
★★☆☆☆ Aug 30, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sawadee Tour)
★★★☆☆ Aug 19, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
the complimentary food wasn't should have international food not only Thai food and the toilet was very poor and dirty.
★★★★☆ Aug 16, 2017 (bus VIP24, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★★ Jun 16, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ May 6, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★★ Apr 23, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★☆☆ Apr 17, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★★ Apr 16, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
Comfortable seat, friendly bus service and pretty fast even though it was Songkran.
★★★☆☆ Mar 29, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★☆☆ Feb 22, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
Bús was correct it was a technical problem lőtt of wait
★★★☆☆ Jan 7, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
The trip was good and economic. Considering the VIP grade, bus was just ok meeting the basic comfortness. It was not very clean but not too dirty. Timing was sharp and we could reach Phuket from Pattaya as per schedule. Bus drive was not too rash.
★★★★☆ Jan 3, 2017 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★★ Sep 25, 2016 (bus VIP24, Sawadee Tour) :
Nice people working there
★★★★★ Aug 14, 2016 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★☆ Jun 28, 2016 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★☆ May 28, 2016 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★☆ Apr 14, 2016 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★☆ Mar 5, 2016 (bus VIP24, Sawadee Tour) :
The trip from Phuket to Pattaya was really good, i really satisfied with what the bus gave to me.
★★★★★ Feb 5, 2016 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
All was great:)
★★★☆☆ Jan 8, 2016 (bus VIP24, Sawadee Tour) :
★★★★☆ Jan 5, 2016 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★★☆ Nov 30, 2015 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour)
★★★☆☆ Apr 22, 2015 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
Confortable seat, gentle hostess on board, to propose me the second blanket when I complaing about the extremely cold climatization at midnight inside bus, around 0 !!! Surprising later about 10:40 am when the sun was strong and hot, the driver turned off....what to say... ?? The bus on a trip over 14 hours stop only one time for 20 minutes.. Neither the time for eating and use toilette. . BUT THE BUS DRIVER STOP JUST FOR HIS NEEDED 4 TIMES MORE...
★★★★☆ Feb 4, 2015 (bus VIP, Sawadee Tour) :
It was great to have blankets. We hoped to have the small lights to work, because we e to read while tue long trip. Se did not get tue information about how long the brake is, so we can not to far away from tue bus.


Bangkok Centra World Plaza is Flagship Thai Venue for New Year Party

Bangkok’s Central World Plaza is again the flagship venue in Thailand at which to enjoy the countdown to the New Year. Central World along with event sponsors AIS are laying on an eclectic schedule of entertainment to welcome 2018.

29 December 2017

Phuket begins 2018 Countdown party on Christmas Day

The governor of Phuket was on hand on Christmas Day to launch the countdown party to ring in 2018. The popular annual event features seven days of live entertainment and music and the opportunity of sampling tasty snacks and drinks in a carnival atmosphere.

27 December 2017

High waves force cancellation of Pattaya Hua Hin ferries

The operator of ferries linking Pattaya and Hua Hin has suspended services until Sunday. A statement posted on Facebook by the Royal Passenger Liner Company said expected waves of up to four metres high were expected to make sea trips across the north part of the Gulf of Thailand extremely dangerous.

21 December 2017